Dealing with cancelled travel plans during COVID-19

For all of us who love to travel COVID-19 can be rather difficult with travel being put to a standstill and with the government guidelines on where you can travel and the rules on returning from those countries changing constantly and a lot of the time last minute just causing more frustration. 

Anyone from the UK will have a lovely list of countries which we can go to without quadrating when we return making travel seem possible again but with recent changes in Spain and now possibly France, it makes the goal of travelling off wherever around the globe just seem like it will never happen again.  

Having recently had my climb to the Base Camp of Mount Everest cancelled till next year and the idea of getting to go for a short break aboard somewhere else seem impossible I thought I’d put together a few hopefully helpful tips on how to cope with planning a vaccination during COVID-19 but also for if the plans have to change.   

1. It’s okay to be frustrated

This I feel is an important one to remember I wasn’t surprised that my trip got postpone till next year but I still hoped that things would improve so that I could go. I was so frustrated and annoyed I being sorting all my kit I would need, planning, getting all excited to go and in one message all that excitement was gone. Taking a moment or two to be annoyed let out some of the frustration is ok, but remember complaining to the company won’t change anything the decision would have been made for your health and safety they want you flying on that plane to your chosen destination as much as you. 

2. Look for other travel dates

This is one is a good thing to think about. I was lucky and offered to complete the climb in 2021 or 2022 so while I’m annoyed I can’t go this year I at least I still can just have to wait a bit. But contact the company/companies you have booked with seeing if you can move days around, remember you are going to this place because you want to see it so even if it’s in a month or even a year you are still getting to travel there.  

3. Do you want to quartine?

Now while travel to some countries is completely banned for us Brits others such as Spain, you can visit you will just have to quarantine for 2 weeks when you return, so if you have a trip booked to a “quarantine country” and are you able to quarantine when you return, if you still feel okay with going to that country then you can pack your bags and go still.  

4. Consider changing location

If your trip is cancelled considering swapping locations the country you are going to isn’t going anywhere, so visiting when it is safer will probably give you a better time there. If you still want to go aboard see what other countries you can travel too.  

5. Have a plan B

If something happens which means you can’t go aboard but still want to get away then why not consider a staycation. Travel somewhere in your home country which you have never had the chance to see, explore where you live. You can even get on a plane still to go to some of these locations such jersey and Guernsey in the Channel Islands parts of Scotland as well you can fly too just go online and see where you go. 

So while plans aboard may change last minute and UK weather may have not been what you had planned originally just remember that everyone is doing the best they can and getting mad at everyone isn’t going to solve anything.  

So if we all do our bit, if we all do our best to stay safe, wash our hands and wear face masks if you can and where you can. This will all become a memory in the past which we can all look back on and remember how we came together when things do matter.  

Stay safe and enjoy navigating the globe where ever that may be.  

Comment below and trips that you have planned or ways that you use to cope with a cancelled trip.  

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