How to chose a backpack

The most important item that any backpacker will get is their backpack. 

But what should you look for in a backpack? 

What makes a good backpack?

What backpack should I buy?

Most the answers to these will be personal ones with everyone saying they have the better backpack however, I have a few things you may want to think about when getting a backpack that will hopefully narrow down the choices.

For some context I have the Osprey Fairview 70L backpack, this is the female-specific version of the rucksack where the Farpoint is the unisex version.

What size should I get?  

Deciding what size backpack to get is probably one of the first things you need to decide.

For me, I got the 70l because I was this bag camping as well so needs to fit a tent etc, but I also like to travel for longer and feel like I would struggle with a hand luggage size bag though, it can be done and people do only travel hand luggage saving themselves money on checked-in baggage.

You can get to a 45l Fairview/Farpoint rucksack if the style I have appealed to you but want a smaller size.

What about a day Bag?

Whenever backpacking you will need to bring some form of the secondary bag to carry with you during the day.

Most people will carry a second backpack, a bum bag, foldable backpack or a combination it just depends on what type of traveller you are and what activities you will be doing.

For me having the day bag which can be detached from the main bag was something super important, the ease it brought me when needing that extra bag out in the airport and trying to carry it, there are a few backpacks out there with this feature but it is a limited number.

Having a detachable day bag may also be something which just isn’t important to you either which is also fine plus it does open you up to a lot more styles and range of bags.

Rain Cover

One feature that is often overlooked is does the backpack come with a rain cover? Even when in the sunniest of countries it can still rain so knowing you have a cover you can use is super handy.

You can buy a rain cover separately and keep it in an outside pocket that is easily accessible, but if you can get a bag with it built it, you will save time and money of buying one separate.

How does it open?

This one may seem odd but looking at how the bag opens is thing massive thing to look for!

I find having a bag which opens up like a suitcase is so handy and makes life far easier when needing to find anything inside, it also makes packing easier too.


You may not put much thought into the colour of your bag, going for any colour that isn’t black would be my suggestion. 

Imagine if your bag got lost at the airport and you had to describe how many black bags do you think there are? Compared to green or red there won’t be as many making if easier to find. 

Hope this has helped you in what to look out for when buying your next backpack

Comment below what backpack you use and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more travel content.

In the meantime enjoy Navigating the Globe


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