Coping with lockdown

As large parts of the world enter a second lockdown travel and freedom to go out whenever we want things we normally take for granted to seem like they will never be possible again.

However, as the UK starts its lockdown and other nations continue with theirs we are yet again given the opportunity of time which in everyday life seems inaccessible.

Coming up with things to keep you busy during the day for a whole month, especially during the winter months where there are fewer daylight hours can seem an impossible task.

Everyone is different the coping methods and tasks I do to keep busy may not work for you but they will hopefully give you some ideas of things that can be done in the endless rabbit hole of suggests out there.


I have piles of photos, tickets and other items from my travels growing up with the plan always being to put them into a scrapbook as a way to look back on the places I have been.

So taking the box of memories and putting them in a scrapbook is one task that will keep busy for a while, however scrapbooking may not be for you and that’s okay.

You may want to do a photo album or maybe you have kept a travel journal and looking how to make it better for your next trip is something you do instead or even a scrapbook for a purpose.

Let me know how you keep your travel memories in the comments, love to hear what ideas you all have.

Getting outside

Whether you are from the city or countryside going for a walk or even a run every day, every other day or once a week is something worth doing during the lockdown.

A few reasons are walking during lockdown has become a favourite of mine.

  • Fewer people it is as simple as that, getting to see somewhere in a new light. 
  • Easier to take photos whether I am doing a landscape shot or taking a photo of myself in that location, having fewer people around makes the whole process quicker and easier. Also, have more time to play around with your camera if you are just getting into photography. 
  • Fewer people in your way, easier to move around places
Going for walks through the countryside

Learning something new

During this lockdown having more time to learn something

I found it felt as though I had more time than normal to practice learning Spanish. Taking up the guitar is something I am also getting back into.

Taking an online course is something you could do too.

(I find myself always switching between tasks which is why I am learning Spanish and guitar again, but there is no pressure to learn anything or do more than one thing so don’t worry if this isn’t for you)

Video Calls

Having a video call with friends and family from just having a chat to watching a movie at the same time while on a call or a quiz finding a way to keep in touch with people can help make a real difference.

Don’t be afraid to speak to someone you are close to or trust about how you are feeling if you are feeling low or struggling everyone is dealing with this in their way and its okay to not be 100% and on it at the moment.

Read a book

As the nights get darker and colder sitting inside me my favourite jumper with a cup of tea reading a good book sounds more and more appealing.  

Most of us have a pile of books that we keep saying we will read and never do even if it is a chapter a day you get through you are making progress on something you have been wanting to do for a while.

Photo by fotografierende on

Home workout/yoga

Going on YouTube and finding a workout or yoga session is so easy nowadays with 1000’s of options out there for you even if it is for 5 mins doing something active can help.

Start your Christmas shopping online

With the UK lockdown ending right before lockdown a mad rush to the shopping to get gifts for my family doesn’t like fun or something I want to do.

Starting to get an idea of what I will get everyone and finding it online looking for the best deal on that item sounds like a plan to me.

Getting things early can help with cost as well as being to shop around more online for the best price as comparing to needing to go into numerous stores or frantically google online while in a store to see if you are getting the best deal.

Doing something you never get chance to do

It can be decorating a room, to doing the garden, baking, whatever the task is to try and do it.

As I have said everyone will deal with this lockdown in their own some of these ideas maybe use some may not and that’s okay don’t feel as though you have to follow any of these suggests just do what is best for you to help you through this lockdown.

Let me know in the comments below what you will be getting up to this lockdown?

Hope this helped navigate your way around lockdown


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