Top sites to see across Oxford city centre

This city is probably best known for being home to the UK’s oldest university, however, this city is home to so much more with history and culture to see all around you. 

Whether you are in Oxford for a day, weekend or even a week this list should give you lots to do while you are there and if you are anything like me still feel like there is still so much more to explore of this classic city.


This city is all about learning so its no surprise that there are several museums found across Oxford with something for everyone’s taste you are bound to find one for you.  

Botanic Gardens

Want to explore more of the green spaces in the city then a trip to the Botanic gardens is one to add to your list while navigating your way around the city.

Radcliff Square

Trip to Oxford would be complete without a short walk through Radcliff square and getting a pic of the iconic Radcliff Camera (basically a library for the university)

St. Mary’s Church

Fancy getting more of a bird’s eye view of the city then heading up the tower of St.Mary’s Church is a must and located right next to the Radcliff square visiting both these sites at the same time couldn’t be easier.

Covered Market

This classic historic market has it all from a bite to eat to a spot of shopping, if you want to experience less of the tourist areas then just walking through here will get you to experience from local farmer stalls to small cafes with students having a coffee between lectures will give you a sense to day to day life is like.

University Parks

Another area of green space in the city is the university park with art pieces, bridges along various waterways and ponds a walk around the park is one thing that you defiantly want to do.

Bridge of Sighs

One of the quicker stops you will possibly want to make while in Oxford is walking past the Bridge of Sighs which is also right by Radcliff Square so if you are heading there would recommend walking past the bridge ticking this site of the Oxford bucket list.

Hopefully, this has helped you plan your time in Oxford and some of the sites to visit or inspired you to plan a trip there yourself. 

Autumn Bucket List

As autumn is now upon us I feel that it is only right to give this underrated season a bit love, while autumn is known for the longer nights and wet weather there is still so much to do during this time of year that you wouldn’t do in any other season.

Autumn or fall as it gets called across the Atlantic is a favourite of mine, it’s the time in the year which I can reflect on what has happened so far but still have enough time in the year to achieve what I want too. This is my bucket list of things which I do my best to do each Autumn ticking off as many as possible before winter hits and the snow starts to fall.

Go pumpkin picking

Autumn is the home of Halloween sometimes a forgot holiday but a fun one, going to the local farm to grab yourself a pumpkin to carve ready for the 31st is always on my list. The best thing about this bucket list item is that after you have finished craving you can do some home baking making any pumpkin flavoured food that takes your fancy.

Read a book on a rainy day

With rainy days bound to happen sitting by the window in my comfiest jumper watching the rain fall against the window reading, a good book is something I look forward too. Having a day to myself doing nothing is always needed at times and having something simple to do on those days always makes those colder autumn days which are always bound to happen better.

Autumn walk

Going out for a walk is something that can be done any time of the year but there is something about wrapping up and walking through the countryside with the crisp autumn air before coming home to some home-cooked food I just enjoy.

If you are brave enough to face the great outdoors and slightly colder weather going somewhere new for a new adventure than getting this item ticked off your bucket list is defiantly one for you.

Home Baking

Something pumpkin-based or not going a bit of home baking is always fun and relaxing at the same time. So whether you are a sweet or savoury person making an old favourite or even trying something doing a bit of home baking for yourself or others is a great bucket list item, it helps me when I am wanting to feel those autumn vibes my favourite things to make is a soup (simple but tasty and loved by all) with pumpkin version always on the menu this time of year.

Bonfire and fireworks

Either an at-home fire or going to your local bonfire and watching the fireworks is always a must for me it is the one time of year, with all my friends are back in town being able to go to the local bonfire and watch the fireworks is always on the list for us.

Bonfire night is one of those final autumn nights before the winter is finally upon us where you can wrap up warm in your favourite coat along with your hat, gloves, scarf and even fully socks whatever it is that keeps you warm watching the night skies light up with colour watching the firework displays with the warmth of the bonfire nearby.

Movie Night

Who doesn’t love a movie night either with on your own or with those you love, in your PJ’s and comfy socks wrapped up in a blanket and as many snacks as you want spending a night relaxing and hiding from the cold outside just makes a cosy night in sound even better.

This simply bucket list item is one that defiantly gets done more than once for me but is something that I always love doing and will never get old.

Hope this list of autumn activities has inspired you and giving you something new to do this season getting you feeling those autumn vibes.

Best walks and hikes in Shropshire

Shropshire is most likely a place you have never heard but this underrated county is defiantly somewhere you will want to add to your travel destinations for England this county has so much too often from small villages to town full of culture and history however Shropshire is best known as being home to the birthplace of Charles Darwin but this rural farming county which borders Wales is home to a whole lot more. With not one city within the county if it is a rural escape you are after then this is the place you will want to come.

