Hi I am Faye! Welcome to my travel blog

Navigating the Globe is a travel blog offer best places to visit across world, tips and travel hacks for anyone who wants to see a the globe and navigate there own way around it.

Most people say you have to take a gap year or quit work to go travelling, but you can still travel without doing either of those things as I am currently doing and plan to do in the future.

Why not check out 5 reasons to travel.

After you have read that give these a read

I have always wanted to travel but also wanted to go to university being the typical student that you get not wanting to take a year out but I haven’t let that stop me from being able to travel during my studying taking advantage of any travel opportunity that comes my way during my studies as well as in my job, using holidays as wisely as I can along with realising that you don’t always need to jet off the other side the world to travel sometimes.

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