Taking photos as a solo traveller

Who doesn’t love a good holiday photo album and sharing your favourite photo pic with your friends and family?

When you are a solo traveller being able to grab a photo isn’t always that straightforward.

Here are my favourite ways to take a photo as a solo traveller.

Ask someone

The old classic of simply saying to local or other tourists can you take a picture for me, you will normally find someone who will take the photo for you.

Top Tip: Have the camera set up already and explain the frame to them as well, but above all check the photo after! Make sure it is something you like and if not ask them to take it again and explain what it is you are after.

Use a Tripod

There are so many options now for lightweight travel tripods that fit into a bag easily taking up hardly any space, allowing you to snap pictures to your heart’s content.

I do recommend having a Bluetooth remote option as it can be easier than using a timer.

Making friends

When travelling solo you are bound to make other friends on the road so asking them to take a photo and doing the same for them is one of the simplest ways to get travel photos and the one I probably use the most.

Makeshift tripod

Use objects around you as a tripod

If you don’t own a tripod or don’t have room for one in your bag, place your camera against a wall, on some rocks or books anything to make your makeshift tripod is another great option when wanting to take a photo with no one around, plus you aren’t always going to have your tripod on you.

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Google map top tips for travellers

Google maps is defiantly one of my favourite travel maps and the one I have used the longest!

With access on most devices in some form, it is super handy when needing to get around in a foreign country and making sure that the local taxi service doesn’t take advantage of you as a tourist when getting from A to B.

Save places

My most likely favourite feature of this app is the fact that you can save places in different categories and add notes to them as well.

If I load up my google maps there are yellow star pins all over the world of places that have been recommended or I just want to go, with accommodation recommendation and companies for certain activities that people have used and suggest I use if decide to do the same activity too.

The great thing about saving places is that you will always have a list of suggestion for a certain place if you ever feel stuck and don’t know what to do on a certain day during your travels or ready for when you move on.

Take notes

I have already touched on this but being able to write down notes is handier than you think.

Example notes I have put are ‘Party hostel’ ‘Eat here on Tuesdays they have a good deal’ ‘Take the side path to get to this place, it is hidden away’.

Anything useful to you just write it down, you never know that handy bit of information that may come about when you are on the road.

Download maps offline

Imagine you arrive somewhere new in the evening it is dark you don’t have a SIM card for the country so no service and you can’t get one till the morning and want to know how to get to your hostel and how long it should take.

Well, this is where downloading your maps comes in, before you leave for any trip simply download the map for the area you will be staying in then no matter where you are you can view a map and know how to get around without any data.


The newest feature of maps is one of my favourites and that is eco-routes.

This feature simply offers drivers the lowest carbon footprint route to take, meaning that you know you are taking the most sustainable way to get to where you want helping you be more of a sustainable traveller.

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Tips for packing carry-on

Carry on! Either a travellers joy or nightmare.

The idea of packing light and fitting everything for a month or more long travels into one bag small bag can seem like a dorting task.

Here are a few tips to help you pack all you need for your next adventure into a carry-on only bag.

Packing Cubes

Most travellers will mention these at some point and most live by them and there is a reason for that.

Packing cubes stop you from over packing, making things easier to organised and pack into your bag.

Lay things out

It sounds simple but writing down a list of all the thing you will need for that trip and then laying out all the clothes you want, then simply compare the lists.

Laying things out also mean that you can see what items of clothes go together and don’t, stopping you from bringing clothes that can’t be worn in multiple outfits.

Mix ‘n’ Match

This brings us on to the next tip and that is having tops and bottoms that can be paired with multiple items in your bag to create multiple outfits from fewer items.

This will mean you could bring more possibly but also cut out on the unimportant things that you are possibly taking.


This is one of the bulkier items and so easy to overpack, depending on where you are going and what you will be doing will depend on the shoe type.

Most likely if you are going to a sunnier location will need a part of comfy sandals and a pair of closed-toed shoes that can be worn when hiking and for more adventurous activities possibly,

For colder weather, possibly bring a walking boot/trainer and a pair of more casual trainers that can be worn for multiple occasions.

Some people may decide to bring a pair of flip flops that are small and don’t take up room for showering so as not to go barefoot but this is very much a personal choice.


When travelling hand luggage only you will have a limit on the volume of liquids, so rather than packing mini bottles of everything to then buy more when travelling, just buy larger bottles when you arrive at your destination, this will also help cut down the number of plastic bottles you use.

Another option and the one I use personally is to use bars, they last for months don’t use plastic, I have no liquid limits to worry about or spillages!

You can get shampoo, conditioner and body bars! This will save you space when packing but also money on buying several toilets.

Hopefully, these tips will help you when packing carry on for your next trip.

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What camera to get for travel?

With so many cameras out there is can be confusing to know what type to get and understand all the jargon that goes along with it.  

Now I may not be a professional photographer or a camera buying expert, however here are a few things that I look out for when buying a camera to go travelling with.  

For some context, I use the Canon M50 and below I will list the things I was looking for in a camera which brought me to my decision.  

But please remember to do your research and fact-checking when buying your own, because what you need in a camera could be very different to me.  

1. Camera Type  

I knew that I didn’t want a compact point and shot camera and that I didn’t want to use my phone camera either.  

For me, a DSLR was the right choice as I was able to change the lens to suit what I needed the camera for and that I also wanted to take my photography to the next level.  

2. Size

I didn’t want a camera that was too bulky as it would need to fit in my backpack and be compact.  

This narrowed down the look of the camera quite a lot but also brought me to mirrorless cameras which I had never heard of before, this required me to do a lot of research which I recommend you do the same as well.  

3. Camera make

For some people, this is important for others it isn’t. 

I chose canon but only because I know others that use them and I had used canon in the past so went with them.  

4. Price tag

This played a large part in the camera I chose I knew that a DSLR would be expensive but I also knew that the prices within this group can vary massively and is an important point to think about 

5. Lens Choices  

For me knowing that there was a range of lens available for if and when I decide to buy more. 

The mirrorless cameras for canon at the time didn’t have a lot of choices but they did have an adapter for the mirrorless to use the regular DSLR camera lens, I am sure other makes have done this also but knowing that for the camera I wanted this was an option is something that helped confirm my choice.  

Hope this has given me some things to think about when looking for a camera, but remember always do your research.  

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Day hiking essentials

Off on a days hike somewhere and want to avoid packing everything but the kitchen sink with no idea where to start? Well, I am here to help with my top 7 things that always go with me when I am off on a day hike.  

1. Backpack   

This may be seen obvious to some but taking a backpack is something I have seen many people do because they didn’t want to carry a bag with them but then brought none of the other essentials that they needed, so have a strong comfortable backpack that will easily fit everything that you need in is a must.  

2. Walking boots and socks!

I have put these 2 items together as they go hand in hand with each other both need it fit and be conformable for you no one else, yes go off peoples recommendations but it is not one fits all.  

Having a pair of strong, worn walking boots is important this can stop ankle based or more serious injuries as well as stop your feet from getting wet too if it rains or the ground is still wet.  

If you have just brought need walking boots then I suggest wearing them about your local area and going for a walk near your house a few time a week before your big hike, the last thing you want is your boots rubbing your feet and giving you blisters. 

Having the wrong socks can also give you blisters if they don’t fit and your foot slides about in them or they are too thick or too thin can also cause this problem.  

3. Layers

I will always have a second layer or maybe more when hiking.  

For me, my second layer is normally my jumper which is thick and comfy, but sometimes if I decide to wear a vest when walking will take a thermal or long sleeve top which I can wear over the top if it is still too warm for a jumper but too cold to just wear a vest.  

4. Camera  

Going on a hike without some form of camera is a waste of time to me, I love getting photos of the landscape and views when I am out and about so having this in my bag is a must, however, it isn’t essential and something. that you may decide that you don’t need to bring.  

5. Water and snacks

If I know I am out all day the last thing I want to be doing is having to worry where the food stop will be so having a litre water bottle and food with me is a must, you will also possibly be burning quite a few calories so make sure that you are having plenty to eat and drink is important for your health.  

Bring your own watero bottle also lowers the need for a single use plastic one and be sure to put any rubbbish from food in a bin or put it in your bag to take it home later!

6. First aid kit

It may sound silly but having a small first aid kit with some plasters in will come in surprisingly handy, there has been more than one occasion where I have cut my hand on a bramble or something else and having a mini first aid has been useful.  

7. Sun Cream  

Especially if you are out hiking all day in the sun then this is needed but also in the winter months at times as the sun can still be quite strong.  

Having sun cream to stop yourself from getting burnt and project your skin is something I will always look to bring with me.  

Hope this list has helped in getting you ready for your next day-long hiking adventure.  

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How to be a sustainable traveller

With expensive eco-huts in the rainforest and sustainable travel awareness on the rise with eco options popping up everywhere, it can be difficult to know which is the most environmentally beneficial answer, but also how can you travel in an eco-sustainable way without it costing a tonne!  

Now I am not here to tell you that everything you do has to be sustainable and sustainable travel is the only way to travel because it isn’t and it can be hard to travel this way the time, I by no means am perfect and don’t get it right all the time but I do try where I can which is what I ask of all of you.  

So how do we travel more sustainably?  

Using public transport

If you can getting on a bus or train instead of a taxi, using a boat to get somewhere instead of flying can all help lower carbon emissions as well as costing less money at times too! If you are going on a road trip with friends try and cut down the number of vehicles that you all take can be another way to lower the amount of CO2 produced.  

You could also look to offset your flights but this can cost more money for a ready expensive flight, but if this is something you chose to do I would suggest looking into how the flights are offset and who is it benefiting in the long run.  

Reusable items  

Taking your water bottle with help the number of single-use plastics and the cost of buying bottled water all the time you can even buy filtering water bottles so you know that you can use the tap water wherever you are.  

Taking a cotton reusable bag for when you go shopping as well as metal straw and reusable cutlery that way you don’t need the single-use version but if you go somewhere that doesn’t offer it you have your own and no need to worry.  

Slow travel

This one isn’t always available to people as it does depend on how long you can spend in an area, but taking your time when travelling not only gives you chance to explore more of an area and the culture but will help lower the amount of carbon of your trip overall as well as helping the local economy  

Spend locally  

Going to the local restaurants and hotels compared to the chains that you see across the world makes your travels sustainable as you are supporting the local economy compared to the big chain back in the US or UK.  

This local economic growth for the people will go a long way in helping a country to develop more and be less dependent on tourism for most of the countries income, things such as COVID have brought this to life with some countries which desperately need tourism to open again.  

Travel in the low season 

This option has so many benefits, not only is travelling in the off/low season quieter and cheaper it helps out the locals!  

While there are masses of tourism in the summer months and people makes lots of money the locals and the countries economy overall struggle more in the winter months as there is less of an income so travelling in the low season gives the local area a boost.  

Plus with prices being cheaper and fewer people around you can explore the culture and local area a lot more, you quite possibly get more of a personalised experience depending on how many people are around and with lower prices travel for longer!  

Hopefully, this post has provided you with more of an idea on how you can travel a little more sustainably in the future, but remember no one is perfect and while you may not be able to do all of these things listed having a go at even one or two of them will be a great way to help support the little blue planet we live on.  

Comment below your favourite sustainable travel tip and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more travel-related content.  

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Narrow down your next trip location

So you decided that you want to get on a plane and fly off to another adventure, however, you have too many choices and options with no idea which to choose, how to narrow them down and leaving you overwhelmed before you even had a chance to start planning.  

This happens to everyone at one point or another.  

When I need to decide which location to travel to next, following these top 5 tips to pick always helps narrow it down making the task 5 times easier! 


Number 1 will always be looking at the budget I have available to me.  

Taking each location completing basic background research on the cost, a few things I look at and always pick the most expensive price for to create a worst-case cost is:  


Looking at a range of prices in each area you plan to stay during your trip will help give you a good overall range for the country 


Looking at return flight costs and any bus or train costs that you may encounter while travelling around the country 


Of course, you won’t know every activity you which to do while there but if there is something specific you know you want to do while there finding out the cost is worthwhile, there is not much point going somewhere if you can’t do the main activity you wanted to do.  


If you need a visa knowing the cost and requirements is a must as well as how much your insurance will be, if you can’t afford this cost then this destination will have to be taken off the list.  

Looking at these 4 costs give me a basic idea of the kind of prices I will face when in this country and are the 4 main costs for most trips, you, of course, can change these categories based on your travel needs.  

Time of year

What time of year are you planning your trip?  

Did you want to travel to a country in a certain season? 

Knowing if it is the off-season somewhere or not may affect your choice but also what the weather and temperatures will be at that time. 


How long do you have for your trip?

If you wanted to travel somewhere for say 3 months and you only have a month you will be able to take this location off your list helping to narrow it down some more. 

Coming up with a realistic timescale and itinerary will help with narrowing down your choices more than you realise.

Photo by Pixabay on

Solo or Group 

Are you a solo or group traveller?  

If you like to solo travel then booking the trip whenever you want and working to your schedule defiantly makes this easier. 

