Autumn Bucket List

As autumn is now upon us I feel that it is only right to give this underrated season a bit love, while autumn is known for the longer nights and wet weather there is still so much to do during this time of year that you wouldn’t do in any other season.

Autumn or fall as it gets called across the Atlantic is a favourite of mine, it’s the time in the year which I can reflect on what has happened so far but still have enough time in the year to achieve what I want too. This is my bucket list of things which I do my best to do each Autumn ticking off as many as possible before winter hits and the snow starts to fall.

Go pumpkin picking

Autumn is the home of Halloween sometimes a forgot holiday but a fun one, going to the local farm to grab yourself a pumpkin to carve ready for the 31st is always on my list. The best thing about this bucket list item is that after you have finished craving you can do some home baking making any pumpkin flavoured food that takes your fancy.

Read a book on a rainy day

With rainy days bound to happen sitting by the window in my comfiest jumper watching the rain fall against the window reading, a good book is something I look forward too. Having a day to myself doing nothing is always needed at times and having something simple to do on those days always makes those colder autumn days which are always bound to happen better.

Autumn walk

Going out for a walk is something that can be done any time of the year but there is something about wrapping up and walking through the countryside with the crisp autumn air before coming home to some home-cooked food I just enjoy.

If you are brave enough to face the great outdoors and slightly colder weather going somewhere new for a new adventure than getting this item ticked off your bucket list is defiantly one for you.

Home Baking

Something pumpkin-based or not going a bit of home baking is always fun and relaxing at the same time. So whether you are a sweet or savoury person making an old favourite or even trying something doing a bit of home baking for yourself or others is a great bucket list item, it helps me when I am wanting to feel those autumn vibes my favourite things to make is a soup (simple but tasty and loved by all) with pumpkin version always on the menu this time of year.

Bonfire and fireworks

Either an at-home fire or going to your local bonfire and watching the fireworks is always a must for me it is the one time of year, with all my friends are back in town being able to go to the local bonfire and watch the fireworks is always on the list for us.

Bonfire night is one of those final autumn nights before the winter is finally upon us where you can wrap up warm in your favourite coat along with your hat, gloves, scarf and even fully socks whatever it is that keeps you warm watching the night skies light up with colour watching the firework displays with the warmth of the bonfire nearby.

Movie Night

Who doesn’t love a movie night either with on your own or with those you love, in your PJ’s and comfy socks wrapped up in a blanket and as many snacks as you want spending a night relaxing and hiding from the cold outside just makes a cosy night in sound even better.

This simply bucket list item is one that defiantly gets done more than once for me but is something that I always love doing and will never get old.

Hope this list of autumn activities has inspired you and giving you something new to do this season getting you feeling those autumn vibes.

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