10 free things to do in the UK

Fancy travelling around the UK?

Don’t have a massive budget or fancy spending loads on activities.

Here is a list of 10 free things which you can across the UK, whether you are on holiday or a Brit wanting to see more of your home country.

This island is full of stunning landscapes, castles, museums as well as rich in history and stories all waiting for you to discover.  

National Parks

The UK has many national parks all full of trails from family walks to full hikes across the countryside there is something for everyone!

Looking on the National Trust website and local county websites for walks in an area.

Going for a walk is one of the easiest ways to spend a day but to also go out in the great outdoors see some amazing sites and take in some fresh air, all for free!

Giant Causeway, Northern Ireland

If you are in Ireland or able to take a trip over to Northern Ireland heading to the Giant Causeway is something that should be on the list.

This geological natural wonder is a great place to go see and grab a few pics while exploring Northern Ireland.   

Beautiful Beaches

The UK is an island so, of course, full of beaches with it taking around 2 hours for most Brits to get their nearest beach, where you can still get that Instagram worthy shot.

the beach is a great place to head for a day out, with it being a classic British pass time for any day off.

So why not head to your nearest beach and treat yourself to the classic fish and chip while sat on the beach watching the sunset. 

Pembrokeshire Beach

Big Pit and National Coal Museum, Pontypool

This place of history maybe somewhere if you are British been before on a school trip, finding out more about the industrial revolution.

However, whether you have been there before or it is your first time to The Big Pit it is still a great day out and a good place to visit with the chance to go into the mines and around the museum taking in some Welsh history and part of British history. 

Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh

Scotland is known for its amazing landscapes through the countryside of this country such as Glen Coe.

The cities are also rich in culture and Edinburgh is just one example from the Castle to the Botanic Gardens which just so happen to be free for you to visit!

Fossil Hunting, Mappleton Beach

Fancy getting your hands on some fossils?

Mappleton beach is the place to head this beach is full of fossil with every rock you pick up most likely to hold a fossil. This beach is also known as a great place to walk your dog along with being able to play in the sand and paddle in the waves.  

London Museums

Simply go on the ‘visit London’ website and you will have a list of all the London museums with something to suit everyone.

From the National History Museum to the Victoria and Albert Museum, there is something for all without the museums being as boring as you may imagine and a good day out either as a solo traveller exploring London or a day out with others.  

Fossil at National History Museum

Hardin’s Wall, Newcastle upon Tyne

While only around 10% of the wall is visible today you can still walk along this Roman structure by heading to the Hardin’s Wall Path which is roughly 84mile stretch.

You don’t have to walk the whole thing simply go as far as you wish and turn around to head back. While the wall doesn’t mark the modern border between Scotland and England it is still a great day out taking in some history for those of you who enjoy walking, want to do something different, of course also being free!

Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh

The last place you expect to find an ancient volcano would be Edinburgh! However, head for a walk up Arthur’s seat and that is exactly what you will get.

This city volcano is a popular hike for walkers and a great thing to do while visiting Edinburgh without having to spend any money so why not head to the Scottish Parliament Building and start your walk up this ancient city volcano that is Arthur’s Seat and a view of the city.

Walk the 3 peaks

Finally, what would a guide to free things to do in the UK be without a few trips to the 3 separate peaks? Mount Snowdon (Wales), Ben Nevis (Scotland) and Scafell Pike (England),

While some people take part in various challenges around these 3 mountains most of us take it at more of leisured pace.

So if you find yourself near any of the UK 3 peaks why not take a walk up and admire the beautiful view that awaits at the top.  

Top of summit in the Snowdonia National Park

Hope this guide was helpful and given you a few ideas of things that you can do across the UK without having to spend anything.

Comment below your favourite free things to do in the UK, enjoy navigating the globe and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more travel pics



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