Areas of outstanding natural beauty take up a large amount of the county’s area with even mobile signal unattainable in certain areas, so if you want to get away from the rushes of life and get some time in nature when in the UK than coming to Shropshire is for you, from day time walks to hilltops with a view which is even perfect for watching the sunset and stars on a clear night I have you covered.

Here are just a few of my favourite and most accessible walking and hiking routes across the beautiful county.

Long Mynd

The Long Mynd is normally associated with Carding Mill Valley causing these two locations to come as a pair, in part of Shropshire’s area of outstanding natural beauty and when there you can understand why, with streams and waterfalls to a range of wildlife across the valley. The Long Mynd itself is a plateau across the landscape making its heather-covered hills accessible to most.

With many walks across the Long Mynd and Carding Mill Valley, you will never run out of places to walk with a car park and tea rooms also available, you could even drive up the hill and save yourself the walk if all you are after is the amazing view which you will get at the top.

The Wrekin

People from Shropshire often use the phase going round the Wrekin but with little reference to the actual Hill itself, but this short walk is defiantly a must-do with 360 across Shropshire and the Black Country that is a must-see. The Wrekin is often believed to be an old volcano however to most people disappoint this is not true, however, the hill does have an igneous background.

This walk takes most around an hour at a relaxed pace with the stunning the views and iron age fort at the top, as well as a café halfway up giving you a lovely little pit stop on your way, most of the way up the Wrekin is also covered in woodland giving you a bit of everything on this gentle walk.

Top of the Wrekin

The Stiperstones

The Stiperstone is known for their more rocky and ridged look, with the highest point being around 530m with the views of this rugged landscape, not ones to miss. The most famous part of the Stiperstones is known as Devils Chair which is one of the 6 rocky outcrops and the point most people head to when climbing up.

Stiperstones have amazing 360 views as well as views back across the Long Mynd and Carding Mill Valley in the centre of Shropshire’s Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The rocky crops seen across the Stiperstones being some of the oldest rocks that are visible in the world making this hike one you want to take.

Clee Hills

There are two hills which make up the Clee Hills you have the Brown Clee also known for being the highest point in Shropshire and Titterstone Clee. The two hills are about a 30-minute drive away from each other and both being walkable in a day if you so wish. The Brown Clee can be found in Cavern Arms and Titterstone Clee in Ludlow with both towns being full of history and culture a trip up the hill and then into the town also makes a great day out.

Both walks are doable by many with you even being to drive up most of the Titterstone Clee however the views are still some of the best, when on a clear allowing you to see as far as Snowdonia (yes you are that close to Wales!). These two hills hold a lot of culture and history behind them and while there may be one of the more out of the way walks they are still worth the trek to them.

Top of Titterstone Clee

Wenlock Edge

This National Trust site is most likely famous of all these walks being a site special scientific interest thanks to the geology of the area (can even find a fossil or many in areas along the edge). The edge itself is 18miles long however there are car parks so you don’t have to walk the full 18 miles and just take shorter strolls.

A long Wenlock edge there is a mix of woodland forest and evidence of its industrial use with the old quarry site still being seen. This gentle walk even has viewpoints which looks across the valley as you go and with the nearby town of Much Wenlock you won’t be short of somewhere to find a bite to eat.

Hope these walks inspire you to come to Shropshire and to add this beautiful county to your bucket list for when in England.

Finding the positives of COVID

As autumn is now upon us 2020 seems to have got quicker than any other year as it slips away from us with not a lot that we can do about it as safety rules limiting what we can do and changing all the time can make coming up with plans more difficult than ever. However COVID has had many positives it all comes down to how you look at things and sometimes trying to find the good in a bad situation is all you need, which this post aims to do brightening up your day just a little bit more looking at things from a new perspective.

Time for yourself

This is something which has been spoken about a lot and does have some truth behind it, thanks to lockdown people were able to slow down and do those things they never had a chance to do and think about what is important to them. For some it was about getting into that fitness routine you have always wanted too, other it was learning a new skill or a new self-care routine.

But this rare opportunity to have the time to start something for you isn’t something which happens a lot in the busy chaos of life. I know I have taken advantage of this, hopefully continuing as things return to more of a normal setting.