If you are in a group knowing when everyone can travel and the timescale, all you, when need to do, is apply the pervious points once you have this info.  


Are you a backpacker, flashpacker or just like in travel in luxury?  

Knowing the type of traveller you are will help you when booking flights, looking at accommodation and even the location!  

Hope these top tips helped you in narrowing down your next destination.  

Comment below your favourite tip and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more travel-related content.  

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What to pack in a day bag for travel

What do I carry with me on a day to day bases when on the road travelling around the world? What to carry in your day bag may be something you don’t think about much at all but paying attention to what you bring can have hidden advantages you may not have thought about.  

Here are my top 5 things I always make sure to carry with me in my day bag when I am out exploring.  

1. Jacket

Having some form of jacket or cover I put over my shoulders when it is cold or to protect myself from the sun or if I am visiting a religious temple that requires me to cover my shoulders.  

Having some form of a jacket in my bag has defiantly come in handy more than you realise when out all day even in the warmest countries it can drop super cold at night.  

2. Camera

This one may seem a little obvious when you are travelling around the world to have your camera on you ready to snap some shots of the amazing sites that you will see.  

However making sure that you have a battery and enough space in your camera card is something people often forget, I always just use my phone as a backup encase this does ever happen but if you are the person to use a separate camera to your phone, making sure that you always have it with you and that it is ready for action is important.  

3. Portable Charger

Even though you may start your day with all electronics fully charged their batteries of course will fade when you are out using them all day.  

Having a portable charger with me is a must knowing that I can charge my phone whenever needed also gives me that added safety factor as I will always be able to access maps or taxi services through my phone as well. 

I like to use a solar-powered charger so that I don’t have to worry about charging the charger and even if I go off-grid have a way to charge my devices.  

4. Money/ID

While most of us will carry a bank card around with us having some cash just in case your card didn’t work or somewhere only takes cash this handy but also makes sure you are covered for any situation.  

Having a form of ID is handy, for example, if you want to buy alcohol or if you want to rent a vehicle having your driving licence as your ID will serve as a 2 in 1 

5. Water/Food

Being the sustainable traveller that I am having a reusable water bottle is a must for me, I like to use a filtering water bottle so I can drink the tap water of whichever country I am in, but this also will save you a lot of money then having to buy plastic bottles all the time.  

If I know I will be out all day or need to save a bit of money on my trip to get back on a budget having either a small snack or may some sandwiches if I am going off on a hike all day or know that I won’t be able to get something.  

Hopefully, this top 5 list of what I keep in my day bag has given you some ideas and added to your day bag essentials. 

Comment below what you always have to travel within your day bag and don’t forget o follow me on Instagram for some more travel-related content.  

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Best UK Road Trips

You want to do a road trip around the UK but have no idea where to start! Check out this blog post here on how to plan a road trip.   

While planning your adventure from scratch can be fun it isn’t for everyone so here is a list of premade road trips around the UK to help give you some inspiration and help get you started on planning your next adventure.   


Starting in Scotland with the NC500 will take you long 500 miles of the northern coast was a beautiful country starting Inverness and finishing in Lochcarron.   

There are plenty of things to see and do along the way as well as places to stay which comes as a surprise to most people. The great thing about the NC 500 is it can be completed in just a week! So if you only have a short amount of time this is something which you can do but most people will recommend extending your trip giving you more time at each stop.   

A great thing about this trip that it finishes is Lochcarron a key point known for those who want to explore the Western isles of Scotland such as Skye, Lewis and Harris.   

Isle Hopping

If you’re in the UK and fancy doing some Island hopping and then making your way up north to Scotland to the Isle of Skye as well as Isle of Lewis and Harris.   

With so many sites to see across these two isles, from watersports, walks in the great outdoors to whiskey tasting and some history as well!   

Start on the island of Skye and heading up the east side of the island taken into the famous sites before hopping on a boat north of the island to head over to Lewis and Harris, spending time exploring this isle before heading back down the west side of this island.   

Coast to Coast

Heading a little further south a great road trip which can be done in just a weekend is coast to coast. This road trip traditionally starts in St. Bees and finishes in Robin Hood’s Bay taking you through, Cumbria, North Yorkshire and the Lake District from the east to the west coast of the UK.   

Thanks to the small size of the UK this is a drive you to do in a day, over a weekend or a week! It all depends how much you have and what you want to see and do along this route but is great for anyone who only has a day or two.   

The Welsh Coast 

If it’s the Welsh coast you want to see that this is the trip for you!  

Starting in Anglesey and following the coast all the way along to Cardiff your will pass through most if not all of the major cities there are in this small nation as well as various of the parts.  

This road trip is great for those who want a mix of city and countryside as well as beautiful beaches to visit along the way something at Wales is known for. 

Another great thing about this trip is that, it is possible to complete in just a week, but I would recommend spending slightly longer and taking your time over as there is so much to see and do.   

Hiking in Wales with the view of the coast in the background

Lake District  

More commonly known as The Lakes, this area of outstanding next natural beauty has something to offer everyone. From small quaint countryside towns to walks in the countryside and of course plenty of lakes making for some scenic views, while there why not climb to the highest point in England as well as visit Beatrix Potter’s house.  

This is the places to go if you only have a weekend or a few days to road trip around an area as there are so many things that you can do in just a weekend, but you can still spend a week or maybe two driving around really taking this beautiful corner of the UK.   


Time to head down south to Cornwall. Known best probably for its beaches this part of the UK is home of attractions with things such as the Eden Project and the Forest of Dean.  

Cornwall is a place where you can pick a small area to just road trip around depending on your timescale or take a few weeks to explore the whole area, in Cornwall you can visit the most southern point of the UK in Land’s End!  

But of course there is also what Cornwall is most famous for the beaches, countryside walks as well as big cities with small countryside villages, this corner of the UK really does have it all.   

Causeway Coastal Route  

Time to head over the water to Northern Ireland and to the most notable road trip has to be the causeway coastal route.  

Starting in Belfast and finishing in Derry, this road trip takes you along some of the iconic scenes there are in Northern Ireland well and big attractions such as in Belfast you can visit the Titanic HMS and as the name suggests the Giant Causeway itself a famous geological structure of this country, with an interesting folks tale behind it.   

There are also a wide range of coastal walks, water sports and city trips to do along the way, making this road trip a short and sweet one.   

Land’s End John O’Groats   

What was the list of UK road trips be without the biggest one of all Land’s end to John O’Groat! Starting in the most southern point of the UK in Land’s End to the northern point in John O’Groats, this trip takes you through the whole of UK letting you see it all.  

This road trip has to be the most famous one in the UK with many people taking part in different ways such as walking, cycling to even horseback riding! However you could simply just drive taking the easy way up through the UK.  

One of the best parts of this trip is that you have an outline that takes up right up the centre through the UK meaning that it is super easier to jump off and go do other activities that take your fancy, making it one of the most flexible trips when finding things to do and see.  

This road trip can be done in just seven days, however I would defiantly recommend taking longer allowing you to spend more time in places and cut down on the amount of driving done which day as well. 

This route is the best way if you are wanting to see the whole of the UK.  

Now you have some inspiration to start planning a UK road trip, comment below which route you are planning on taking and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more travel-related content.   

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48hr Glasgow Itinerary

You are planning a trip to Glasgow want to know what sites to see then check this post out here for the top sites to see.

But wait you only have 48hrs to spend in this city! Just because it is the largest city in Scotland it doesn’t mean that you can’t do and see the top sites in just 48hrs.

Whether you arrived the night before or early in the morning, it is this early start that will give you the best chance at seeing as much as possible.

Day 1


Starting with breakfast whether you are going out to a café in the morning or eating in the hotel you are staying in, giving your body the fuel for this busy and exciting weekend is key to avoid becoming tired and not having any energy to see all the amazing sites available.


After breakfast heading for a morning stroll in the fresh air through Kelvingrove park admiring the nature and beauty that is available in this city all year round, making for a great morning photoshoot!

Followed by a stroll to the art gallery and museum which can be found in the park taking in the art that is found within.


After a morning spent around Kelvingrove park and in the art gallery and museum heading back into town you will be able to have a relaxing lunch allowing you to refuel for an afternoon packed with activities.

There are many cafes and restaurants throughout the high street, simply take a stroll around the street and you are sure to find something.


After lunch head for a stroll around the botanical garden and the surrounding gardens before heading back into town, getting some fresh air to help avoid an afternoon slump after eating and embracing more of nature and the natural environment in this city.

Spring time walk through the Botanic Gardens


The last main activity of the day involves heading to the University of Glasgow for a quick stroll around the Hunterian museum which is the oldest public museum in Scotland!

Taking in the last bit of history and culture to end off the first day in the busy city.


Depending on the type of traveller you are, will depend on how you spend your evening.

You may wish to head out on the town for a night out at which point you won’t be disappointed with this being a student city having something for everyone tastes, you prefer some fine dining or a relaxing night reading a book to prep for today there is something to suit everyone in this city.

Day 2

Welcome to day 2, halfway through the 48hrs in this city of sites to see!


Heading to the main city centre walking around The Green and Peoples Place getting in some morning nature and fresh air, even grab a coffee-to-go to enjoy on your walk around the area, this is another great photoshoot location!


From The Green heading up to the necropolis and cathedral, while walking around a cemetery may not be for everyone the views from the top of the hill are worth the walk giving you a look across the city as it is waking up to a day of work.

Heading down the hill and across the bridge to the cathedral and taking a look inside at this amazing building.


Making your way back into town, for a chance to rest and enjoy a relaxing lunch, again you are spoilt for choice by the range of places to eat in Glasgow, leaving something for everyone.


To kick off the afternoon activities by heading to the science museum for some fun, you may even learn a new science fact or two but whether you are a science nerd or not visiting the museum is a must while in Glasgow.


How better to finish off your weekend adventure than with a whiskey tour around the cities distillery.

Learn how they make the whiskey in this riverside location and even get to try some of it for yourself.

Unfortunately like all good things this Glasgow adventure will have to come to an end so that you can start the next, so whether you spend the night in Glasgow socking up the nightlife one last time before leaving in the morning or you are leaving the city that evening.

Hopefully, this 48hr itinerary has given you some ideas on how to spend 48hr in the largest city in Scotland.

Comment your favourite thing about Glasgow and why you want to visit and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more travel-related content.

Enjoy navigating the globe

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Why avoid tourist traps

So why should you avoid travelling to touristy areas? Some might say that it is safer or it is easier to travel this way as there will be easy access to everything. Others will say you’re guaranteed to see the highlights of this country, however what about the highlights off the touristy trail and beaten path, the hidden gems waiting to be discovered.   

Now are you will still probably go to some touristy areas because that’s how you most likely choose to visit this country in the first place. Whether it was by a google search on the best places to visit or recommendation. There is still an upside to chatting with the locals and finding those hidden gems to explore.  

Here are my top five reasons why you shouldn’t travel to touristy areas for your next trip!  


Now the locals know that this is where the tourist will be and that we are likely to have money, else how else would we afford to be there, leaving locals ready to sell us various souvenirs and increase prices to the attraction which we will happily pay as most of us will only be there once, allowing them to increase the cost.   

How to solve this problem and make your trip cheaper?   

Head away from that touristy spot and discover something new along the way!  

Unusual sites

Most tourists will likely have the same story of a certain monument somewhere in the world and had the experience as the person sat right next to them, however, do you want to come back from holiday with a different story to tell?   

Then ask a local!

Ask them for their recommendation that aren’t the typical tourist thing to do or see, somewhere the locals like to visit instead. So if you want to be in with the chance to witness something unusual and a bit more local then not following the touristy guide map is a reason for you.  

Experience the culture

One of the best parts of being able to travel is to experience new cultures and seeing what other parts of the world have to offer.   

Head out to a classic tourist restaurant you possibly see western dishes as well as the local ones.   

But head a few streets over and you like to find it to be a more local environment for both the dishes and the service done to suit the local population and cater from them. You will also find the prices to suit the locals too! Not only saving you money but also offering a more unique and local experience.   

You might find a local bakery which is a family one business that makes fresh bread every day or one that makes cakes that taste completely amazing!   

Off the busy tourist street, you can find tours that aren’t as busy offering a more personalised and unique experience, to see the culture and sights.   

Walking through a christmas tree farm! Locals go here every year to pick a tree


The number one reason for most people to avoid touristy areas is to avoid the queues of tourists line down the street to paying extra fees to see a site or trying to get that photo amazing shot with a dozen people walking around in the background.   

While going very early morning or late evening or even lunchtime can resolve this problem it can’t be completely avoided. Finding the place the crowds don’t go will not only save you money but also offer you something new.   

Protect the environment

The tourism impact on the environment is very known with large numbers of tourists flighting all over the world not only increase CO2, but some also leave rubbish lying about the place and with the sheer volume of tourists at some locations causing high amounts of erosion at historic sites.   

Locals are often aware of the environmental impact however still need tourists to support the local economy.   

By heading off the beaten track not only are you witnessing some of natures untouched treasures but also help tourism across the country compared to concentrated areas. Allowing you to travel the world and save the planet at the same time, with even the smallest chance of having a larger impact.   

