Google map top tips for travellers

Google maps is defiantly one of my favourite travel maps and the one I have used the longest!

With access on most devices in some form, it is super handy when needing to get around in a foreign country and making sure that the local taxi service doesn’t take advantage of you as a tourist when getting from A to B.

Save places

My most likely favourite feature of this app is the fact that you can save places in different categories and add notes to them as well.

If I load up my google maps there are yellow star pins all over the world of places that have been recommended or I just want to go, with accommodation recommendation and companies for certain activities that people have used and suggest I use if decide to do the same activity too.

The great thing about saving places is that you will always have a list of suggestion for a certain place if you ever feel stuck and don’t know what to do on a certain day during your travels or ready for when you move on.

Take notes

I have already touched on this but being able to write down notes is handier than you think.

Example notes I have put are ‘Party hostel’ ‘Eat here on Tuesdays they have a good deal’ ‘Take the side path to get to this place, it is hidden away’.

Anything useful to you just write it down, you never know that handy bit of information that may come about when you are on the road.

Download maps offline

Imagine you arrive somewhere new in the evening it is dark you don’t have a SIM card for the country so no service and you can’t get one till the morning and want to know how to get to your hostel and how long it should take.

Well, this is where downloading your maps comes in, before you leave for any trip simply download the map for the area you will be staying in then no matter where you are you can view a map and know how to get around without any data.


The newest feature of maps is one of my favourites and that is eco-routes.

This feature simply offers drivers the lowest carbon footprint route to take, meaning that you know you are taking the most sustainable way to get to where you want helping you be more of a sustainable traveller.

Comment below your favourite google map features for travel and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more travel-related content.

Enjoy navigating the globe

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