Why visit the Isle of Skye

This Isle of Skye is a place most people don’t know about located in the Scottish highland in the North West the small island has a lot to offer.

When it comes to the Isle of Skye it doesn’t matter what the season is when you visit because no matter what the time of year this small isle will have something to offer everyone.


Scotland is known for its whiskey and Skye is no exception having 2 distilleries on the isle for you to visit.

Mountain Pools

The fairy pools are probably the most iconic and well know out of the mountain pools in Skye, but there are many more off the trails which are just as beautiful often quiter as they aren’t as touristy.


If you love to hike and being out in the fresh air then this is the place for you with so many hiking spots all over the Isle of Skye you will be sure to find one you fancy and never run out of new hikes to do either.

Hiking in Torrin with The Cullin Hills in the distance

Water Activities

From sailing to kayaks there are plenty of water sports that you can do a; over Skye keeping you entertained during an adventure packing get away.

Northern Lights

Scotland is known for having the northern lights appear at times with Skye being one of those places where you can be in a chance to spot them.

The Views

Skye is most known for the views across every part of the island from the mountain landscapes to the seaside town of Portree you will never get tired of the breathtaking views that cover this landscape has to offer you.

Coastline of Kyleakin

Local Food

Trying some of the local fresh food here is a must, heading to the seaside towns for some freshly caught fish or a local market on the isle is one thing you must try while visiting.

Wild Camping

If wild camping is your thing then this is something which you can do on Skye just remember to leave no trace and respect the land you are on but camping under the stars of the Scottish highlands can’t be missed.

Let me know your favourite part of Skye in the comments and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more travel-related content.

Enjoy Navigating the globe

How to chose a backpack

The most important item that any backpacker will get is their backpack. 

But what should you look for in a backpack? 

What makes a good backpack?

What backpack should I buy?

Most the answers to these will be personal ones with everyone saying they have the better backpack however, I have a few things you may want to think about when getting a backpack that will hopefully narrow down the choices.

For some context I have the Osprey Fairview 70L backpack, this is the female-specific version of the rucksack where the Farpoint is the unisex version.

What size should I get?  

Deciding what size backpack to get is probably one of the first things you need to decide.

For me, I got the 70l because I was this bag camping as well so needs to fit a tent etc, but I also like to travel for longer and feel like I would struggle with a hand luggage size bag though, it can be done and people do only travel hand luggage saving themselves money on checked-in baggage.

You can get to a 45l Fairview/Farpoint rucksack if the style I have appealed to you but want a smaller size.

What about a day Bag?

Whenever backpacking you will need to bring some form of the secondary bag to carry with you during the day.

Most people will carry a second backpack, a bum bag, foldable backpack or a combination it just depends on what type of traveller you are and what activities you will be doing.

For me having the day bag which can be detached from the main bag was something super important, the ease it brought me when needing that extra bag out in the airport and trying to carry it, there are a few backpacks out there with this feature but it is a limited number.

Having a detachable day bag may also be something which just isn’t important to you either which is also fine plus it does open you up to a lot more styles and range of bags.

Rain Cover

One feature that is often overlooked is does the backpack come with a rain cover? Even when in the sunniest of countries it can still rain so knowing you have a cover you can use is super handy.

You can buy a rain cover separately and keep it in an outside pocket that is easily accessible, but if you can get a bag with it built it, you will save time and money of buying one separate.

How does it open?

This one may seem odd but looking at how the bag opens is thing massive thing to look for!

I find having a bag which opens up like a suitcase is so handy and makes life far easier when needing to find anything inside, it also makes packing easier too.


You may not put much thought into the colour of your bag, going for any colour that isn’t black would be my suggestion. 

Imagine if your bag got lost at the airport and you had to describe how many black bags do you think there are? Compared to green or red there won’t be as many making if easier to find. 

Hope this has helped you in what to look out for when buying your next backpack

Comment below what backpack you use and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more travel content.

