Narrow down your next trip location

So you decided that you want to get on a plane and fly off to another adventure, however, you have too many choices and options with no idea which to choose, how to narrow them down and leaving you overwhelmed before you even had a chance to start planning.  

This happens to everyone at one point or another.  

When I need to decide which location to travel to next, following these top 5 tips to pick always helps narrow it down making the task 5 times easier! 


Number 1 will always be looking at the budget I have available to me.  

Taking each location completing basic background research on the cost, a few things I look at and always pick the most expensive price for to create a worst-case cost is:  


Looking at a range of prices in each area you plan to stay during your trip will help give you a good overall range for the country 


Looking at return flight costs and any bus or train costs that you may encounter while travelling around the country 


Of course, you won’t know every activity you which to do while there but if there is something specific you know you want to do while there finding out the cost is worthwhile, there is not much point going somewhere if you can’t do the main activity you wanted to do.  


If you need a visa knowing the cost and requirements is a must as well as how much your insurance will be, if you can’t afford this cost then this destination will have to be taken off the list.  

Looking at these 4 costs give me a basic idea of the kind of prices I will face when in this country and are the 4 main costs for most trips, you, of course, can change these categories based on your travel needs.  

Time of year

What time of year are you planning your trip?  

Did you want to travel to a country in a certain season? 

Knowing if it is the off-season somewhere or not may affect your choice but also what the weather and temperatures will be at that time. 


How long do you have for your trip?

If you wanted to travel somewhere for say 3 months and you only have a month you will be able to take this location off your list helping to narrow it down some more. 

Coming up with a realistic timescale and itinerary will help with narrowing down your choices more than you realise.

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Solo or Group 

Are you a solo or group traveller?  

If you like to solo travel then booking the trip whenever you want and working to your schedule defiantly makes this easier. 

If you are in a group knowing when everyone can travel and the timescale, all you, when need to do, is apply the pervious points once you have this info.  


Are you a backpacker, flashpacker or just like in travel in luxury?  

Knowing the type of traveller you are will help you when booking flights, looking at accommodation and even the location!  

Hope these top tips helped you in narrowing down your next destination.  

Comment below your favourite tip and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more travel-related content.  

Enjoy navigating the globe  


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