Travel local

With border closing and travelling aboard still coming with some difficulties, it has encouraged more people to travel in their home country seeing things they wouldn’t normally explore going to the untouched parts of your home allowing you to see and experience it in a brand new light. Appreciating the natural beauty and adventure of where you live is something which I hold dear, as a true believer of why travel across the world to see everything when you haven’t even seen your own home

The environment

As one who tries their best to be as environmental where and when possible, hearing various news stories on how fewer people commutating every day and being more active has allowed nature to come out more, which is something I have defiantly noticed with fewer cars I noticed more roadside flowers growing when out on walks, heard more birds singing and even spots one or two deer which I haven’t before thanks to fewer cars flying about scaring them off.

Support local

This is probably my favourite positive about COVID and that is has encouraged people to shop more locally, experience what is around, find the hidden business gems around them rather than heading off to the big store by everyone supporting local also having a positive impact on the local economy and environment.

Hope these positives around COVID has brightened your day even if it is a small amount and allowed you to see things in a new light, but remember don’t worry if you haven’t started or done something you wanted to do the year isn’t over yet, with everyone on their path comparing yourself to others is something you should never do.

Top 6 cities to visit in England

England is known as being full of rolling hills and scenic views but its cities are also something to marvel at with each English city having its unique features to it. While there are many cities up and down the country each with their sites to see and wonders to discover these are probably my favourite cities in England to go visit.

1. Newcastle

This city is probably best known for its nightlife but there is plenty you can do during the day in this city, for example seeing the Angle of the North which gives Newcastle the title as the ‘gateway to the North’ there are still plenty of castles, museums and walks around the city which will keep you busy as well as bars and cafes.

2. London

What would a list of English cities be without the capital on it? Having been London a few times already I still feel like there is still so much this city can offer from museums and art galleries through to various buildings and pieces of amazing architecture. 

3. Oxford

This city is probably best known for being home to the University of Oxford however there is so much more to see and do in this beautiful city from the botanical garden to museums and parks there is something for everyone in this city.

4. Birmingham

This black country city does have more to offer than you think. With a large number of attractions in this city from Cadbury’s World, The Thinktank through to the Sea Life Centre there is always something to do when I visit as well as the Bullring known for shopping a day or even weekend in Birmingham is never boring.

5. Bath

Another must-see city is Bath which of course is best known for the Roman baths, however, the rest of the architecture across the city is something not to be missed with places to visit right across the city as well as several cafes and restaurants for a lovely bite to eat during your time here.

6. Liverpool

This seaside city is full of history and culture when in Liverpool a trip for a walk along the beach is always in order but there are so many other things you can do from Royal Albert Dock to a trip to the Cavern Club as well as several museums.

These are just a few of my favourite cities to visit up and down England with there being so many more to visit as well. If you are travelling to England or fancy exploring more of the country you live in these cities will have plenty for you to see and do. 

Travelling while studying

As the new academic year starts in the next week or 2 if you are a fresher or returner there are plenty of ways to travel while you are studying without it affecting your studies.

Of course, the degree that you are studying will play a factor to what you are able to do in terms of travel but it doesn’t mean that you can’t travel at all and still go exploring when you are away at university.

Explore the local area

Most of you will be moving away from home to go to study at university travelling and exploring the new place you are in is one way to travel.

It’s important to remember that travelling doesn’t always mean getting on a plane and jetting off around the world sometimes it’s just about going somewhere closer to home.

Travel within your course

I was lucky with the course I chose to study as it meant I was able to travel around the UK and on the odd occasion travel aboard too.

Yes while I was in these places I had work to do as part of my course but I also had the chance to look around the country, experience the culture and see a part of the world I hadn’t before.

Student Union/Uni trips

Look to see if your student’s union are putting on any trips, some unis will go on a sports tour, do extended weekend city trips aboard or even day trips to other cities in the world.

The opportunities are always out there you just have to be able to look for the options available to you and going out there to find them.

Travel plans 2021

With travel plans for 2020 getting cancelled one after another, I thought why not plan my travel adventures for the year ahead, instead of just dwelling on the situation because life is too short for that.

Using the rest of the year to plan and save for my travels in 2021 as well as travel around my local area a bit more seeing sites and going places that I haven’t before.


As I will be starting my masters degree at the start of the year in Scotland, planning places to go and looking for sites to see across the country that I can go visit during my studies.

Nepal/Mount Everest Base Camp

September I will finally be going to Nepal where I will be climbing to the base camp of Mount Everest as well as visiting the Chitwan National park, as part of a Charity Challenge have been doing.


For Christmas 2021 I plan to go to the Christmas markets in Germany as well as visits across the country in what will hopefully be a COVID free Christmas

Don’t forget comment below any of your travel plans and where you will be navigating the Globe in 2021.

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Tips for saving to travel

Everyone wants to travel but how do you afford it? 