Comment below why you prefer to travel to the non-touristy areas or your favourite spot off the beaten track and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram from your travel-related content  

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Backpacker accommodation guide

Whether you are travelling in a group or solo the biggest cost for any traveller is accommodation!

Now while some countries are indeed cheaper to travelling than other accommodation still takes a large part of the budget. It is important to remember when you are travelling, of course, accommodation prices will fluctuate, but the type of accommodation plays a big role.

For example, hostels can be cheaper compared to hotels, however, even the price of the same type of accommodation can vary massively in prices depending on what luxuries you would like.

So let’s delve into the different types of accommodation available to you when you are travelling.


Hotels are likely the most expensive type of accommodation on this list, rooms in hotels will be private which increases the price, but also know when for their high-quality service which of course comes with a high price tag.

Most backpackers tend to stay away from this type of accommodation as it isn’t always the most sociable which is something that most backpackers typically look for.


Hostel prices can vary massively but most offer the same quality as a hotel can at a cheaper cost! As well as a mix of private and dorm rooms allowing you to meet other travellers it is no wonder many backpackers chose to stay in them.

Another great thing about hostels is that there are many options on what is offered at them, from tours (some of them can be free) to Wi-Fi, bars, food options as well as launderettes. With many digital nomads and backpackers found here, it is a great way to make friends and meet other people you can read more about it here and here.

Air BnB

If you are looking to stay somewhere for an extended period on your travels then I would recommend an Air BnB. Offering a cost-effective way for staying in a location for a month or more when you are travelling or even if you want a private space that isn’t a hostel this is a good option for you and something I would recommend.

Couch surfing

This is one that defiantly holds mixed reviews however is very popular among the backpacking community.

If you don’t know what couch surfing is then is pretty much what it says on the tin, you can stay at a local person’s house and sleep on the couch some may even offer you a room.

This something I have never tried myself however is a low-cost accommodation option and a good way for anyone who wishes to live with the local people while they are travelling and experience more of the local culture.


There are many things which can fall under this definition you might decide to house sit for a while when the owners are on holiday or even look after their pets or some form of an exchange, for example, if you are studying aboard you may be offered a homestay.

Homestays can also include volunteering options, in exchange for potentially working on a local farm or working for these people you can stay there for free in return for your help.

Want to know more about volunteering and travel then check out this blog post for a more in-depth guide.

As I said homestay comes in various options and is something done by backpackers but may not always be the most popular choice for some is still a good way to possibly cut costs.

Stay with friends and family

The cheapest form of accommodation has to be staying friends and family that you know in that particular area now some might say you have to pay a small amount while staying to cover food costs, while others may not.

Either way, it is a great way to catch up with old friends and get to stay a few nights without costing you anything making it a two in one.


When I think of this form of travel it is is more than the old school style of backpacking! Where you walk or hitchhike from one place to another and pitch a tent wherever you end up that night, going across a country.

You still get people who do this in the countryside and wild areas of a country!

If you plan on wild camping and following and leave no trace policy (it is very important to follow this policy if you do plan on wild camping). This type of accommodation can be completely free as you don’t need to pay for anything, however, make sure you check the wild camping rules where you are travelling as this is something that cant be done in every country.

If you’re someone who doesn’t mind roughing it this could be an option you however if you do prefer a few more luxuries such as a shower then paying for a campsite is also another option. The cost can vary but be probably typically around the same price as a hostel which is why most backpackers tend to stay in hostels as opposed to camping, however, if you want to be more with nature this may be a good choice for you.

Van life

This has grown in popularity over the years and something that I would like to try in the future!

While van life can initially have very high costs to start it will pay back over time. This way of travel has freedom with it, allowing you to easily change location without having to wait around for flights or buses.

Saving you money on accommodation as well as transport costs with only fuel being the item you need to budget for.

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How to plan a roadtrip

Going on a road trip can the best ways to see a country especially if you only have a short amount of time, it can be the most effective ways to see as many things possible, although planning a road trip can sometimes be overwhelming just like any other trip can but with this handy guide we are going to break down step-by-step how you can plan your road trip to make it the best one possible.

Budget and Timescale

The number one thing to think about for any trip is, what is your budget and what are the timescales? For example, if you can go on a week-long road trip and only have £200, this will affect where and what you can do as opposed if you have £2000 and say three months.

Knowing how long you have can determine where you go with cost also playing a part for any activities or the type of accommodation you want, this is the number one thing you need to establish for a trip!

Solo or group travel

You may have already of had the answer to this question when you first decided to plan a roadtrip but if not!

The next thing to look at is whether you are doing this solo or with a group of friends as this can also affect your budget. On your own you will have to pay for things completely on your own as opposed to being able to split the costs with friends, this does depend on what type of traveller you are tough and what time you have available.

Where are you roadtripping?

Deciding which country to road trip to is the next most important part!

You might decide to travel in your home country or can a plane somewhere and hire a car or van or even a road trip on the way to your final destination.

Again this depends on your budget and timescales.

Hiking in the Snowdonia National Park, UK

Planning the route

I suggest using google maps as you can pinpoint all the places you want to go along with accommodation and write notes around different places.

Once you have all the places you want to go you can work out what route to take, but remember to take your timescale into account when deciding how long to spend in one location as well as how you will be travelling, for example, public transport will possibly taking you longer to get to each point compared to driving yourself, also making sure you can reach each location in your chosen means of transport. (Side note: check what seasonal effects there are for each activity such as price change and closures)

Type of transportation

When you have narrowed down where you won’t go and the activities you want to do on this road trip is time to think about the transport this is where your budget massively comes into play if you’re doing a solo trip in your car and finding accommodation along the route just driving from A to B or maybe you are in a campervan saving in accommodation cost but will possibly have to hire out a van instead. If you are using public transport looking at any deals as well as the fastest, cheapest and easiest way to get to the locations you want to visit is important and also possibly more time consuming to plan.

Snowdonia Railway

Time to make some bookings

Now you’ve planned your route and you know when you want to go all you need to do is book your first nights’ accommodation or any tickets which you may need in advance.

If you are travelling on a tighter timescale and know exactly what and where you will be doing each day you can book everything in advance if needed but you are following a more relaxed schedule for your trip and unsure where you will be going I recommend only booking your first day/nights activity and then book places a few days or on the day depending on how your trip is going.

Comment below where you are planning a road trip and follow me on Instagram for more travel-related content.

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Why you should visit the UK?

Stuck on where to travel next? Need a reason to travel to the UK? Well, this is the post you!

The UK is mainly known for its horrible weather raining 24 hours seven days a week 365 days a year, however, there is still plenty of sunshine and many sites to see, across this historic country with a range of cultures and traditions found up and down this small proud nation.

So if you are being tempted to book your flights and start planning a trip then here are a few more reasons sure to convince you on why you should choose this destination over another.

4 countries in 1

The great thing about the UK is that this nation is formed of the 4 smaller countries, England Wales Scotland and Northern Ireland giving you a 4 in 1 visit, meaning that you can do a road trip to go round the whole of the UK and tick four countries off your list in one!

Culture and traditons

From castle ruins to grand cities, small towns, beaches and the rolling countryside there is something which can be found across the UK for everyone no matter which country you are going too.

With a long history of conquests, kings and queens are an abundance of castles and ruins as well as abbeys to be seen up and down this country so if you’re into history and culture then this is the one you if you move a hiker there are many national parks up and down the UK with trails for all levels along with the Three Peaks, in Wales, England and Scotland.


As you will be visiting an island, beaches are of course in abundance, with spots to just sit and soak up the sun to the action-packed water sports of surfing and sailing there is plenty to choose from. The great thing about the size of this country is that from the centre of England you can get to a beach in just 2 hours!

The UK isn’t known for its beaches and is not the first place think of when wanting to go for a seaside holiday but there are ranges of beautiful beaches from pebble to sandy ones which will take you by surprise.

Anglesey beach in Wales

Free activities!

One of the great things is that there are so many activities which you can do free! Beacuse who doesn’t love something that is free?

If you’re someone who isn’t up for hiking or being in nature and prefer the city life the there is still plenty of free activities to check out!

London has tonnes of museums and art galleries with many of them being free to visit this being the same across the UK, so if you are travelling on a budget you can still visit and do plenty of activities while here!

Easy transport

The size of this country means that it is super easier to get around, whether using your car, bus or train it is fairly simple and easy for any traveller, it also means that you can see most of the country in a short period allowing you to make use of your time as you will be able to move from one location to another with ease.

When to visit?

Hopefully, you are starting to see some of the bright side to travel to Britain, so the next question would be when to visit? With the answer to that being any time of the year!

This is the great thing about the UK is that you can visit any time of the year and yes while some times in the year may be slightly better than others. The weather overall makes travelling any time of year a possibly allowing you to miss the super busy summer months, but this is the UK so no matter when you come having a coat with you just in case is always recommended.

Now that you have read this, check out my blog for other UK based posts for inspiration on what to do when you arrive.

Comment below your favourite places in the UK and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more travel-related content.

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Travel guide to the Severn Valley Railway

Ever wanted to go back in time and travel the old Victorian style way on the steam railway well now you can!

If you are in the UK take a day trip to the beautiful countryside county of Shropshire where the steam railway awaits.

You don’t need to be a train enthusiast as it is still a great day out for anyone.

Here is my guide on how to best spend a day out on the Severn Valley Railway

Which station to start at?

I recommend that you start at either the stations in Bridgnorth or Kidderminster. As these are both the endpoints of the railway itself, which means that you will get the chance to ride along the whole full length of the track and back along getting to go on all the possible stops, making the most out of your ticket and the day.

When you arrive at any of the stations you will be welcomed by the old feel Victorian styled train stations that use to exist in abundance up and down the country.

When you go to collect your ticket you will be asked whether you want to ride in first, second or third class (I think any ticket will do, just note the price does change depending on the class).

What stops to make along the way?

What stops you make and the order in which you make them does depend on what you want to do during the day, but also which station you start you at.

The places I would recommend getting off at are:


Here you can go for a stroll around this historic market town with plenty of cafes and places to grab a bite to eat as well as a section of an old castle ruin which once stood in the medieval town.


Here you can visit the old engine house which has a museum inside along with some train engines and the old royal carriage of King George V.


This riverside town makes for a great stop with a chance to get fish and chips, ice cream and go around the small museum in the town!


This small city offers a range of activities and places to eat as well as being the most built-up and developed of the stops. (As you leave the station to hear you will see the new one across the car park for all the modern trains).

Make sure you check all the train times for each stop you make so as not to miss ant departures especially at the end of the day, otherwise it will be an expensive taxi back to your starting point.

Engine House is also a museum showing the history of the railway

Sights to see when on the train?

Even if you decide to not get off at any of the stops and just enjoy your time sitting on the train there is still plenty to see.

The track follows the River Severn which can see along most of the route as well as rolling hills and plenty of farmland that covers this county making for some scenic views.

As you get closer to Kidderminster you will have a view of the Safari park with the chance to see some of the animals, such as deer, lions and giraffes.

Near Bewdley, you will be able to spot a glimpse of the reservoir, the old school and the church see the complete town from the train.

Now that you have read this complete guide on how to spend a day on the Seven Valley Railway you will be able to plan your trip along this historic steam railway and the surrounding towns going back in time to experience some of the past

Comment below your favourite type of transportation you’ve ever taken, don’t forget to follow me an Instagram

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How to overcome loneliness when travelling

When you are travelling solo there will be moments where you feel alone and slightly homesick, which is perfectly normal! Every solo traveller at some point will feel alone and go through this so know that you aren’t alone, while this may not happen at the start of your trip it will occur so knowing how to get out of this slump and back to your adventures is a good thing to learn about yourself.

One massive way to help combat that feeling of being lonely is to go out and make some new friends check out this blog post for tips on how to make friends when travelling.

Now for my tips to help you combat feeling lonely when you are navigating your way around the globe.

Stay in a dorm

If you normally stay in a private room then switching to a dorm will massively help.

Straight away you will be pulled out of any isolation, finding it easier to meet new people and not feel as lonely. If the hostel you are staying at has different dorm sizes maybe opt for a bigger one with the chance of more people being coming in and out of the room compared to a smaller 4-bed dorm.

Force yourself to meet people

While staying in a dorm will be a massive help to this, booking on a group tour can also be a good idea helping you to meet fellow travellers but also the chance to possibly meet some locals.

Making yourself interact with people can be a massive help, after all, we need human interaction now and then.

Don’t book a return ticket

Just because you are feeling lonely and not having the best time in the world doesn’t mean that you get on a plane ride home.

Think about all the places you haven’t yet been too and will miss out on, when will you have the chance to travel to this part of the world again?

This feeling won’t last forever so don’t end your trip early over it.

Take a rest

Burning out at the start of the trip can happen a lot!

You arrive somewhere and go off on all these adventures but yourself, then a few days feel alone as you haven’t made any friends yet and want to do some activities with people.

