Tips for saving to travel

Everyone wants to travel but how do you afford it? 

There are many times I have looked at different travel nomad and wondered how? How did they save the money in the first place to travel? How do they keep funding the travel they do? How can I save the money to go travelling around the world when I am a student which as many people know means little to no money. 

Well, I have some good news it can be done so here are a few tips on what I have done to save money so that I can navigating around the world. 

1. Get a savings account

Sounds simple right? Most of us probably have a savings account which we put money into every now and then but having one for a specific reason and making sure to put money into every month with a target amount to save is something not everyone does.

This tip is one I did that helped so much I always saved the money from birthdays and Christmas growing up just to save but when I decided I wanted to travel I found that having one big pot of all my savings which I dipped in and out of for different things, left me feeling like I was getting nowhere so I searched different savings accounts till I found one right for me. Even went and had a meeting at the bank to make sure I was picking the right account for me. Set a target amount to save and from there did my best to put a set amount aside each month into this account.

2. Bring/make your own

The amount I saved as a student making my lunch the night was amazing. The smallest thing saved me so much money but was also a lot healthier than buying meal deals every day.

I also brought my reusable mug which saved in money on drinks but also would use to get free drinks. How? Well, I would ask for hot water which was usually free or a few pence then have my tea in a small pot in my bag. Between bringing my lunch and reusable mug for discounted or free drinks I would save around £4-£6 a day which does add up. 

3. Shop around

As a student, Aldi was where I always did my food shopping or at the local market but anything I needed outside of food shopping I would shop around for it on any website I could think of looking for the cheapest price as well a using any discount apps to further save me money. It took more time but was worth it when I had more I could put towards my savings.

Also asking myself if I needed what it is I am buying helped as well the number of times I went to buy something I didn’t need or realised that fixing something or even getting second hand was just as good not only saved me money but helped the planet a little a lot the way which can’t be a bad thing at all. 

4. Have a goal amount

When saving I found giving myself a target of the amount I wanted to save in a certain amount of time helped.

Making sure the target it realistic as well is important I simply took the amount I wanted to save and the amount I could save each month then gave myself saving targets each month of the amount I will put into my travel fund account and if I was able to save more in one month would give myself a small reward.

Knowing that when I hit that target I can go on that trip and seeing that goal get closer and closer help so much when I was feeling down and that I would never be able to save enough to travel.

5. Don’t be hard on yourself

Life isn’t perfect things happen, stuff comes up. When they do don’t be hard on yourself I would be lying if I said that I perfectly saved the target amount for each month. They were times where my car needed to be fixed or I needed to get new trainers, a birthday gift I forgot about which meant I saved less that month.

I was annoyed because I didn’t hit my target but I didn’t give up and go on a mad shopping spree as I really would be bad at square one I just saved best I could that month and knew next month I just needed to get back on target.

Hope these few tips are helpful and you with your saving targets whatever they may be.

My Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list of things which they wish to achieve in life, so I thought to myself why not share my list

Give you all a chance to get to know me a little better but maybe give you a few ideas to add to your known list so without further ado here is my list and why.

Skydrive in Australia

Skydiving is something I have always wanted to try and why Australia? Well, that would be simply because a few of my friend skydived in Australia and recommended it. 

See the Northern Lights

Getting to see this natural wonder is just something I have always wanted to do and part of the reason I can’t wait to visit Iceland.  

Watch the Russian Ballet perform

As someone who has done ballet myself, seen the English Youth perform, attended an audition or two growing up getting to see the Russian ballet perform is a dream of mine and were better than in Russia itself.

Eat sushi in Japan

This food has grown in popularity over the years which isn’t surprising with some sushi chefs training for years! Going to the home country of this delicacy is just something I want to try.

Visit Antarctica

The most southern part of the world is somewhere not many people go making this untouched landscape a place which I want to experience for myself but also allow me to say I have stepped foot on all 7 continents.

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

With a trip planned to climb to the Base Camp of Mount Everest, I figured why not climb to the highest point in Africa as well this bucket list item is as simple as that.

Climb the 3 peaks, UK

Having climbed Mount Snowdon a few times why not climb the other 2 peaks in the UK and say I have climbed the UK 3 peaks, seems only right with me planning on climbing other countries great peaks to do the ones of my home country.

Travel to every country

While getting an official number of countries has a various number of answers 197 seems the most popular accepted number and the number of countries which I plan to go too.  

Get a PhD

Research and academia is something I have always had an interest and becoming one of the experts in my field of study is just something I want to achieve.

Have a successful travel blog

Last but very not least is to have a successful travel blog one day!

Inspiring others to travel the world and make it not seem as scary as you may thing.

 Leave a comment below and let me know some of your bucket list items for navigating the globe.

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