Tips for packing carry-on

Carry on! Either a travellers joy or nightmare.

The idea of packing light and fitting everything for a month or more long travels into one bag small bag can seem like a dorting task.

Here are a few tips to help you pack all you need for your next adventure into a carry-on only bag.

Packing Cubes

Most travellers will mention these at some point and most live by them and there is a reason for that.

Packing cubes stop you from over packing, making things easier to organised and pack into your bag.

Lay things out

It sounds simple but writing down a list of all the thing you will need for that trip and then laying out all the clothes you want, then simply compare the lists.

Laying things out also mean that you can see what items of clothes go together and don’t, stopping you from bringing clothes that can’t be worn in multiple outfits.

Mix ‘n’ Match

This brings us on to the next tip and that is having tops and bottoms that can be paired with multiple items in your bag to create multiple outfits from fewer items.

This will mean you could bring more possibly but also cut out on the unimportant things that you are possibly taking.


This is one of the bulkier items and so easy to overpack, depending on where you are going and what you will be doing will depend on the shoe type.

Most likely if you are going to a sunnier location will need a part of comfy sandals and a pair of closed-toed shoes that can be worn when hiking and for more adventurous activities possibly,

For colder weather, possibly bring a walking boot/trainer and a pair of more casual trainers that can be worn for multiple occasions.

Some people may decide to bring a pair of flip flops that are small and don’t take up room for showering so as not to go barefoot but this is very much a personal choice.


When travelling hand luggage only you will have a limit on the volume of liquids, so rather than packing mini bottles of everything to then buy more when travelling, just buy larger bottles when you arrive at your destination, this will also help cut down the number of plastic bottles you use.

Another option and the one I use personally is to use bars, they last for months don’t use plastic, I have no liquid limits to worry about or spillages!

You can get shampoo, conditioner and body bars! This will save you space when packing but also money on buying several toilets.

Hopefully, these tips will help you when packing carry on for your next trip.

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Enjoy navigating the globe

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