Don’t worry you can easily make friends (here are a few ideas). However sometimes that feeling of loneliness can come from simple being burnt out, so taking a day or two just to chill at the beach or pool, take a stroll around the town, sit in a café and read a book, do the laundry and other small tasks you haven’t had a chance to do yet can help you in feeling ready for the next adventure in no time.

Taking time for myself down at the beach, listening to the waves.

Avoid calling home

If you are struggling with being homesick, calling home may not be the best idea sometimes it can only make things worse, knowing yourself is important when it comes to these tips.

For some a phone call home to chat about the trip so far, come up with new places to visit discussing how you have been feeling down and using family to come up with an action plan for how to get back on top can be super useful, but for others, it can mean booking that plane ticket home.

Being aware of yourself and the situation for this one it can make things worse.

Move to somewhere new

If you have been in a location for a while try moving on, if there are things you still want to do look for a new hostel to change the sense or head to a different region, find yourself somewhere new to explore, people to meet activities to do.

Remember you will only have a certain amount of time to travel in so if you have seen and done everything you want to do in a region move on don’t hang around if you don’t need too.

Acknowledge it

Embracing the feeling and acknowledging it can be a massive help to combat that lonely feeling we all get from time to time when travelling.

Remember you don’t need to be doing a thousand activities a day it is okay to have rest and more chilled days just sat by the pool you don’t need to be the height of the party every day, we all need a rest sometimes.

But this simple acknowledgement can go a long way in helping in the future and helping you to understand yourself and grow during your trip.

Comment below your tips for coping with loneliness and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more travel content.

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5 reasons why you should volunteer aboard

When travelling we tend not to think of charity work or volunteering, however, it can come with a lot of benefits, offering new travel opportunities as well as making travel more budget-friendly at the same time, therefore more accessible to everyone.

Mixing volunteering and travel is something I have only started doing this past year and while it may not be something I do in every location I go to it is something I will be considered in most of my future travels.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider charity/volunteering work as part of your next travel plans.

Save on accommodation costs

You can often volunteer to work at a hostel for the time you are there in exchange for free accommodation or a discount on a bed saving you money as you travel, helping to extend a trip and possibly stay in nicer accommodation then you would normally be able to afford.

It is worth noting though that you may need to contact the hostel before you arrive to confirm that you can work there in exchange for a room.

Travel off the beat track

Some opportunities are off the beaten track allowing you to explore parts of a country you wouldn’t normally visit, for example, I am climbing to the base camp of Mount Everest thanks to a fundraising charity opportunity I got involved in.

This is something I would never have done if it wasn’t for this opportunity to work with the charity!

Learn more about the local culture

Living and working with the locals will allow you to experience a culture in a new light away from the touristy side you may experience most of the time.

Likely to go on activities that tourist wouldn’t normally do as well as being able to see the country and way of living through their eyes, opening up a new appreciation for the country.

Unique experience

As this is something people tend not to do it makes for a unique experience and story to tell. This new way of travel can also be more sustainable.

This form of sustainability comes from the help you prove the local community, supporting that business and economy to grow, but also the environment as you are likely to spend longer in that particular location with this type of ‘slow travel’ having a massive environmental impact for the better.

Learn something new

Volunteering with the locals allows you to learn more of the language as they may not speak another language very well compared to more touristy areas.

Learn more about the traditions and culture, giving you an understanding that you may not have gotten if you just attend a group tour to somewhere.

You may even learn a new skill so that you can complete the volunteering in the first place.

Comment below and let me know if you have ever mixed volunteering and travel, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more travel content.

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10 best things to do in Glasgow, Scotland

A city often overlooked by the capital of Scotland Edinburgh. Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland offering a lot to do and explore alongside having something for everyone on offer.

With plenty of culture, parks and historic buildings, you are spoiled for choice on what you can do in here. Even though it may be the biggest city in Scotland getting around is super easy with most the sites across this city being in close walking distance.

Don’t let the British weather put you off either with plenty of indoor activities across the city as well as the ones outdoors.

Botanic Gardens

Walking through the Botanic Garden and Kibble Place you will be transported into a jungle with a range of tropical plants and trees.

While there you can also take a stroll through the surrounding outdoor garden park that Kimble place itself is found as well as a walk along the River Kelvin which is found nearby.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

If you get chance to visit Kelvingrove park then walking round to visit the art gallery and museum is one I would recommend, with plenty to see here and if needed a chance to escape that British weather.

Art Mural Trail

If you head into the main city centre you may notice a few pieces of street art on the side of some of the buildings, this is part of the cities art mural trail which goes across the city centre making for some great shots too!

Kelvingrove Park

If taking a relaxing stroll through the parks is your thing then Kelvingrove park is one you will need to do, with plenty paths and a lake in the park summer stroll should be on the list, if visiting in winter the lake can freeze over giving you change to go ice skating.


Necropolis and Cathedral

Taking a walk around this beautiful cathedral is something you don’t want to miss out on with its stunning gothic architecture.

When in the area taking a walk up to the Necropolis and walking through the grounds, w nowhile going to an old cemetery may seem like an odd thing to do when visiting the city the views from the top are something you will want to witness.

People’s Place and Glasgow Green

The People’s Place and Glasgow green are great if you want to just walk around the park or fancy a trip to the museum, you will also find the Winter Gardens if you fancy going and checking out some more tropical plants.

Clydeside Distillery

What would a trip to Scotland be without a distillery tour?

Lucky Glasgow has one right in the bank of the River Clyde in the city centre. Take a tour around this distillery and try some of the single malt whisky they have to offer.

George’s Square

Head down to Georges square, but keep an eye out for the famous Duke of Wellington statue, the people of Glasgow are known for having a sense of humour with this statute showing it.

I won’t say too much and leave this location up to you to find out about when you visit.

George’s Square

Science Centre

If you are a science lover then the science museum found along the River Cylde is something you will want to do while in Glasgow.

Hunterian Art Gallery and Museum

Found at the University this museum and art gallery holds a lot of history about the city. It is also the oldest museum in Scotland so why else wouldn’t you want to visit this place of wonder.

Comment below any of the favourite places in Glasgow and follow me on Instagram for more travel-related content.

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Safety tips for solo female travellers

Being a solo female traveller you will always get questions around safety and how safe is it to travel, especially in some parts of the whole more than others.

However just because you are a female does mean you can’t travel and it especially means that you can’t solo travel just because of your gender.

Most things are common sense and rules you would follow in your home country so just because you are aboard it doesn’t mean you won’t follow the same safety rules.

For general safety advice and more top tip for safety when travelling check out this post.

I have 5 top tips that I follow when I am travelling to help make sure that I stay as safe as possible.

Arrive during daylight

This one is a favourite tip of mine for a few reasons, the first being is that arriving in the daylight you can fully assess your surroundings just making it safer.

It means that you save money travelling to a location on an overnight bus which is cheaper than a hostel room for the night. In the day it is easier to follow where taxis are taking you as well as providers, helping you get a better deal.

You will also be more awake and aware, when in a new location too which is just safer.

Don’t tell people where you are staying

Okay tell the taxi driver where they need to take you, but don’t tell other people on the street you wouldn’t do it when you are back home so don’t tell people when you are aboard either.

Don’t walk around at night on your own

When at home you wouldn’t walk down a dark street alone or through a random park, so don’t do it when travelling, if you go on a night out make sure that there are people from your dorm room or hostel to walk back with.

Safety really can come in numbers.

Don’t flash valuables about

This is more a general safety rule, but it is seen as easier to pickpocket/rob women. Just watch where you are keeping valuables and when you are getting them out.

Be sensible on a night out

Again more of a general rule for everyone but women, unfortunately, are more likely to be targeted on a night out.

You can have something put in your drink or just have someone approach you (even though you don’t want it and will probably have to tell them a few times to go away before they get the idea).

Be aware watch your drink, go out with friends and don’t drink too much so that you are unable to look after yourself because no one else will.

Hope these tips for travelling as a solo female have helped

Don’t forget to comment below your safety tips and follow me on Instagram for more travel content.

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Best places to visit in Paris

Paris one of the most iconic cities in Europe, whether you are there for a week or a weekend there is plenty to see and do in this time.

Here is a list of the top things to do when in Paris

Eiffel Tower

No trip to Paris complete with a trip to this iconic landmark, making it top of the list for sites to see in this beautiful city.


One of the more peculiar sites to see is the Paris Catacombs. In the 18th-century cemeteries across Paris, had the bones removed and placed in tunnels under the city, which you can now visit today.

The Louvre

If you are a lover of art then a trip to the worlds largest art museum and one of the most famous art galleries in the world should be on your list.

Famous glass triangle at the entrance to The Louvre

Arc de Triomphe

Another iconic landmark of the city that should be on the list of things to do you can also visit the top with a view down champs-Elysees


If you are visiting the Arc de Triomphe, then why not head for a walk down one of the most iconic streets while you are there.

Norte Dame

One of the oldest cathedrals in the world, taking a tour around this before building and seeing the views at the top.

Montparnasse Tower

Get a 3060 view of the city from the top of the Montparnasse Tower.

Looking up at the tower itself, may not look like much from the ground but the views are amazing at the top

Sainte Chapelle

Not too far from the Notre Dame the Sainte Chapelle is another cathedral which is worth the visit.

Seine River Cruise

Taking a boat ride down the Seine River day or night is a great way to relax while also getting to take in some of the sites of the city.

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Why visit the Isle of Skye

This Isle of Skye is a place most people don’t know about located in the Scottish highland in the North West the small island has a lot to offer.

When it comes to the Isle of Skye it doesn’t matter what the season is when you visit because no matter what the time of year this small isle will have something to offer everyone.


Scotland is known for its whiskey and Skye is no exception having 2 distilleries on the isle for you to visit.

Mountain Pools

The fairy pools are probably the most iconic and well know out of the mountain pools in Skye, but there are many more off the trails which are just as beautiful often quiter as they aren’t as touristy.


If you love to hike and being out in the fresh air then this is the place for you with so many hiking spots all over the Isle of Skye you will be sure to find one you fancy and never run out of new hikes to do either.

Hiking in Torrin with The Cullin Hills in the distance

Water Activities

From sailing to kayaks there are plenty of water sports that you can do a; over Skye keeping you entertained during an adventure packing get away.

Northern Lights

Scotland is known for having the northern lights appear at times with Skye being one of those places where you can be in a chance to spot them.

The Views

Skye is most known for the views across every part of the island from the mountain landscapes to the seaside town of Portree you will never get tired of the breathtaking views that cover this landscape has to offer you.

Coastline of Kyleakin

Local Food

Trying some of the local fresh food here is a must, heading to the seaside towns for some freshly caught fish or a local market on the isle is one thing you must try while visiting.

Wild Camping

If wild camping is your thing then this is something which you can do on Skye just remember to leave no trace and respect the land you are on but camping under the stars of the Scottish highlands can’t be missed.

Let me know your favourite part of Skye in the comments and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more travel-related content.

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How to chose a backpack

The most important item that any backpacker will get is their backpack. 

But what should you look for in a backpack? 

What makes a good backpack?

What backpack should I buy?

Most the answers to these will be personal ones with everyone saying they have the better backpack however, I have a few things you may want to think about when getting a backpack that will hopefully narrow down the choices.

For some context I have the Osprey Fairview 70L backpack, this is the female-specific version of the rucksack where the Farpoint is the unisex version.

What size should I get?  

Deciding what size backpack to get is probably one of the first things you need to decide.

For me, I got the 70l because I was this bag camping as well so needs to fit a tent etc, but I also like to travel for longer and feel like I would struggle with a hand luggage size bag though, it can be done and people do only travel hand luggage saving themselves money on checked-in baggage.

You can get to a 45l Fairview/Farpoint rucksack if the style I have appealed to you but want a smaller size.

What about a day Bag?

Whenever backpacking you will need to bring some form of the secondary bag to carry with you during the day.

Most people will carry a second backpack, a bum bag, foldable backpack or a combination it just depends on what type of traveller you are and what activities you will be doing.

For me having the day bag which can be detached from the main bag was something super important, the ease it brought me when needing that extra bag out in the airport and trying to carry it, there are a few backpacks out there with this feature but it is a limited number.

Having a detachable day bag may also be something which just isn’t important to you either which is also fine plus it does open you up to a lot more styles and range of bags.

Rain Cover

One feature that is often overlooked is does the backpack come with a rain cover? Even when in the sunniest of countries it can still rain so knowing you have a cover you can use is super handy.

You can buy a rain cover separately and keep it in an outside pocket that is easily accessible, but if you can get a bag with it built it, you will save time and money of buying one separate.

How does it open?

This one may seem odd but looking at how the bag opens is thing massive thing to look for!

I find having a bag which opens up like a suitcase is so handy and makes life far easier when needing to find anything inside, it also makes packing easier too.


You may not put much thought into the colour of your bag, going for any colour that isn’t black would be my suggestion. 

Imagine if your bag got lost at the airport and you had to describe how many black bags do you think there are? Compared to green or red there won’t be as many making if easier to find. 

