48hr Glasgow Itinerary

You are planning a trip to Glasgow want to know what sites to see then check this post out here for the top sites to see.

But wait you only have 48hrs to spend in this city! Just because it is the largest city in Scotland it doesn’t mean that you can’t do and see the top sites in just 48hrs.

Whether you arrived the night before or early in the morning, it is this early start that will give you the best chance at seeing as much as possible.

Day 1


Starting with breakfast whether you are going out to a café in the morning or eating in the hotel you are staying in, giving your body the fuel for this busy and exciting weekend is key to avoid becoming tired and not having any energy to see all the amazing sites available.


After breakfast heading for a morning stroll in the fresh air through Kelvingrove park admiring the nature and beauty that is available in this city all year round, making for a great morning photoshoot!

Followed by a stroll to the art gallery and museum which can be found in the park taking in the art that is found within.


After a morning spent around Kelvingrove park and in the art gallery and museum heading back into town you will be able to have a relaxing lunch allowing you to refuel for an afternoon packed with activities.

There are many cafes and restaurants throughout the high street, simply take a stroll around the street and you are sure to find something.


After lunch head for a stroll around the botanical garden and the surrounding gardens before heading back into town, getting some fresh air to help avoid an afternoon slump after eating and embracing more of nature and the natural environment in this city.

Spring time walk through the Botanic Gardens


The last main activity of the day involves heading to the University of Glasgow for a quick stroll around the Hunterian museum which is the oldest public museum in Scotland!

Taking in the last bit of history and culture to end off the first day in the busy city.


Depending on the type of traveller you are, will depend on how you spend your evening.

You may wish to head out on the town for a night out at which point you won’t be disappointed with this being a student city having something for everyone tastes, you prefer some fine dining or a relaxing night reading a book to prep for today there is something to suit everyone in this city.

Day 2

Welcome to day 2, halfway through the 48hrs in this city of sites to see!


Heading to the main city centre walking around The Green and Peoples Place getting in some morning nature and fresh air, even grab a coffee-to-go to enjoy on your walk around the area, this is another great photoshoot location!


From The Green heading up to the necropolis and cathedral, while walking around a cemetery may not be for everyone the views from the top of the hill are worth the walk giving you a look across the city as it is waking up to a day of work.

Heading down the hill and across the bridge to the cathedral and taking a look inside at this amazing building.


Making your way back into town, for a chance to rest and enjoy a relaxing lunch, again you are spoilt for choice by the range of places to eat in Glasgow, leaving something for everyone.


To kick off the afternoon activities by heading to the science museum for some fun, you may even learn a new science fact or two but whether you are a science nerd or not visiting the museum is a must while in Glasgow.


How better to finish off your weekend adventure than with a whiskey tour around the cities distillery.

Learn how they make the whiskey in this riverside location and even get to try some of it for yourself.

Unfortunately like all good things this Glasgow adventure will have to come to an end so that you can start the next, so whether you spend the night in Glasgow socking up the nightlife one last time before leaving in the morning or you are leaving the city that evening.

Hopefully, this 48hr itinerary has given you some ideas on how to spend 48hr in the largest city in Scotland.

Comment your favourite thing about Glasgow and why you want to visit and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more travel-related content.

Enjoy navigating the globe

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