Day hiking essentials

Off on a days hike somewhere and want to avoid packing everything but the kitchen sink with no idea where to start? Well, I am here to help with my top 7 things that always go with me when I am off on a day hike.  

1. Backpack   

This may be seen obvious to some but taking a backpack is something I have seen many people do because they didn’t want to carry a bag with them but then brought none of the other essentials that they needed, so have a strong comfortable backpack that will easily fit everything that you need in is a must.  

2. Walking boots and socks!

I have put these 2 items together as they go hand in hand with each other both need it fit and be conformable for you no one else, yes go off peoples recommendations but it is not one fits all.  

Having a pair of strong, worn walking boots is important this can stop ankle based or more serious injuries as well as stop your feet from getting wet too if it rains or the ground is still wet.  

If you have just brought need walking boots then I suggest wearing them about your local area and going for a walk near your house a few time a week before your big hike, the last thing you want is your boots rubbing your feet and giving you blisters. 

Having the wrong socks can also give you blisters if they don’t fit and your foot slides about in them or they are too thick or too thin can also cause this problem.  

3. Layers

I will always have a second layer or maybe more when hiking.  

For me, my second layer is normally my jumper which is thick and comfy, but sometimes if I decide to wear a vest when walking will take a thermal or long sleeve top which I can wear over the top if it is still too warm for a jumper but too cold to just wear a vest.  

4. Camera  

Going on a hike without some form of camera is a waste of time to me, I love getting photos of the landscape and views when I am out and about so having this in my bag is a must, however, it isn’t essential and something. that you may decide that you don’t need to bring.  

5. Water and snacks

If I know I am out all day the last thing I want to be doing is having to worry where the food stop will be so having a litre water bottle and food with me is a must, you will also possibly be burning quite a few calories so make sure that you are having plenty to eat and drink is important for your health.  

Bring your own watero bottle also lowers the need for a single use plastic one and be sure to put any rubbbish from food in a bin or put it in your bag to take it home later!

6. First aid kit

It may sound silly but having a small first aid kit with some plasters in will come in surprisingly handy, there has been more than one occasion where I have cut my hand on a bramble or something else and having a mini first aid has been useful.  

7. Sun Cream  

Especially if you are out hiking all day in the sun then this is needed but also in the winter months at times as the sun can still be quite strong.  

Having sun cream to stop yourself from getting burnt and project your skin is something I will always look to bring with me.  

Hope this list has helped in getting you ready for your next day-long hiking adventure.  

Comment below your hiking must have and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more travel-related content.  

Enjoy navigating the globe  


Beginners guide to geocaching

Geocaching? I hear you ask

Wonder what on Earth it is?

Well, this post is about to explain everything you need to know about geocaching and what you need to go out and give it a go yourself in this beginners guide to geocaching.

What is geocaching?

It is the digitals world version of a treasure hunt which covers the global.
Where people use a GPS to find containers (caches) which can be hidden anywhere, with geocaches coming in all shapes and sizes with some being easier to find than others

How to get started?

It is a lot easier than you may think, all you must do is download the geocaching app from the app store

Create a free account then off you go.

How to find your first geocache?

Load the map in-app to find one close to you. Then hit navigate and head in the direction of the coordinates

When at your location have a look at the size of the cache this will give you an idea of how big or small it is.

If you are struggling to find a cache don’t worry, just use the hint in the description to help you out.

Cache screen looks like on the app

Once you have found the cache open it up and take out the logbook, sign and date the book with your name (remember to bring a pen to sign the log) and pop it back inside the cache returning it to its hidden location.

If there is an item inside feel free to swap it out for something else that you have (aim is to swap something for the equal or greater value of what you are taking)

You found a geocache!! Congratulations

Example of what a cache looks like

Hit ‘log’ on the app to mark the one you have found and it’s off to go find your next geocache.

Is geocaching something you are interested in? If so let me know how it goes for you.

In the meantime hope you enjoy navigating the globe in away.

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