Hope this has helped you in what to look out for when buying your next backpack

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In the meantime enjoy Navigating the Globe


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Making friends as a solo traveller

Being a solo traveller the main idea, of course, is to be alone while travelling but that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to be alone, at least all the time.

There will be things that maybe you don’t want to do alone or maybe nicer to do with others such as going out to food or exploring a hidden waterfall but how do you make these friends to then go and do all these activities with when you are a solo traveller.

Stay in a hostel dorm

There may be some nights when you have been travelling for a while that you just want a room to yourself to get a good nights rest and recharge without people always coming in and out, having someone snoring all night, which is perfectly fine.

However, staying in a dorm room is the number one way for any solo traveller to make friends and is probably the number one recommendation with there being a reason for that.


Whether you go into the hostel kitchen to cook your food and start a conversation or ask people in your room if they want to go for food, you normally find at least one person who will say yes, creating the start to any friendship.

Saying hello

Sometimes you just need to go up to someone or a group and introduce yourself.

This can sound rather scary but most backpackers are friendly and will gladly include you in the conversation allowing you to make more friends.


From the free walking/bike tour put on by the hostel to an organised tour group expedition, they are a great way to meet like-minded people.

Smile and look approachable

Something small as smiling and looking as though people can come over and say hello can go a long way in making friends when on the road because who will go up the person who looks miserable in the corner.

By looking like someone people can approach you may find, someone comes over to say hey looking to make a friend.

Hope these 5 top tips on making friends as a solo traveller are helpful

Don’t forget to comment below your best ways to make friends while travelling and to follow me on Instagram for more travel content

Enjoy Navigating the Globe


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How to spend 24 hours in Oxford

While Oxford isn’t the biggest UK city, there is plenty to see and do here, plus it is all being in walking distance.

But how do you fit it all into one day and what things should you see in this one day?

Well, I have you sorted with this itinerary for how best to spend 24 hours in Oxford city. 

With only 24hrs in this city, you want to start early allowing you time to see as much of the city as possible.

9 am

Starting at the university museum of natural history and the Pitt museum both are in the same location allowing you to see two sites in one.

At the museums, you will see a range of fossils, minerals as well as artefacts from around the globe taking you through both the natural, manmade histories. 

Going around the museums will take you roughly 2 hours, but you can of course spend a longer or shorter amount of time depending on how fast you chose to go around the museums.

11 am

Next up I recommend taking a walk down to the road, which will take you to the Bridge of Sigh, Radcliff square and then along to the University Church of St Marys where you can climb to the top of the tower for a 360 view of the city. 

Bridge of Sigh

1 pm

Lunchtime!! I would recommend heading to the covered market where there are a few different food places, but you are also right by in the city centre with many more options if something in the market doesn’t take your fancy.

2 pm

Now it is time to head up the Ashmolean museum to tour around the worldwide artefacts. This is something you will want to do as there are items from all around the world taking you back through time along with allowing you to earn more about other ancient cultures without leaving the building.

Ashmolean Museum

4 pm

Depending on your trip you may decide to go and check into accommodation for the night, start heading back home depending on how far away you are or even go for a stroll through one of the many parks in Oxford here are a few you may wish to take a look at:

  • University park 
  • Botanic gardens 
  • Port Meadow 
  • Christ Church Meadow 
  • Collage garden and parks 

Hope this guide on how to best spend 24hrs in Oxford has given you an idea of some of the many activities available to you in this beautiful city, with most of them being free.

Comment below your favourite sites to visit and forget to follow me on Instagram

Enjoy navigating the globe


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Packing Essentials

What should you pack? What are the essentials? Where do you start when packing?

One of the most overwhelming parts of travel is probably having to pack making sure you don’t forget anything.

Here is a list of my 10 essentials to help me when it comes to knowing what to pack for any trip.

Packing Cube

This is something most travellers own or have heard of, for me I couldn’t travel without them.

They stop me from overpacking but also organise my bag throughout my trip.

Soap Bars

Travelling or not I always use soap bars, they help stop the use of plastic bottles and when travelling I don’t have to worry about liquids spiting or liquid limits when travelling hand luggage, they also take up far less space in my backpack making them a positive swap all around.

Water bottle

Save the planet and money!

Not having to pay for bottled water in airports or shops will save you more than you think over the course of your trip. You can also get filtered water bottles meaning that you can drink the tap water no matter the country you are in.

Personal first aid kit

Whatever this may be and whatever you may put in it from plasters to flu tablets having your first aid kit can come in rather handy.

Microfibre towel

Towels! One of the more the space-consuming items you will pack.

Microfibre towels, however, pack up small and dry quicker than normal your towel, therefore putting it on my essentials list for packing.

Versatile clothes

Having clothes that you can mix and match, dress up or down for any occasion is a handy thing when travelling with a limited amount of clothes, having items that also don’t need ironing and can dry quickly are handy.

Portable charger

Being able to charge your electricals on the go or when there is a lack of plugs makes this my must-have for electricals.

Having one that is solar powdered as well means that you don’t need to worry about having an extra item to charge at some point. 

Extension cable

It is known there aren’t may sockets in hostel rooms so being able to plug in an extension cable and charge all that you need in one go as well as not taking up all the plugs in a room is handy (can also help you make friends if someone needed to borrow a plug socket)

A lock

Having a lock for when in hostels or for your bag when getting on a plane or bus. This small item that doesn’t take up a lot of space, will help to keep your things safe when out exploring for the day or on your way to a new location.  

Backpack rain cover

Probably the most important thing on this list is a rain cover for your main bag, even when going to a sunny location it can still rain so having a cover to make sure that all your stuff stays dry is one thing not to forget.

Comment below any of your travel essentials and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more travel pics and tips

Meanwhile, enjoy navigating the globe


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Safety tips for solo travellers

The biggest thing that gets brought up to any solo traveller is how safe are you? Is it safe to solo travel? Maybe you should think about travelling in a group?

However travelling in a group may not be possible or you simply don’t want to, but the answer to is solo travel safe is always YES!

It is safe to travel solo and something you will get better at as you travel more, with a lot of it coming down to common sense and being sensable while travelling. 

My top 10 ways of staying safe while travelling. 

Keep your valuables safe!

This one is something most people know but keeping your money, electricals and passport close to you, not having them out too much only when needed. 

Not only helps keep your attention on your surroundings, making you less of a target and harder for pickpockets to take advantage, but it also allows you to take in the place that you are exploring

Let people know where you are

When solo travelling you probably don’t want constant messages from back home all the time because you are too busy exploring and having fun to respond. 

However, getting a SIM card for the country you are in and letting someone know your movements as well as when you are going off-grid and can expect to hear from you again.

Is massively important for safety as at less one person back home knows where you are and if something did go wrong would have an idea as they haven’t heard from you. 

Get travel insurance  

Having insurance is something that people tend not to bother with thinking ‘oh I will be fine’ but having it an not needing it is always safer and saving you money when you do need it. 

Check government website

Checking on your government website for any update, advice and location of the embassies before you go can come in handy. 

Arrive in the daylight 

Getting a flight, bus or any other transport that leaves you in your new destination during the day not only is safer but also makes it easier to navigate your way around when first dropped somewhere new. 

Don’t drink too much alcohol

Of course, go out have a good time but don’t have too much to a point you can’t look after yourself because there will be no around who will, also be sure to keep an eye on your drinks too. 

Don’t flash valuables about

Linking back to keeping your valuables safe, waving your phone or camera about will just draw attention to you along with screaming tourist making you more of a target.

Be aware of your surroundings watch when getting things in and out of your bag it can become easy to get complacent which when you can become targeted.   

Learn the basics of the local language

Knowing basic phrases can not only show a sign of respect to the locals for their language and culture but also help you out when stuck if can know some of the local language commutating with the locals becomes a lot easier saving you both time. 

Don’t carry too much cash

While having some cash available on you is a good idea, having too much can also be a bad one. 

If something happens to that cash it would be all of your travel funds gone, so having a card you can use aboard to take money out at ATM’s, especially when going to multiple countries and carry different currencies.

Understand the local transport system

Understanding how the local bus and train system works can save you money on a taxi. Also ensures that you are getting the best detail and heading to the right place, without someone driving you around increasing the cost of your journey. 

Hopefully, these tips will help keep you safe as you navigate your way around the globe.

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Top 5 travel destinations of 2021

With 2021 now upon us and things slowly looking up, those of us who are keen to get back travelling can’t wait for the world to open up again.

However, the question still stands of where should you travel too? What are the top travel destinations of 2021?

Here are the top 5 travel destinations for 2021.


This country has been growing in popularity over the years with sandy beaches, sunny weather along with a mix of modern and ancient cities offering something for everyone.


Most know for the unpredictable weather but is still somewhere you can travel to all year round with plenty to see across the country no matter what time of year it is, making this country an all-year travel destination no matter what your travel style or adventure type.

Pembrokeshire coast


This underrated travel location is perfect for 2021 with plenty of outdoor adventures on the doorstep this location is perfect for any outdoor adventurer.


During the end of 2020, it has seen many travellers flock to this sunny paradise with it being no surprise why, from ancient cities and traditions to the growth of the countries more modern cities and life, giving Mexico a spot in the top 5 places for 2021.


Land of fire and ice with so many natural wonders to see across this country, making it a perfect getting during 2021, volcanoes to hot springs all along a stunning landscape making for some impressive photos.

Photo by Benjamin Suter on

Let me know what your travel plans are for 2021, below in the comments as well don’t forget to follow me on Instagram.

In the meantime enjoy navigating the globe


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Growing confidence for solo travel

Solo travel, the thing we all want to do but having the confidence is the thing many of us don’t have.

I remember getting quite anxious and nervous about travelling on my own I even almost pulled out of a trip once I was so afraid but every glad I didn’t.

Being scared or worried about a solo trip is completely normally and okay to feel this way, but you are in luck because here are a few things that I use to confidence to do some solo travelling.

Getting use to your own company

Being happy on your own is one of the most important things when travelling solo and while you do meet people travelling you still spend time on your own.

Being okay with the fact that you aren’t always with people, that you will be going on adventures on your own is important as well as a great way to get to know yourself.

Days out on your own

Plan a trip to a city you have never been before and set off on your adventure.

Not only does it help with planning a trip and solving any problems on the way it also gets you to use to be in an unknown location exploring alone

Day trip I took to Oxford

Small things that give you comfort

For some, it’s going on a walk, reading, yoga, meditation and many more

When feeling alone and homesick knowing what can give you comfort, get you back up for an adventure is super helpful and help avoid you going home early from an amazing trip.

Too much media

Watching the media too much can scare you out of travel, a lot of the time only the bad is shown which unfortunately can put a lot of people off travel so remember some things should be taken with a pinch of salt

Go out for food on your own

Eating on your own is something which is happening more than you think, so getting used to it can be a massive help.

Start small by going to a café for a drink then a meal build up till you go out to a restaurant on your own (remember don’t worry about what other people think to focus on you)

Let me know in the comments any of your tips for building confidence to solo travelling.

In the meantime enjoy navigating the globe

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How to budget when travelling

You want to travel but don’t have a massive budget or looking to save while travelling. Then you are in the right place.

Travel is an amazing opportunity for anyone with how small your budget not stopping you from seeing the world, with travelling on a budget growing and more options making it more accessible than ever, with the bonus of saving on one trip giving you more to spend on another.

In this post I will be sharing my favourite tips for travelling on a budget, how to cut costs and have free days outs helping you travel for longer and to more places!

1. Stick to your budget

For any trip having a budget for the trip overall and splitting that into a daily budget will be a massive help. More importantly, sticking to that budget and where possible spending less than your daily budget will save you so much.

2. Choosing the destination

Some places in the world are naturally more expensive than others so checking out exchange rates for your home currency will help with working out which country is cheaper for you as well as reading what a range of bloggers has to say about the cost of different destinations.

3. Travel during off season

Travelling off-season is such an easy wa to travel on a budget with flights and accommodation being cheaper you may even find the cost of some activities are cheaper as well during offseason allowing you to travel for longer at a lower cost. You will also find that it isn’t as busy during the off-season too

Hiking in the French Pyrenees

4. Travel hand Luggage  

If you can pack light then this is a massive way to save cost, cutting down on checked-in luggage now only means that you get around quicker in airports thanks to less waiting and queuing but save you money

5. Travel Insurance

While it may cost a lot at first it will defiantly save you money in the long run when you come to needing and using it (plus this is something you should always have when travelling aboard)

6. Watch out for tourist traps

Going to the most tourist areas means that prices are high, going to the streets next to the tourist ones can save you loads! Especially on food and drinks when out and about, this is the same for tours making your own can save you money

7. Stay in Hostels

Staying in hostels is cheaper than hotels and staying in dorms is a great way to meant other travellers as well as those who are likely travelling on a budget same as you.

8. Travel overnight

 This usual way to save money also saves you daylight. An overnight bus or train will be cheaper than a nights accommodation but also means that you don’t waste a day travelling waking up in a new place ready to explore.