In the meantime enjoy Navigating the Globe


Making friends as a solo traveller

Being a solo traveller the main idea, of course, is to be alone while travelling but that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to be alone, at least all the time.

There will be things that maybe you don’t want to do alone or maybe nicer to do with others such as going out to food or exploring a hidden waterfall but how do you make these friends to then go and do all these activities with when you are a solo traveller.

Stay in a hostel dorm

There may be some nights when you have been travelling for a while that you just want a room to yourself to get a good nights rest and recharge without people always coming in and out, having someone snoring all night, which is perfectly fine.

However, staying in a dorm room is the number one way for any solo traveller to make friends and is probably the number one recommendation with there being a reason for that.


Whether you go into the hostel kitchen to cook your food and start a conversation or ask people in your room if they want to go for food, you normally find at least one person who will say yes, creating the start to any friendship.

Saying hello

Sometimes you just need to go up to someone or a group and introduce yourself.

This can sound rather scary but most backpackers are friendly and will gladly include you in the conversation allowing you to make more friends.


From the free walking/bike tour put on by the hostel to an organised tour group expedition, they are a great way to meet like-minded people.

Smile and look approachable

Something small as smiling and looking as though people can come over and say hello can go a long way in making friends when on the road because who will go up the person who looks miserable in the corner.

By looking like someone people can approach you may find, someone comes over to say hey looking to make a friend.

Hope these 5 top tips on making friends as a solo traveller are helpful

Don’t forget to comment below your best ways to make friends while travelling and to follow me on Instagram for more travel content

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How to spend 24 hours in Oxford

While Oxford isn’t the biggest UK city, there is plenty to see and do here, plus it is all being in walking distance.

But how do you fit it all into one day and what things should you see in this one day?

Well, I have you sorted with this itinerary for how best to spend 24 hours in Oxford city. 

With only 24hrs in this city, you want to start early allowing you time to see as much of the city as possible.

9 am

Starting at the university museum of natural history and the Pitt museum both are in the same location allowing you to see two sites in one.

At the museums, you will see a range of fossils, minerals as well as artefacts from around the globe taking you through both the natural, manmade histories. 

Going around the museums will take you roughly 2 hours, but you can of course spend a longer or shorter amount of time depending on how fast you chose to go around the museums.

11 am

Next up I recommend taking a walk down to the road, which will take you to the Bridge of Sigh, Radcliff square and then along to the University Church of St Marys where you can climb to the top of the tower for a 360 view of the city. 

Bridge of Sigh

1 pm

Lunchtime!! I would recommend heading to the covered market where there are a few different food places, but you are also right by in the city centre with many more options if something in the market doesn’t take your fancy.

2 pm

Now it is time to head up the Ashmolean museum to tour around the worldwide artefacts. This is something you will want to do as there are items from all around the world taking you back through time along with allowing you to earn more about other ancient cultures without leaving the building.

Ashmolean Museum

4 pm

Depending on your trip you may decide to go and check into accommodation for the night, start heading back home depending on how far away you are or even go for a stroll through one of the many parks in Oxford here are a few you may wish to take a look at:

  • University park 
  • Botanic gardens 
  • Port Meadow 
  • Christ Church Meadow 
  • Collage garden and parks 

Hope this guide on how to best spend 24hrs in Oxford has given you an idea of some of the many activities available to you in this beautiful city, with most of them being free.

Comment below your favourite sites to visit and forget to follow me on Instagram

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Packing Essentials

What should you pack? What are the essentials? Where do you start when packing?

One of the most overwhelming parts of travel is probably having to pack making sure you don’t forget anything.

Here is a list of my 10 essentials to help me when it comes to knowing what to pack for any trip.

Packing Cube

This is something most travellers own or have heard of, for me I couldn’t travel without them.

They stop me from overpacking but also organise my bag throughout my trip.

Soap Bars

Travelling or not I always use soap bars, they help stop the use of plastic bottles and when travelling I don’t have to worry about liquids spiting or liquid limits when travelling hand luggage, they also take up far less space in my backpack making them a positive swap all around.

