What to pack in a day bag for travel

What do I carry with me on a day to day bases when on the road travelling around the world? What to carry in your day bag may be something you don’t think about much at all but paying attention to what you bring can have hidden advantages you may not have thought about.  

Here are my top 5 things I always make sure to carry with me in my day bag when I am out exploring.  

1. Jacket

Having some form of jacket or cover I put over my shoulders when it is cold or to protect myself from the sun or if I am visiting a religious temple that requires me to cover my shoulders.  

Having some form of a jacket in my bag has defiantly come in handy more than you realise when out all day even in the warmest countries it can drop super cold at night.  

2. Camera

This one may seem a little obvious when you are travelling around the world to have your camera on you ready to snap some shots of the amazing sites that you will see.  

However making sure that you have a battery and enough space in your camera card is something people often forget, I always just use my phone as a backup encase this does ever happen but if you are the person to use a separate camera to your phone, making sure that you always have it with you and that it is ready for action is important.  

3. Portable Charger

Even though you may start your day with all electronics fully charged their batteries of course will fade when you are out using them all day.  

Having a portable charger with me is a must knowing that I can charge my phone whenever needed also gives me that added safety factor as I will always be able to access maps or taxi services through my phone as well. 

I like to use a solar-powered charger so that I don’t have to worry about charging the charger and even if I go off-grid have a way to charge my devices.  

4. Money/ID

While most of us will carry a bank card around with us having some cash just in case your card didn’t work or somewhere only takes cash this handy but also makes sure you are covered for any situation.  

Having a form of ID is handy, for example, if you want to buy alcohol or if you want to rent a vehicle having your driving licence as your ID will serve as a 2 in 1 

5. Water/Food

Being the sustainable traveller that I am having a reusable water bottle is a must for me, I like to use a filtering water bottle so I can drink the tap water of whichever country I am in, but this also will save you a lot of money then having to buy plastic bottles all the time.  

If I know I will be out all day or need to save a bit of money on my trip to get back on a budget having either a small snack or may some sandwiches if I am going off on a hike all day or know that I won’t be able to get something.  

Hopefully, this top 5 list of what I keep in my day bag has given you some ideas and added to your day bag essentials. 

Comment below what you always have to travel within your day bag and don’t forget o follow me on Instagram for some more travel-related content.  

Enjoy navigating the globe  


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