9. Eating out

Doing this every once in a while is fine of course but doing it too much can eat into your budget, packing your lunch to take with you on days out and staying at hostels with a kitchen is a good thing to look out for

10. Ask the locals

Finding the best places worth visiting from the locals can help in guiding where and how to spend your time in a typical destination they can also give you an idea to the cost of places (Visiting as many places for free as possible is a good way to travel while on a budget)

Coastline of Scottish Highlands

Hope this has helped you for your next budget trip as you navigate your way around the globe

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How to be a more sustainable traveller

Are you an eco-warrior or want to be more sustainable?

With travel sometimes getting a bad name for how unsustainable it can be taking our steps to travel more environmentally can’t be bad at all.

The option of sustainable clothing and to pay to offset carbon is growing however often comes with a high price tag

Here are a few more cost affected everyday suitable travel options which you can even do when not navigating your way around the globe.

Water Bottle

Getting yourself water bottle which can be reused will lower your use of plastic dramatically as well as saving money.

While you can’t drink tap water in every country you can now get filter water bottles allowing you to do just that, while they can be more expensive you will as a lot of money in the long run as well as the environment.

Go Local

Shopping local not only helps the local people and economy but also saves on the carbon footprint of the food you eat.

There is also a change if you shop at a local market there will be less plastic packages too.

This can also mean travelling local to where you live compared to jetting off across the globe, can also mean a cheaper option for if you still want to get away somewhere.

Slow Travel

If you have never of this let me explain

Slow travel is all about taking your time when in a destination not spending a week here before jetting off across the globe to spend a week somewhere else

This causes a larger carbon footprint compared to taking your time round a place as you are more likely to walk or use public transport because you have to time compared to a taxi.

You have saved to travel to this location may as well take your time there and enjoy this place along with all its beauty.

Trip a to Scottish Highlands during the summer

Bring a box

Having a box to put leftovers in or your lunch not only saves you money but can lower the amount of plastic packaging and food waste which is a growing problem

Cutlery and Straws

With paper straws on the rise, having your own has more than one benefit.

No soggy straw in your drink not everywhere may have straws to offer, having a metal draw is better than paper for the environment

Having your cutlery means well you never have to worry about not having a fork handy as well as saving on disposable plastic ones.


Having your reusable bag not only saves the use of plastic ones but also saves you money.

Also use this bag for the beach, shopping, laundry, extra bag for anything you may need

Photo by Taryn Elliott on

Hope these tips were helpful and encouraged you to be more sustainable on your travels and in everyday life.

Comment below your ways on being sustainable

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Embracing your next staycation

With staycations on the rise couldn’t help but write about them and why you should embrace a staycation as your next travel adventure. 

If you are unsure about what a staycation is? It is going on a vacation but staying in your home country.

Easier to pack

With no luggage limits, you can bring as much or as little as you want

Pack however you wish with no liquid limits.


With no flight costs, just possible fuel money or train ticket still being cheaper than a flight somewhere

Holiday leave from work

Travel within in your own country means you can go somewhere for a shorter amount of time or travel future out form your home in less time.

Also, travel more often meaning that you don’t need to book weeks at a time off from work which can be more difficult, than just a day here and there.

Book one day off work and go for a long week or have a bag ready and leave straight after work

If you are working from home as long as you are somewhere with WIFI you can travel to your destination working from there, embracing the nomad life

Support local

By staying in your home country, you are supporting small businesses and your own countries economy!

More stress free

  • No stressing about arrival times 
  • Checking luggage and weight limits 
  • Transfers from airports and accommodation 
  • Currency exchanges and working out if things are a good deal
  • Language barriers

Hope you find this useful, let me know where your next staycation will be

Enjoying navigating the globe closer to home, follow me on Instagram for more travel pics and tips



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Gift ideas for travellers

With Christmas not too far away we encounter the two types of people when it comes to Christmas gifts!

Those with all their gifts planned months advance an ready to go or (those like me) the last-minute shopper running around everywhere.

Some of the hardest people to shop for are travellers! Never really wanting a lot or at least something that they can put to use, well here are a few gift ideas from stocking fillers to full gifts!

Scratch Map

Most perfect gift for a travel addict as well as the most wanted. Being able to cross off all the places you have been and planning where you want to go next is always so much fun with this simple gift being a pleaser.

Photo by Aaditya Arora on


It can be something with the world, a plane on it or even a St. Chris the patron saint of travellers can make a simple that is also heartfelt meaningful gift is great for anyone who loves adventure.

Packing Cubes

Helping to organise your backpack will make any trip easier to pack for.


Know someone who enjoys journaling or writing down all their adventures then a simple plan notebook, easy and effective.

Photo by Jessica Lewis on

Travel Guide Book

Being able to plan your next adventure is so exciting and fun, with so many ways together info on places nowadays, but the classic travel guide book is a perfect gift.


Spinning a globe closing your eyes and choosing your next location can be a fun way to pick your next destination. So what better than a globe as a gift

Photo by Tatiana Syrikova on

Solar Powered Charger

A more practical gift. But something handy with it being solar panelled it is one less thing to worry about charging when on travels.

Filtered Water Bottle

For the more eco-friendly traveller who doesn’t want to go through dozens of plastic water bottles, then this gift will be up to their street.

Hopefully, this helped make your Christmas shopping a little easier and less stressful

Enjoy Navigating the Globe with these gifts

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Beginners guide to geocaching

Geocaching? I hear you ask

Wonder what on Earth it is?

Well, this post is about to explain everything you need to know about geocaching and what you need to go out and give it a go yourself in this beginners guide to geocaching.

What is geocaching?

It is the digitals world version of a treasure hunt which covers the global.
Where people use a GPS to find containers (caches) which can be hidden anywhere, with geocaches coming in all shapes and sizes with some being easier to find than others

How to get started?

It is a lot easier than you may think, all you must do is download the geocaching app from the app store

Create a free account then off you go.

How to find your first geocache?

Load the map in-app to find one close to you. Then hit navigate and head in the direction of the coordinates

When at your location have a look at the size of the cache this will give you an idea of how big or small it is.

If you are struggling to find a cache don’t worry, just use the hint in the description to help you out.

Cache screen looks like on the app

Once you have found the cache open it up and take out the logbook, sign and date the book with your name (remember to bring a pen to sign the log) and pop it back inside the cache returning it to its hidden location.

If there is an item inside feel free to swap it out for something else that you have (aim is to swap something for the equal or greater value of what you are taking)

You found a geocache!! Congratulations

Example of what a cache looks like

Hit ‘log’ on the app to mark the one you have found and it’s off to go find your next geocache.

Is geocaching something you are interested in? If so let me know how it goes for you.

In the meantime hope you enjoy navigating the globe in away.

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Coping with lockdown

As large parts of the world enter a second lockdown travel and freedom to go out whenever we want things we normally take for granted to seem like they will never be possible again.

However, as the UK starts its lockdown and other nations continue with theirs we are yet again given the opportunity of time which in everyday life seems inaccessible.

Coming up with things to keep you busy during the day for a whole month, especially during the winter months where there are fewer daylight hours can seem an impossible task.

Everyone is different the coping methods and tasks I do to keep busy may not work for you but they will hopefully give you some ideas of things that can be done in the endless rabbit hole of suggests out there.


I have piles of photos, tickets and other items from my travels growing up with the plan always being to put them into a scrapbook as a way to look back on the places I have been.

So taking the box of memories and putting them in a scrapbook is one task that will keep busy for a while, however scrapbooking may not be for you and that’s okay.

You may want to do a photo album or maybe you have kept a travel journal and looking how to make it better for your next trip is something you do instead or even a scrapbook for a purpose.

Let me know how you keep your travel memories in the comments, love to hear what ideas you all have.

Getting outside

Whether you are from the city or countryside going for a walk or even a run every day, every other day or once a week is something worth doing during the lockdown.

A few reasons are walking during lockdown has become a favourite of mine.

  • Fewer people it is as simple as that, getting to see somewhere in a new light. 
  • Easier to take photos whether I am doing a landscape shot or taking a photo of myself in that location, having fewer people around makes the whole process quicker and easier. Also, have more time to play around with your camera if you are just getting into photography. 
  • Fewer people in your way, easier to move around places
Going for walks through the countryside

Learning something new

During this lockdown having more time to learn something

I found it felt as though I had more time than normal to practice learning Spanish. Taking up the guitar is something I am also getting back into.

Taking an online course is something you could do too.

(I find myself always switching between tasks which is why I am learning Spanish and guitar again, but there is no pressure to learn anything or do more than one thing so don’t worry if this isn’t for you)

Video Calls

Having a video call with friends and family from just having a chat to watching a movie at the same time while on a call or a quiz finding a way to keep in touch with people can help make a real difference.

Don’t be afraid to speak to someone you are close to or trust about how you are feeling if you are feeling low or struggling everyone is dealing with this in their way and its okay to not be 100% and on it at the moment.

Read a book

As the nights get darker and colder sitting inside me my favourite jumper with a cup of tea reading a good book sounds more and more appealing.  

Most of us have a pile of books that we keep saying we will read and never do even if it is a chapter a day you get through you are making progress on something you have been wanting to do for a while.

Photo by fotografierende on

Home workout/yoga

Going on YouTube and finding a workout or yoga session is so easy nowadays with 1000’s of options out there for you even if it is for 5 mins doing something active can help.

Start your Christmas shopping online

With the UK lockdown ending right before lockdown a mad rush to the shopping to get gifts for my family doesn’t like fun or something I want to do.

Starting to get an idea of what I will get everyone and finding it online looking for the best deal on that item sounds like a plan to me.

Getting things early can help with cost as well as being to shop around more online for the best price as comparing to needing to go into numerous stores or frantically google online while in a store to see if you are getting the best deal.

Doing something you never get chance to do

It can be decorating a room, to doing the garden, baking, whatever the task is to try and do it.

As I have said everyone will deal with this lockdown in their own some of these ideas maybe use some may not and that’s okay don’t feel as though you have to follow any of these suggests just do what is best for you to help you through this lockdown.

Let me know in the comments below what you will be getting up to this lockdown?

Hope this helped navigate your way around lockdown


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Best free sites to visit in London

London is known for being an expensive city but a visit there doesn’t always need to be, there are plenty for free things to see and do while in the city helping lower the cost of any trip to London.

As long as you prepare and research where you are going like with any other trip the cost can soon come making even London accessible on a budget.

This UK capital has so much to offer with more than you expect being free. Having been to London only a few times I am always left feeling as though there is more of this city to visit.

Here are my top sites to visit for free when you go to this UK capital.

Museums and Galleries

There are several museums and galleries across the city you can take a trip to London just visiting the museums and galleries with so much to see inside them it will keep you busy for days or years even just to go round them all and see everything.  

There is a list of some of my favourite museums and galleries in London:

  • National History Museum 
  • British Museum
  • Victoria and Albert Museum 
  • National Gallery London 
  • National Portrait Gallery
  • Science Museum 

Tower Bridge

London Eye

While you have to pay to go on the London eye itself, getting to see this monument itself is, of course, free and something worth doing. 

London Eye across the Thames

The parks

There are several parks across the city and taking a stroll through any time of the year is something worth doing, here is a few of them.

  • Hyde Park
  • St. James Park
  • Regent’s Park
  • Green Park

Big Ben and Parliament

Bit of a fun fact for you all, the tower itself that you see is now called the Elizbeth tower with Big Ben being the bell tower.

You can see this site from the outside across the Thames however to get a tour on the inside you will have to pay but getting to just see this amazing structure just from the outside is something that you should do when in London.

Elizbeth Tower with Big Ben inside

Buckingham Palace

See the changing of the guard and home of the Queen of England

Guards at Buckingham Palace


Some of the churches you can visit for free if you go to a service.

Olympic Park

Fancy a throwback to 2012 then take a stroll through the Olympic park and seeinf where all the action took place. 

Part of the Olympic Park with the Swimming centre

What are your favourite sites in London or the ones you can’t wait to go and see let me know?

Don’t forget to like a save this post for the future.

Hope you enjoying navigating London


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Top sites to see across Oxford city centre

This city is probably best known for being home to the UK’s oldest university, however, this city is home to so much more with history and culture to see all around you. 

Whether you are in Oxford for a day, weekend or even a week this list should give you lots to do while you are there and if you are anything like me still feel like there is still so much more to explore of this classic city.


This city is all about learning so its no surprise that there are several museums found across Oxford with something for everyone’s taste you are bound to find one for you.  

Botanic Gardens

Want to explore more of the green spaces in the city then a trip to the Botanic gardens is one to add to your list while navigating your way around the city.

Radcliff Square

Trip to Oxford would be complete without a short walk through Radcliff square and getting a pic of the iconic Radcliff Camera (basically a library for the university)

St. Mary’s Church

Fancy getting more of a bird’s eye view of the city then heading up the tower of St.Mary’s Church is a must and located right next to the Radcliff square visiting both these sites at the same time couldn’t be easier.

Covered Market

This classic historic market has it all from a bite to eat to a spot of shopping, if you want to experience less of the tourist areas then just walking through here will get you to experience from local farmer stalls to small cafes with students having a coffee between lectures will give you a sense to day to day life is like.