Water bottle

Save the planet and money!

Not having to pay for bottled water in airports or shops will save you more than you think over the course of your trip. You can also get filtered water bottles meaning that you can drink the tap water no matter the country you are in.

Personal first aid kit

Whatever this may be and whatever you may put in it from plasters to flu tablets having your first aid kit can come in rather handy.

Microfibre towel

Towels! One of the more the space-consuming items you will pack.

Microfibre towels, however, pack up small and dry quicker than normal your towel, therefore putting it on my essentials list for packing.

Versatile clothes

Having clothes that you can mix and match, dress up or down for any occasion is a handy thing when travelling with a limited amount of clothes, having items that also don’t need ironing and can dry quickly are handy.

Portable charger

Being able to charge your electricals on the go or when there is a lack of plugs makes this my must-have for electricals.

Having one that is solar powdered as well means that you don’t need to worry about having an extra item to charge at some point. 

Extension cable

It is known there aren’t may sockets in hostel rooms so being able to plug in an extension cable and charge all that you need in one go as well as not taking up all the plugs in a room is handy (can also help you make friends if someone needed to borrow a plug socket)

A lock

Having a lock for when in hostels or for your bag when getting on a plane or bus. This small item that doesn’t take up a lot of space, will help to keep your things safe when out exploring for the day or on your way to a new location.  

Backpack rain cover

Probably the most important thing on this list is a rain cover for your main bag, even when going to a sunny location it can still rain so having a cover to make sure that all your stuff stays dry is one thing not to forget.

Comment below any of your travel essentials and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more travel pics and tips

Meanwhile, enjoy navigating the globe


Safety tips for solo travellers

The biggest thing that gets brought up to any solo traveller is how safe are you? Is it safe to solo travel? Maybe you should think about travelling in a group?

However travelling in a group may not be possible or you simply don’t want to, but the answer to is solo travel safe is always YES!

It is safe to travel solo and something you will get better at as you travel more, with a lot of it coming down to common sense and being sensable while travelling. 

My top 10 ways of staying safe while travelling. 

Keep your valuables safe!

This one is something most people know but keeping your money, electricals and passport close to you, not having them out too much only when needed. 

Not only helps keep your attention on your surroundings, making you less of a target and harder for pickpockets to take advantage, but it also allows you to take in the place that you are exploring

Let people know where you are

When solo travelling you probably don’t want constant messages from back home all the time because you are too busy exploring and having fun to respond. 

However, getting a SIM card for the country you are in and letting someone know your movements as well as when you are going off-grid and can expect to hear from you again.

Is massively important for safety as at less one person back home knows where you are and if something did go wrong would have an idea as they haven’t heard from you. 

Get travel insurance  

Having insurance is something that people tend not to bother with thinking ‘oh I will be fine’ but having it an not needing it is always safer and saving you money when you do need it. 

Check government website

Checking on your government website for any update, advice and location of the embassies before you go can come in handy. 

Arrive in the daylight 

Getting a flight, bus or any other transport that leaves you in your new destination during the day not only is safer but also makes it easier to navigate your way around when first dropped somewhere new. 

Don’t drink too much alcohol

Of course, go out have a good time but don’t have too much to a point you can’t look after yourself because there will be no around who will, also be sure to keep an eye on your drinks too. 

Don’t flash valuables about

Linking back to keeping your valuables safe, waving your phone or camera about will just draw attention to you along with screaming tourist making you more of a target.

Be aware of your surroundings watch when getting things in and out of your bag it can become easy to get complacent which when you can become targeted.   

Learn the basics of the local language

Knowing basic phrases can not only show a sign of respect to the locals for their language and culture but also help you out when stuck if can know some of the local language commutating with the locals becomes a lot easier saving you both time. 

Don’t carry too much cash

While having some cash available on you is a good idea, having too much can also be a bad one. 

If something happens to that cash it would be all of your travel funds gone, so having a card you can use aboard to take money out at ATM’s, especially when going to multiple countries and carry different currencies.

