What camera to get for travel?

With so many cameras out there is can be confusing to know what type to get and understand all the jargon that goes along with it.  

Now I may not be a professional photographer or a camera buying expert, however here are a few things that I look out for when buying a camera to go travelling with.  

For some context, I use the Canon M50 and below I will list the things I was looking for in a camera which brought me to my decision.  

But please remember to do your research and fact-checking when buying your own, because what you need in a camera could be very different to me.  

1. Camera Type  

I knew that I didn’t want a compact point and shot camera and that I didn’t want to use my phone camera either.  

For me, a DSLR was the right choice as I was able to change the lens to suit what I needed the camera for and that I also wanted to take my photography to the next level.  

2. Size

I didn’t want a camera that was too bulky as it would need to fit in my backpack and be compact.  

This narrowed down the look of the camera quite a lot but also brought me to mirrorless cameras which I had never heard of before, this required me to do a lot of research which I recommend you do the same as well.  

3. Camera make

For some people, this is important for others it isn’t. 

I chose canon but only because I know others that use them and I had used canon in the past so went with them.  

4. Price tag

This played a large part in the camera I chose I knew that a DSLR would be expensive but I also knew that the prices within this group can vary massively and is an important point to think about 

5. Lens Choices  

For me knowing that there was a range of lens available for if and when I decide to buy more. 

The mirrorless cameras for canon at the time didn’t have a lot of choices but they did have an adapter for the mirrorless to use the regular DSLR camera lens, I am sure other makes have done this also but knowing that for the camera I wanted this was an option is something that helped confirm my choice.  

Hope this has given me some things to think about when looking for a camera, but remember always do your research.  

Comment below what camera you use for travel and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more travel-related content.  

Enjoy navigating the globe  


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