University Parks

Another area of green space in the city is the university park with art pieces, bridges along various waterways and ponds a walk around the park is one thing that you defiantly want to do.

Bridge of Sighs

One of the quicker stops you will possibly want to make while in Oxford is walking past the Bridge of Sighs which is also right by Radcliff Square so if you are heading there would recommend walking past the bridge ticking this site of the Oxford bucket list.

Hopefully, this has helped you plan your time in Oxford and some of the sites to visit or inspired you to plan a trip there yourself. 

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Autumn Bucket List

As autumn is now upon us I feel that it is only right to give this underrated season a bit love, while autumn is known for the longer nights and wet weather there is still so much to do during this time of year that you wouldn’t do in any other season.

Autumn or fall as it gets called across the Atlantic is a favourite of mine, it’s the time in the year which I can reflect on what has happened so far but still have enough time in the year to achieve what I want too. This is my bucket list of things which I do my best to do each Autumn ticking off as many as possible before winter hits and the snow starts to fall.

Go pumpkin picking

Autumn is the home of Halloween sometimes a forgot holiday but a fun one, going to the local farm to grab yourself a pumpkin to carve ready for the 31st is always on my list. The best thing about this bucket list item is that after you have finished craving you can do some home baking making any pumpkin flavoured food that takes your fancy.

Read a book on a rainy day

With rainy days bound to happen sitting by the window in my comfiest jumper watching the rain fall against the window reading, a good book is something I look forward too. Having a day to myself doing nothing is always needed at times and having something simple to do on those days always makes those colder autumn days which are always bound to happen better.

Autumn walk

Going out for a walk is something that can be done any time of the year but there is something about wrapping up and walking through the countryside with the crisp autumn air before coming home to some home-cooked food I just enjoy.

If you are brave enough to face the great outdoors and slightly colder weather going somewhere new for a new adventure than getting this item ticked off your bucket list is defiantly one for you.

Home Baking

Something pumpkin-based or not going a bit of home baking is always fun and relaxing at the same time. So whether you are a sweet or savoury person making an old favourite or even trying something doing a bit of home baking for yourself or others is a great bucket list item, it helps me when I am wanting to feel those autumn vibes my favourite things to make is a soup (simple but tasty and loved by all) with pumpkin version always on the menu this time of year.

Bonfire and fireworks

Either an at-home fire or going to your local bonfire and watching the fireworks is always a must for me it is the one time of year, with all my friends are back in town being able to go to the local bonfire and watch the fireworks is always on the list for us.

Bonfire night is one of those final autumn nights before the winter is finally upon us where you can wrap up warm in your favourite coat along with your hat, gloves, scarf and even fully socks whatever it is that keeps you warm watching the night skies light up with colour watching the firework displays with the warmth of the bonfire nearby.

Movie Night

Who doesn’t love a movie night either with on your own or with those you love, in your PJ’s and comfy socks wrapped up in a blanket and as many snacks as you want spending a night relaxing and hiding from the cold outside just makes a cosy night in sound even better.

This simply bucket list item is one that defiantly gets done more than once for me but is something that I always love doing and will never get old.

Hope this list of autumn activities has inspired you and giving you something new to do this season getting you feeling those autumn vibes.

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Best walks and hikes in Shropshire

Shropshire is most likely a place you have never heard but this underrated county is defiantly somewhere you will want to add to your travel destinations for England this county has so much too often from small villages to town full of culture and history however Shropshire is best known as being home to the birthplace of Charles Darwin but this rural farming county which borders Wales is home to a whole lot more. With not one city within the county if it is a rural escape you are after then this is the place you will want to come.

Areas of outstanding natural beauty take up a large amount of the county’s area with even mobile signal unattainable in certain areas, so if you want to get away from the rushes of life and get some time in nature when in the UK than coming to Shropshire is for you, from day time walks to hilltops with a view which is even perfect for watching the sunset and stars on a clear night I have you covered.

Here are just a few of my favourite and most accessible walking and hiking routes across the beautiful county.

Long Mynd

The Long Mynd is normally associated with Carding Mill Valley causing these two locations to come as a pair, in part of Shropshire’s area of outstanding natural beauty and when there you can understand why, with streams and waterfalls to a range of wildlife across the valley. The Long Mynd itself is a plateau across the landscape making its heather-covered hills accessible to most.

With many walks across the Long Mynd and Carding Mill Valley, you will never run out of places to walk with a car park and tea rooms also available, you could even drive up the hill and save yourself the walk if all you are after is the amazing view which you will get at the top.

The Wrekin

People from Shropshire often use the phase going round the Wrekin but with little reference to the actual Hill itself, but this short walk is defiantly a must-do with 360 across Shropshire and the Black Country that is a must-see. The Wrekin is often believed to be an old volcano however to most people disappoint this is not true, however, the hill does have an igneous background.

This walk takes most around an hour at a relaxed pace with the stunning the views and iron age fort at the top, as well as a café halfway up giving you a lovely little pit stop on your way, most of the way up the Wrekin is also covered in woodland giving you a bit of everything on this gentle walk.

Top of the Wrekin

The Stiperstones

The Stiperstone is known for their more rocky and ridged look, with the highest point being around 530m with the views of this rugged landscape, not ones to miss. The most famous part of the Stiperstones is known as Devils Chair which is one of the 6 rocky outcrops and the point most people head to when climbing up.

Stiperstones have amazing 360 views as well as views back across the Long Mynd and Carding Mill Valley in the centre of Shropshire’s Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The rocky crops seen across the Stiperstones being some of the oldest rocks that are visible in the world making this hike one you want to take.

Clee Hills

There are two hills which make up the Clee Hills you have the Brown Clee also known for being the highest point in Shropshire and Titterstone Clee. The two hills are about a 30-minute drive away from each other and both being walkable in a day if you so wish. The Brown Clee can be found in Cavern Arms and Titterstone Clee in Ludlow with both towns being full of history and culture a trip up the hill and then into the town also makes a great day out.

Both walks are doable by many with you even being to drive up most of the Titterstone Clee however the views are still some of the best, when on a clear allowing you to see as far as Snowdonia (yes you are that close to Wales!). These two hills hold a lot of culture and history behind them and while there may be one of the more out of the way walks they are still worth the trek to them.

Top of Titterstone Clee

Wenlock Edge

This National Trust site is most likely famous of all these walks being a site special scientific interest thanks to the geology of the area (can even find a fossil or many in areas along the edge). The edge itself is 18miles long however there are car parks so you don’t have to walk the full 18 miles and just take shorter strolls.

A long Wenlock edge there is a mix of woodland forest and evidence of its industrial use with the old quarry site still being seen. This gentle walk even has viewpoints which looks across the valley as you go and with the nearby town of Much Wenlock you won’t be short of somewhere to find a bite to eat.

Hope these walks inspire you to come to Shropshire and to add this beautiful county to your bucket list for when in England.

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Finding the positives of COVID

As autumn is now upon us 2020 seems to have got quicker than any other year as it slips away from us with not a lot that we can do about it as safety rules limiting what we can do and changing all the time can make coming up with plans more difficult than ever. However COVID has had many positives it all comes down to how you look at things and sometimes trying to find the good in a bad situation is all you need, which this post aims to do brightening up your day just a little bit more looking at things from a new perspective.

Time for yourself

This is something which has been spoken about a lot and does have some truth behind it, thanks to lockdown people were able to slow down and do those things they never had a chance to do and think about what is important to them. For some it was about getting into that fitness routine you have always wanted too, other it was learning a new skill or a new self-care routine.

But this rare opportunity to have the time to start something for you isn’t something which happens a lot in the busy chaos of life. I know I have taken advantage of this, hopefully continuing as things return to more of a normal setting.

Travel local

With border closing and travelling aboard still coming with some difficulties, it has encouraged more people to travel in their home country seeing things they wouldn’t normally explore going to the untouched parts of your home allowing you to see and experience it in a brand new light. Appreciating the natural beauty and adventure of where you live is something which I hold dear, as a true believer of why travel across the world to see everything when you haven’t even seen your own home

The environment

As one who tries their best to be as environmental where and when possible, hearing various news stories on how fewer people commutating every day and being more active has allowed nature to come out more, which is something I have defiantly noticed with fewer cars I noticed more roadside flowers growing when out on walks, heard more birds singing and even spots one or two deer which I haven’t before thanks to fewer cars flying about scaring them off.

Support local

This is probably my favourite positive about COVID and that is has encouraged people to shop more locally, experience what is around, find the hidden business gems around them rather than heading off to the big store by everyone supporting local also having a positive impact on the local economy and environment.

Hope these positives around COVID has brightened your day even if it is a small amount and allowed you to see things in a new light, but remember don’t worry if you haven’t started or done something you wanted to do the year isn’t over yet, with everyone on their path comparing yourself to others is something you should never do.

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Top 6 cities to visit in England

England is known as being full of rolling hills and scenic views but its cities are also something to marvel at with each English city having its unique features to it. While there are many cities up and down the country each with their sites to see and wonders to discover these are probably my favourite cities in England to go visit.

1. Newcastle

This city is probably best known for its nightlife but there is plenty you can do during the day in this city, for example seeing the Angle of the North which gives Newcastle the title as the ‘gateway to the North’ there are still plenty of castles, museums and walks around the city which will keep you busy as well as bars and cafes.

2. London

What would a list of English cities be without the capital on it? Having been London a few times already I still feel like there is still so much this city can offer from museums and art galleries through to various buildings and pieces of amazing architecture. 

3. Oxford

This city is probably best known for being home to the University of Oxford however there is so much more to see and do in this beautiful city from the botanical garden to museums and parks there is something for everyone in this city.

4. Birmingham

This black country city does have more to offer than you think. With a large number of attractions in this city from Cadbury’s World, The Thinktank through to the Sea Life Centre there is always something to do when I visit as well as the Bullring known for shopping a day or even weekend in Birmingham is never boring.

5. Bath

Another must-see city is Bath which of course is best known for the Roman baths, however, the rest of the architecture across the city is something not to be missed with places to visit right across the city as well as several cafes and restaurants for a lovely bite to eat during your time here.

6. Liverpool

This seaside city is full of history and culture when in Liverpool a trip for a walk along the beach is always in order but there are so many other things you can do from Royal Albert Dock to a trip to the Cavern Club as well as several museums.

These are just a few of my favourite cities to visit up and down England with there being so many more to visit as well. If you are travelling to England or fancy exploring more of the country you live in these cities will have plenty for you to see and do. 

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Travelling while studying

As the new academic year starts in the next week or 2 if you are a fresher or returner there are plenty of ways to travel while you are studying without it affecting your studies.

Of course, the degree that you are studying will play a factor to what you are able to do in terms of travel but it doesn’t mean that you can’t travel at all and still go exploring when you are away at university.

Explore the local area

Most of you will be moving away from home to go to study at university travelling and exploring the new place you are in is one way to travel.

It’s important to remember that travelling doesn’t always mean getting on a plane and jetting off around the world sometimes it’s just about going somewhere closer to home.

Travel within your course

I was lucky with the course I chose to study as it meant I was able to travel around the UK and on the odd occasion travel aboard too.

Yes while I was in these places I had work to do as part of my course but I also had the chance to look around the country, experience the culture and see a part of the world I hadn’t before.

Student Union/Uni trips

Look to see if your student’s union are putting on any trips, some unis will go on a sports tour, do extended weekend city trips aboard or even day trips to other cities in the world.

The opportunities are always out there you just have to be able to look for the options available to you and going out there to find them.

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Travel plans 2021

With travel plans for 2020 getting cancelled one after another, I thought why not plan my travel adventures for the year ahead, instead of just dwelling on the situation because life is too short for that.

Using the rest of the year to plan and save for my travels in 2021 as well as travel around my local area a bit more seeing sites and going places that I haven’t before.


As I will be starting my masters degree at the start of the year in Scotland, planning places to go and looking for sites to see across the country that I can go visit during my studies.

Nepal/Mount Everest Base Camp

September I will finally be going to Nepal where I will be climbing to the base camp of Mount Everest as well as visiting the Chitwan National park, as part of a Charity Challenge have been doing.


For Christmas 2021 I plan to go to the Christmas markets in Germany as well as visits across the country in what will hopefully be a COVID free Christmas

Don’t forget comment below any of your travel plans and where you will be navigating the Globe in 2021.

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Bank Holiday Plans

With the last bank holiday of the year coming up, I was planning on using this extended weekend to go travelling around the UK, however thanks to COVID a lot of these plans have been put on hold like everything else just causing frustration.

With everything being booked up so rapidly thanks to the good old staycations now being everyone’s new favourites along with many attractions still not being fully open exploring somewhere new is now out of the question.

So here is my plan B, C and D for what I plan to do this Bank Holiday depending on what the weather decides to do after all this the UK. Hopefully, give you some inspiration for if you are feeling a little stuck in how to spend your Bank Holiday.

Going for a walk

Somewhere either close by or a short drive away with my family getting us out of the house but also allowing us to spend some quality time together doing something different but with the possibility of going somewhere, we haven’t already.

