Best free sites to visit in London

London is known for being an expensive city but a visit there doesn’t always need to be, there are plenty for free things to see and do while in the city helping lower the cost of any trip to London.

As long as you prepare and research where you are going like with any other trip the cost can soon come making even London accessible on a budget.

This UK capital has so much to offer with more than you expect being free. Having been to London only a few times I am always left feeling as though there is more of this city to visit.

Here are my top sites to visit for free when you go to this UK capital.

Museums and Galleries

There are several museums and galleries across the city you can take a trip to London just visiting the museums and galleries with so much to see inside them it will keep you busy for days or years even just to go round them all and see everything.  

There is a list of some of my favourite museums and galleries in London:

  • National History Museum 
  • British Museum
  • Victoria and Albert Museum 
  • National Gallery London 
  • National Portrait Gallery
  • Science Museum 

Tower Bridge

London Eye

While you have to pay to go on the London eye itself, getting to see this monument itself is, of course, free and something worth doing. 

London Eye across the Thames

The parks

There are several parks across the city and taking a stroll through any time of the year is something worth doing, here is a few of them.

  • Hyde Park
  • St. James Park
  • Regent’s Park
  • Green Park

Big Ben and Parliament

Bit of a fun fact for you all, the tower itself that you see is now called the Elizbeth tower with Big Ben being the bell tower.

You can see this site from the outside across the Thames however to get a tour on the inside you will have to pay but getting to just see this amazing structure just from the outside is something that you should do when in London.

Elizbeth Tower with Big Ben inside

Buckingham Palace

See the changing of the guard and home of the Queen of England

Guards at Buckingham Palace


Some of the churches you can visit for free if you go to a service.

Olympic Park

Fancy a throwback to 2012 then take a stroll through the Olympic park and seeinf where all the action took place. 

Part of the Olympic Park with the Swimming centre

What are your favourite sites in London or the ones you can’t wait to go and see let me know?

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Hope you enjoying navigating London


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