There are many times I have looked at different travel nomad and wondered how? How did they save the money in the first place to travel? How do they keep funding the travel they do? How can I save the money to go travelling around the world when I am a student which as many people know means little to no money. 

Well, I have some good news it can be done so here are a few tips on what I have done to save money so that I can navigating around the world. 

1. Get a savings account

Sounds simple right? Most of us probably have a savings account which we put money into every now and then but having one for a specific reason and making sure to put money into every month with a target amount to save is something not everyone does.

This tip is one I did that helped so much I always saved the money from birthdays and Christmas growing up just to save but when I decided I wanted to travel I found that having one big pot of all my savings which I dipped in and out of for different things, left me feeling like I was getting nowhere so I searched different savings accounts till I found one right for me. Even went and had a meeting at the bank to make sure I was picking the right account for me. Set a target amount to save and from there did my best to put a set amount aside each month into this account.

2. Bring/make your own

The amount I saved as a student making my lunch the night was amazing. The smallest thing saved me so much money but was also a lot healthier than buying meal deals every day.

I also brought my reusable mug which saved in money on drinks but also would use to get free drinks. How? Well, I would ask for hot water which was usually free or a few pence then have my tea in a small pot in my bag. Between bringing my lunch and reusable mug for discounted or free drinks I would save around £4-£6 a day which does add up. 

3. Shop around

As a student, Aldi was where I always did my food shopping or at the local market but anything I needed outside of food shopping I would shop around for it on any website I could think of looking for the cheapest price as well a using any discount apps to further save me money. It took more time but was worth it when I had more I could put towards my savings.

Also asking myself if I needed what it is I am buying helped as well the number of times I went to buy something I didn’t need or realised that fixing something or even getting second hand was just as good not only saved me money but helped the planet a little a lot the way which can’t be a bad thing at all. 

4. Have a goal amount

When saving I found giving myself a target of the amount I wanted to save in a certain amount of time helped.

Making sure the target it realistic as well is important I simply took the amount I wanted to save and the amount I could save each month then gave myself saving targets each month of the amount I will put into my travel fund account and if I was able to save more in one month would give myself a small reward.

Knowing that when I hit that target I can go on that trip and seeing that goal get closer and closer help so much when I was feeling down and that I would never be able to save enough to travel.

5. Don’t be hard on yourself

Life isn’t perfect things happen, stuff comes up. When they do don’t be hard on yourself I would be lying if I said that I perfectly saved the target amount for each month. They were times where my car needed to be fixed or I needed to get new trainers, a birthday gift I forgot about which meant I saved less that month.

I was annoyed because I didn’t hit my target but I didn’t give up and go on a mad shopping spree as I really would be bad at square one I just saved best I could that month and knew next month I just needed to get back on target.

Hope these few tips are helpful and you with your saving targets whatever they may be.

My Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list of things which they wish to achieve in life, so I thought to myself why not share my list

Give you all a chance to get to know me a little better but maybe give you a few ideas to add to your known list so without further ado here is my list and why.

Skydrive in Australia

Skydiving is something I have always wanted to try and why Australia? Well, that would be simply because a few of my friend skydived in Australia and recommended it. 

See the Northern Lights

Getting to see this natural wonder is just something I have always wanted to do and part of the reason I can’t wait to visit Iceland.  

Watch the Russian Ballet perform

As someone who has done ballet myself, seen the English Youth perform, attended an audition or two growing up getting to see the Russian ballet perform is a dream of mine and were better than in Russia itself.

Eat sushi in Japan

This food has grown in popularity over the years which isn’t surprising with some sushi chefs training for years! Going to the home country of this delicacy is just something I want to try.

Visit Antarctica

The most southern part of the world is somewhere not many people go making this untouched landscape a place which I want to experience for myself but also allow me to say I have stepped foot on all 7 continents.

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

With a trip planned to climb to the Base Camp of Mount Everest, I figured why not climb to the highest point in Africa as well this bucket list item is as simple as that.

Climb the 3 peaks, UK

Having climbed Mount Snowdon a few times why not climb the other 2 peaks in the UK and say I have climbed the UK 3 peaks, seems only right with me planning on climbing other countries great peaks to do the ones of my home country.

Travel to every country

While getting an official number of countries has a various number of answers 197 seems the most popular accepted number and the number of countries which I plan to go too.  

Get a PhD

Research and academia is something I have always had an interest and becoming one of the experts in my field of study is just something I want to achieve.

Have a successful travel blog

Last but very not least is to have a successful travel blog one day!

Inspiring others to travel the world and make it not seem as scary as you may thing.

 Leave a comment below and let me know some of your bucket list items for navigating the globe.

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