Making friends as a solo traveller

Being a solo traveller the main idea, of course, is to be alone while travelling but that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to be alone, at least all the time.

There will be things that maybe you don’t want to do alone or maybe nicer to do with others such as going out to food or exploring a hidden waterfall but how do you make these friends to then go and do all these activities with when you are a solo traveller.

Stay in a hostel dorm

There may be some nights when you have been travelling for a while that you just want a room to yourself to get a good nights rest and recharge without people always coming in and out, having someone snoring all night, which is perfectly fine.

However, staying in a dorm room is the number one way for any solo traveller to make friends and is probably the number one recommendation with there being a reason for that.


Whether you go into the hostel kitchen to cook your food and start a conversation or ask people in your room if they want to go for food, you normally find at least one person who will say yes, creating the start to any friendship.

Saying hello

Sometimes you just need to go up to someone or a group and introduce yourself.

This can sound rather scary but most backpackers are friendly and will gladly include you in the conversation allowing you to make more friends.


From the free walking/bike tour put on by the hostel to an organised tour group expedition, they are a great way to meet like-minded people.

Smile and look approachable

Something small as smiling and looking as though people can come over and say hello can go a long way in making friends when on the road because who will go up the person who looks miserable in the corner.

By looking like someone people can approach you may find, someone comes over to say hey looking to make a friend.

Hope these 5 top tips on making friends as a solo traveller are helpful

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Enjoy Navigating the Globe


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