Understand the local transport system

Understanding how the local bus and train system works can save you money on a taxi. Also ensures that you are getting the best detail and heading to the right place, without someone driving you around increasing the cost of your journey. 

Hopefully, these tips will help keep you safe as you navigate your way around the globe.

Comment below any of your safety tips or which ones you found useful and forget to follow me on Instagram



Top 5 travel destinations of 2021

With 2021 now upon us and things slowly looking up, those of us who are keen to get back travelling can’t wait for the world to open up again.

However, the question still stands of where should you travel too? What are the top travel destinations of 2021?

Here are the top 5 travel destinations for 2021.


This country has been growing in popularity over the years with sandy beaches, sunny weather along with a mix of modern and ancient cities offering something for everyone.


Most know for the unpredictable weather but is still somewhere you can travel to all year round with plenty to see across the country no matter what time of year it is, making this country an all-year travel destination no matter what your travel style or adventure type.

Pembrokeshire coast


This underrated travel location is perfect for 2021 with plenty of outdoor adventures on the doorstep this location is perfect for any outdoor adventurer.


During the end of 2020, it has seen many travellers flock to this sunny paradise with it being no surprise why, from ancient cities and traditions to the growth of the countries more modern cities and life, giving Mexico a spot in the top 5 places for 2021.


Land of fire and ice with so many natural wonders to see across this country, making it a perfect getting during 2021, volcanoes to hot springs all along a stunning landscape making for some impressive photos.

Photo by Benjamin Suter on

Let me know what your travel plans are for 2021, below in the comments as well don’t forget to follow me on Instagram.

In the meantime enjoy navigating the globe


Growing confidence for solo travel

Solo travel, the thing we all want to do but having the confidence is the thing many of us don’t have.

I remember getting quite anxious and nervous about travelling on my own I even almost pulled out of a trip once I was so afraid but every glad I didn’t.

Being scared or worried about a solo trip is completely normally and okay to feel this way, but you are in luck because here are a few things that I use to confidence to do some solo travelling.

Getting use to your own company

Being happy on your own is one of the most important things when travelling solo and while you do meet people travelling you still spend time on your own.

Being okay with the fact that you aren’t always with people, that you will be going on adventures on your own is important as well as a great way to get to know yourself.

Days out on your own

Plan a trip to a city you have never been before and set off on your adventure.

Not only does it help with planning a trip and solving any problems on the way it also gets you to use to be in an unknown location exploring alone

Day trip I took to Oxford

Small things that give you comfort

For some, it’s going on a walk, reading, yoga, meditation and many more

When feeling alone and homesick knowing what can give you comfort, get you back up for an adventure is super helpful and help avoid you going home early from an amazing trip.

Too much media

Watching the media too much can scare you out of travel, a lot of the time only the bad is shown which unfortunately can put a lot of people off travel so remember some things should be taken with a pinch of salt

Go out for food on your own

Eating on your own is something which is happening more than you think, so getting used to it can be a massive help.

Start small by going to a café for a drink then a meal build up till you go out to a restaurant on your own (remember don’t worry about what other people think to focus on you)

Let me know in the comments any of your tips for building confidence to solo travelling.

In the meantime enjoy navigating the globe

How to budget when travelling

You want to travel but don’t have a massive budget or looking to save while travelling. Then you are in the right place.

Travel is an amazing opportunity for anyone with how small your budget not stopping you from seeing the world, with travelling on a budget growing and more options making it more accessible than ever, with the bonus of saving on one trip giving you more to spend on another.

In this post I will be sharing my favourite tips for travelling on a budget, how to cut costs and have free days outs helping you travel for longer and to more places!

1. Stick to your budget

For any trip having a budget for the trip overall and splitting that into a daily budget will be a massive help. More importantly, sticking to that budget and where possible spending less than your daily budget will save you so much.

