Why avoid tourist traps

So why should you avoid travelling to touristy areas? Some might say that it is safer or it is easier to travel this way as there will be easy access to everything. Others will say you’re guaranteed to see the highlights of this country, however what about the highlights off the touristy trail and beaten path, the hidden gems waiting to be discovered.   

Now are you will still probably go to some touristy areas because that’s how you most likely choose to visit this country in the first place. Whether it was by a google search on the best places to visit or recommendation. There is still an upside to chatting with the locals and finding those hidden gems to explore.  

Here are my top five reasons why you shouldn’t travel to touristy areas for your next trip!  


Now the locals know that this is where the tourist will be and that we are likely to have money, else how else would we afford to be there, leaving locals ready to sell us various souvenirs and increase prices to the attraction which we will happily pay as most of us will only be there once, allowing them to increase the cost.   

How to solve this problem and make your trip cheaper?   

Head away from that touristy spot and discover something new along the way!  

Unusual sites

Most tourists will likely have the same story of a certain monument somewhere in the world and had the experience as the person sat right next to them, however, do you want to come back from holiday with a different story to tell?   

Then ask a local!

Ask them for their recommendation that aren’t the typical tourist thing to do or see, somewhere the locals like to visit instead. So if you want to be in with the chance to witness something unusual and a bit more local then not following the touristy guide map is a reason for you.  

Experience the culture

One of the best parts of being able to travel is to experience new cultures and seeing what other parts of the world have to offer.   

Head out to a classic tourist restaurant you possibly see western dishes as well as the local ones.   

But head a few streets over and you like to find it to be a more local environment for both the dishes and the service done to suit the local population and cater from them. You will also find the prices to suit the locals too! Not only saving you money but also offering a more unique and local experience.   

You might find a local bakery which is a family one business that makes fresh bread every day or one that makes cakes that taste completely amazing!   

Off the busy tourist street, you can find tours that aren’t as busy offering a more personalised and unique experience, to see the culture and sights.   

Walking through a christmas tree farm! Locals go here every year to pick a tree


The number one reason for most people to avoid touristy areas is to avoid the queues of tourists line down the street to paying extra fees to see a site or trying to get that photo amazing shot with a dozen people walking around in the background.   

While going very early morning or late evening or even lunchtime can resolve this problem it can’t be completely avoided. Finding the place the crowds don’t go will not only save you money but also offer you something new.   

Protect the environment

The tourism impact on the environment is very known with large numbers of tourists flighting all over the world not only increase CO2, but some also leave rubbish lying about the place and with the sheer volume of tourists at some locations causing high amounts of erosion at historic sites.   

Locals are often aware of the environmental impact however still need tourists to support the local economy.   

By heading off the beaten track not only are you witnessing some of natures untouched treasures but also help tourism across the country compared to concentrated areas. Allowing you to travel the world and save the planet at the same time, with even the smallest chance of having a larger impact.   

Comment below why you prefer to travel to the non-touristy areas or your favourite spot off the beaten track and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram from your travel-related content  

Enjoy navigating the globe  


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