Have BBQ with the neighbours

Thanks to VE Day and the street parties which occurred up and down the country, my street has now gotten together for more than one occasion from celebrating my lockdown birthday to watching the lightning storms that happened not long ago. So fingers crossed for some good weather

Stay in and read a book

Simply staying at home sat reading, this may seem boring to some but getting through a good book is always something I up for and if this Bank Holiday is full of rain, travelling someplace different through a book sounds like a plan to me


Just relaxing and taking time for myself, while I will be working over the Bank Holiday still finding time to take a break from the world. Stepping back taking a breathe, getting the little things done, taking time for some self-care, do some baking. Just take a break in this extended weekend

Let me know what you plan to get up to this Bank Holiday?

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Tips for saving to travel

Everyone wants to travel but how do you afford it? 

There are many times I have looked at different travel nomad and wondered how? How did they save the money in the first place to travel? How do they keep funding the travel they do? How can I save the money to go travelling around the world when I am a student which as many people know means little to no money. 

Well, I have some good news it can be done so here are a few tips on what I have done to save money so that I can navigating around the world. 

1. Get a savings account

Sounds simple right? Most of us probably have a savings account which we put money into every now and then but having one for a specific reason and making sure to put money into every month with a target amount to save is something not everyone does.

This tip is one I did that helped so much I always saved the money from birthdays and Christmas growing up just to save but when I decided I wanted to travel I found that having one big pot of all my savings which I dipped in and out of for different things, left me feeling like I was getting nowhere so I searched different savings accounts till I found one right for me. Even went and had a meeting at the bank to make sure I was picking the right account for me. Set a target amount to save and from there did my best to put a set amount aside each month into this account.

2. Bring/make your own

The amount I saved as a student making my lunch the night was amazing. The smallest thing saved me so much money but was also a lot healthier than buying meal deals every day.

I also brought my reusable mug which saved in money on drinks but also would use to get free drinks. How? Well, I would ask for hot water which was usually free or a few pence then have my tea in a small pot in my bag. Between bringing my lunch and reusable mug for discounted or free drinks I would save around £4-£6 a day which does add up. 

3. Shop around

As a student, Aldi was where I always did my food shopping or at the local market but anything I needed outside of food shopping I would shop around for it on any website I could think of looking for the cheapest price as well a using any discount apps to further save me money. It took more time but was worth it when I had more I could put towards my savings.

Also asking myself if I needed what it is I am buying helped as well the number of times I went to buy something I didn’t need or realised that fixing something or even getting second hand was just as good not only saved me money but helped the planet a little a lot the way which can’t be a bad thing at all. 

4. Have a goal amount

When saving I found giving myself a target of the amount I wanted to save in a certain amount of time helped.

Making sure the target it realistic as well is important I simply took the amount I wanted to save and the amount I could save each month then gave myself saving targets each month of the amount I will put into my travel fund account and if I was able to save more in one month would give myself a small reward.

Knowing that when I hit that target I can go on that trip and seeing that goal get closer and closer help so much when I was feeling down and that I would never be able to save enough to travel.

5. Don’t be hard on yourself

Life isn’t perfect things happen, stuff comes up. When they do don’t be hard on yourself I would be lying if I said that I perfectly saved the target amount for each month. They were times where my car needed to be fixed or I needed to get new trainers, a birthday gift I forgot about which meant I saved less that month.

I was annoyed because I didn’t hit my target but I didn’t give up and go on a mad shopping spree as I really would be bad at square one I just saved best I could that month and knew next month I just needed to get back on target.

Hope these few tips are helpful and you with your saving targets whatever they may be.

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Dealing with cancelled travel plans during COVID-19

For all of us who love to travel COVID-19 can be rather difficult with travel being put to a standstill and with the government guidelines on where you can travel and the rules on returning from those countries changing constantly and a lot of the time last minute just causing more frustration. 

Anyone from the UK will have a lovely list of countries which we can go to without quadrating when we return making travel seem possible again but with recent changes in Spain and now possibly France, it makes the goal of travelling off wherever around the globe just seem like it will never happen again.  

Having recently had my climb to the Base Camp of Mount Everest cancelled till next year and the idea of getting to go for a short break aboard somewhere else seem impossible I thought I’d put together a few hopefully helpful tips on how to cope with planning a vaccination during COVID-19 but also for if the plans have to change.   

1. It’s okay to be frustrated

This I feel is an important one to remember I wasn’t surprised that my trip got postpone till next year but I still hoped that things would improve so that I could go. I was so frustrated and annoyed I being sorting all my kit I would need, planning, getting all excited to go and in one message all that excitement was gone. Taking a moment or two to be annoyed let out some of the frustration is ok, but remember complaining to the company won’t change anything the decision would have been made for your health and safety they want you flying on that plane to your chosen destination as much as you. 

2. Look for other travel dates

This is one is a good thing to think about. I was lucky and offered to complete the climb in 2021 or 2022 so while I’m annoyed I can’t go this year I at least I still can just have to wait a bit. But contact the company/companies you have booked with seeing if you can move days around, remember you are going to this place because you want to see it so even if it’s in a month or even a year you are still getting to travel there.  

3. Do you want to quartine?

Now while travel to some countries is completely banned for us Brits others such as Spain, you can visit you will just have to quarantine for 2 weeks when you return, so if you have a trip booked to a “quarantine country” and are you able to quarantine when you return, if you still feel okay with going to that country then you can pack your bags and go still.  

4. Consider changing location

If your trip is cancelled considering swapping locations the country you are going to isn’t going anywhere, so visiting when it is safer will probably give you a better time there. If you still want to go aboard see what other countries you can travel too.  

5. Have a plan B

If something happens which means you can’t go aboard but still want to get away then why not consider a staycation. Travel somewhere in your home country which you have never had the chance to see, explore where you live. You can even get on a plane still to go to some of these locations such jersey and Guernsey in the Channel Islands parts of Scotland as well you can fly too just go online and see where you go. 

So while plans aboard may change last minute and UK weather may have not been what you had planned originally just remember that everyone is doing the best they can and getting mad at everyone isn’t going to solve anything.  

So if we all do our bit, if we all do our best to stay safe, wash our hands and wear face masks if you can and where you can. This will all become a memory in the past which we can all look back on and remember how we came together when things do matter.  

Stay safe and enjoy navigating the globe where ever that may be.  

Comment below and trips that you have planned or ways that you use to cope with a cancelled trip.  

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My Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list of things which they wish to achieve in life, so I thought to myself why not share my list

Give you all a chance to get to know me a little better but maybe give you a few ideas to add to your known list so without further ado here is my list and why.

Skydrive in Australia

Skydiving is something I have always wanted to try and why Australia? Well, that would be simply because a few of my friend skydived in Australia and recommended it. 

See the Northern Lights

Getting to see this natural wonder is just something I have always wanted to do and part of the reason I can’t wait to visit Iceland.  

Watch the Russian Ballet perform

As someone who has done ballet myself, seen the English Youth perform, attended an audition or two growing up getting to see the Russian ballet perform is a dream of mine and were better than in Russia itself.

Eat sushi in Japan

This food has grown in popularity over the years which isn’t surprising with some sushi chefs training for years! Going to the home country of this delicacy is just something I want to try.

Visit Antarctica

The most southern part of the world is somewhere not many people go making this untouched landscape a place which I want to experience for myself but also allow me to say I have stepped foot on all 7 continents.

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

With a trip planned to climb to the Base Camp of Mount Everest, I figured why not climb to the highest point in Africa as well this bucket list item is as simple as that.

Climb the 3 peaks, UK

Having climbed Mount Snowdon a few times why not climb the other 2 peaks in the UK and say I have climbed the UK 3 peaks, seems only right with me planning on climbing other countries great peaks to do the ones of my home country.

Travel to every country

While getting an official number of countries has a various number of answers 197 seems the most popular accepted number and the number of countries which I plan to go too.  

Get a PhD

Research and academia is something I have always had an interest and becoming one of the experts in my field of study is just something I want to achieve.

Have a successful travel blog

Last but very not least is to have a successful travel blog one day!

Inspiring others to travel the world and make it not seem as scary as you may thing.

 Leave a comment below and let me know some of your bucket list items for navigating the globe.

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10 free things to do in the UK

Fancy travelling around the UK?

Don’t have a massive budget or fancy spending loads on activities.

Here is a list of 10 free things which you can across the UK, whether you are on holiday or a Brit wanting to see more of your home country.

This island is full of stunning landscapes, castles, museums as well as rich in history and stories all waiting for you to discover.  

National Parks

The UK has many national parks all full of trails from family walks to full hikes across the countryside there is something for everyone!

Looking on the National Trust website and local county websites for walks in an area.

Going for a walk is one of the easiest ways to spend a day but to also go out in the great outdoors see some amazing sites and take in some fresh air, all for free!

Giant Causeway, Northern Ireland

If you are in Ireland or able to take a trip over to Northern Ireland heading to the Giant Causeway is something that should be on the list.

This geological natural wonder is a great place to go see and grab a few pics while exploring Northern Ireland.   

Beautiful Beaches

The UK is an island so, of course, full of beaches with it taking around 2 hours for most Brits to get their nearest beach, where you can still get that Instagram worthy shot.

the beach is a great place to head for a day out, with it being a classic British pass time for any day off.

So why not head to your nearest beach and treat yourself to the classic fish and chip while sat on the beach watching the sunset. 

Pembrokeshire Beach

Big Pit and National Coal Museum, Pontypool

This place of history maybe somewhere if you are British been before on a school trip, finding out more about the industrial revolution.

However, whether you have been there before or it is your first time to The Big Pit it is still a great day out and a good place to visit with the chance to go into the mines and around the museum taking in some Welsh history and part of British history. 

Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh

Scotland is known for its amazing landscapes through the countryside of this country such as Glen Coe.

The cities are also rich in culture and Edinburgh is just one example from the Castle to the Botanic Gardens which just so happen to be free for you to visit!

Fossil Hunting, Mappleton Beach

Fancy getting your hands on some fossils?

Mappleton beach is the place to head this beach is full of fossil with every rock you pick up most likely to hold a fossil. This beach is also known as a great place to walk your dog along with being able to play in the sand and paddle in the waves.  

London Museums

Simply go on the ‘visit London’ website and you will have a list of all the London museums with something to suit everyone.

From the National History Museum to the Victoria and Albert Museum, there is something for all without the museums being as boring as you may imagine and a good day out either as a solo traveller exploring London or a day out with others.  

Fossil at National History Museum

Hardin’s Wall, Newcastle upon Tyne

While only around 10% of the wall is visible today you can still walk along this Roman structure by heading to the Hardin’s Wall Path which is roughly 84mile stretch.

You don’t have to walk the whole thing simply go as far as you wish and turn around to head back. While the wall doesn’t mark the modern border between Scotland and England it is still a great day out taking in some history for those of you who enjoy walking, want to do something different, of course also being free!

Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh

The last place you expect to find an ancient volcano would be Edinburgh! However, head for a walk up Arthur’s seat and that is exactly what you will get.

This city volcano is a popular hike for walkers and a great thing to do while visiting Edinburgh without having to spend any money so why not head to the Scottish Parliament Building and start your walk up this ancient city volcano that is Arthur’s Seat and a view of the city.

Walk the 3 peaks

Finally, what would a guide to free things to do in the UK be without a few trips to the 3 separate peaks? Mount Snowdon (Wales), Ben Nevis (Scotland) and Scafell Pike (England),

While some people take part in various challenges around these 3 mountains most of us take it at more of leisured pace.

So if you find yourself near any of the UK 3 peaks why not take a walk up and admire the beautiful view that awaits at the top.  

Top of summit in the Snowdonia National Park

Hope this guide was helpful and given you a few ideas of things that you can do across the UK without having to spend anything.

Comment below your favourite free things to do in the UK, enjoy navigating the globe and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more travel pics



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5 reasons to travel

Everyone travels for their reasons whether it is to go on a backpacker adventure or to sit on the beach soaking up the sun we all at one point or another wish to getaway.

But if you need a little insensitive to buy those plane tickets or persuade someone into travel hopefully these 5 reasons will help you out.

Being able to learn

Gain knowledge on a new topic or new language? Experience new cultures and just other ways of life and living.

We all live on the same planet yet, live our lives so differently depending on where the in-world we are from and being able to experience that, is something which can’t be passed up.

See new sights

Getting to lay my eyes a new amazing sight on a new wonder is something that I love travelling, why I travel after all getting to see something new, seeing somewhere in all its beauty. There are so many natural and man-made wonders across the globe with my goal being to see as many of them as possible.

Mount Teide, Tenerife

Try something new

From food to hiking a new trail getting to try a new experience is what travel is all about for me and many others, finding an adventure in small things getting to live life to the fullest.

Meet new people

While I travel solo, meeting people and hearing their stories from all over the world, making friends to explore new places is always on the list when in a new place.

Just have fun

Finally is to just have fun, taking time to relax and enjoy wherever it is I am.

Walking in Snowdonia national park at one of the submits

Comment below why you love to travel and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more travel tips and pics.

Enjoy navigating the globe



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