2. Choosing the destination

Some places in the world are naturally more expensive than others so checking out exchange rates for your home currency will help with working out which country is cheaper for you as well as reading what a range of bloggers has to say about the cost of different destinations.

3. Travel during off season

Travelling off-season is such an easy wa to travel on a budget with flights and accommodation being cheaper you may even find the cost of some activities are cheaper as well during offseason allowing you to travel for longer at a lower cost. You will also find that it isn’t as busy during the off-season too

Hiking in the French Pyrenees

4. Travel hand Luggage  

If you can pack light then this is a massive way to save cost, cutting down on checked-in luggage now only means that you get around quicker in airports thanks to less waiting and queuing but save you money

5. Travel Insurance

While it may cost a lot at first it will defiantly save you money in the long run when you come to needing and using it (plus this is something you should always have when travelling aboard)

6. Watch out for tourist traps

Going to the most tourist areas means that prices are high, going to the streets next to the tourist ones can save you loads! Especially on food and drinks when out and about, this is the same for tours making your own can save you money

7. Stay in Hostels

Staying in hostels is cheaper than hotels and staying in dorms is a great way to meant other travellers as well as those who are likely travelling on a budget same as you.

8. Travel overnight

 This usual way to save money also saves you daylight. An overnight bus or train will be cheaper than a nights accommodation but also means that you don’t waste a day travelling waking up in a new place ready to explore.

9. Eating out

Doing this every once in a while is fine of course but doing it too much can eat into your budget, packing your lunch to take with you on days out and staying at hostels with a kitchen is a good thing to look out for

10. Ask the locals

Finding the best places worth visiting from the locals can help in guiding where and how to spend your time in a typical destination they can also give you an idea to the cost of places (Visiting as many places for free as possible is a good way to travel while on a budget)

Coastline of Scottish Highlands

Hope this has helped you for your next budget trip as you navigate your way around the globe

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more travel pics



How to be a more sustainable traveller

Are you an eco-warrior or want to be more sustainable?

With travel sometimes getting a bad name for how unsustainable it can be taking our steps to travel more environmentally can’t be bad at all.

The option of sustainable clothing and to pay to offset carbon is growing however often comes with a high price tag

Here are a few more cost affected everyday suitable travel options which you can even do when not navigating your way around the globe.

Water Bottle

Getting yourself water bottle which can be reused will lower your use of plastic dramatically as well as saving money.

While you can’t drink tap water in every country you can now get filter water bottles allowing you to do just that, while they can be more expensive you will as a lot of money in the long run as well as the environment.

Go Local

Shopping local not only helps the local people and economy but also saves on the carbon footprint of the food you eat.

There is also a change if you shop at a local market there will be less plastic packages too.

This can also mean travelling local to where you live compared to jetting off across the globe, can also mean a cheaper option for if you still want to get away somewhere.

Slow Travel

If you have never of this let me explain

Slow travel is all about taking your time when in a destination not spending a week here before jetting off across the globe to spend a week somewhere else

This causes a larger carbon footprint compared to taking your time round a place as you are more likely to walk or use public transport because you have to time compared to a taxi.

You have saved to travel to this location may as well take your time there and enjoy this place along with all its beauty.

Trip a to Scottish Highlands during the summer

Bring a box

Having a box to put leftovers in or your lunch not only saves you money but can lower the amount of plastic packaging and food waste which is a growing problem

Cutlery and Straws

With paper straws on the rise, having your own has more than one benefit.

No soggy straw in your drink not everywhere may have straws to offer, having a metal draw is better than paper for the environment

Having your cutlery means well you never have to worry about not having a fork handy as well as saving on disposable plastic ones.


Having your reusable bag not only saves the use of plastic ones but also saves you money.

Also use this bag for the beach, shopping, laundry, extra bag for anything you may need

Photo by Taryn Elliott on

Hope these tips were helpful and encouraged you to be more sustainable on your travels and in everyday life.

Comment below your ways on being sustainable

In the meantime remember to follow me on Instagram and enjoy navigating the globe


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