Best UK Road Trips

You want to do a road trip around the UK but have no idea where to start! Check out this blog post here on how to plan a road trip.   

While planning your adventure from scratch can be fun it isn’t for everyone so here is a list of premade road trips around the UK to help give you some inspiration and help get you started on planning your next adventure.   


Starting in Scotland with the NC500 will take you long 500 miles of the northern coast was a beautiful country starting Inverness and finishing in Lochcarron.   

There are plenty of things to see and do along the way as well as places to stay which comes as a surprise to most people. The great thing about the NC 500 is it can be completed in just a week! So if you only have a short amount of time this is something which you can do but most people will recommend extending your trip giving you more time at each stop.   

A great thing about this trip that it finishes is Lochcarron a key point known for those who want to explore the Western isles of Scotland such as Skye, Lewis and Harris.   

Isle Hopping

If you’re in the UK and fancy doing some Island hopping and then making your way up north to Scotland to the Isle of Skye as well as Isle of Lewis and Harris.   

With so many sites to see across these two isles, from watersports, walks in the great outdoors to whiskey tasting and some history as well!   

Start on the island of Skye and heading up the east side of the island taken into the famous sites before hopping on a boat north of the island to head over to Lewis and Harris, spending time exploring this isle before heading back down the west side of this island.   

Coast to Coast

Heading a little further south a great road trip which can be done in just a weekend is coast to coast. This road trip traditionally starts in St. Bees and finishes in Robin Hood’s Bay taking you through, Cumbria, North Yorkshire and the Lake District from the east to the west coast of the UK.   

Thanks to the small size of the UK this is a drive you to do in a day, over a weekend or a week! It all depends how much you have and what you want to see and do along this route but is great for anyone who only has a day or two.   

The Welsh Coast 

If it’s the Welsh coast you want to see that this is the trip for you!  

Starting in Anglesey and following the coast all the way along to Cardiff your will pass through most if not all of the major cities there are in this small nation as well as various of the parts.  

This road trip is great for those who want a mix of city and countryside as well as beautiful beaches to visit along the way something at Wales is known for. 

Another great thing about this trip is that, it is possible to complete in just a week, but I would recommend spending slightly longer and taking your time over as there is so much to see and do.   

Hiking in Wales with the view of the coast in the background

Lake District  

More commonly known as The Lakes, this area of outstanding next natural beauty has something to offer everyone. From small quaint countryside towns to walks in the countryside and of course plenty of lakes making for some scenic views, while there why not climb to the highest point in England as well as visit Beatrix Potter’s house.  

This is the places to go if you only have a weekend or a few days to road trip around an area as there are so many things that you can do in just a weekend, but you can still spend a week or maybe two driving around really taking this beautiful corner of the UK.   


Time to head down south to Cornwall. Known best probably for its beaches this part of the UK is home of attractions with things such as the Eden Project and the Forest of Dean.  

Cornwall is a place where you can pick a small area to just road trip around depending on your timescale or take a few weeks to explore the whole area, in Cornwall you can visit the most southern point of the UK in Land’s End!  

But of course there is also what Cornwall is most famous for the beaches, countryside walks as well as big cities with small countryside villages, this corner of the UK really does have it all.   

Causeway Coastal Route  

Time to head over the water to Northern Ireland and to the most notable road trip has to be the causeway coastal route.  

Starting in Belfast and finishing in Derry, this road trip takes you along some of the iconic scenes there are in Northern Ireland well and big attractions such as in Belfast you can visit the Titanic HMS and as the name suggests the Giant Causeway itself a famous geological structure of this country, with an interesting folks tale behind it.   

There are also a wide range of coastal walks, water sports and city trips to do along the way, making this road trip a short and sweet one.   

Land’s End John O’Groats   

What was the list of UK road trips be without the biggest one of all Land’s end to John O’Groat! Starting in the most southern point of the UK in Land’s End to the northern point in John O’Groats, this trip takes you through the whole of UK letting you see it all.  

This road trip has to be the most famous one in the UK with many people taking part in different ways such as walking, cycling to even horseback riding! However you could simply just drive taking the easy way up through the UK.  

One of the best parts of this trip is that you have an outline that takes up right up the centre through the UK meaning that it is super easier to jump off and go do other activities that take your fancy, making it one of the most flexible trips when finding things to do and see.  

This road trip can be done in just seven days, however I would defiantly recommend taking longer allowing you to spend more time in places and cut down on the amount of driving done which day as well. 

This route is the best way if you are wanting to see the whole of the UK.  

Now you have some inspiration to start planning a UK road trip, comment below which route you are planning on taking and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more travel-related content.   

Enjoy navigating the globe 


How to plan a roadtrip

Going on a road trip can the best ways to see a country especially if you only have a short amount of time, it can be the most effective ways to see as many things possible, although planning a road trip can sometimes be overwhelming just like any other trip can but with this handy guide we are going to break down step-by-step how you can plan your road trip to make it the best one possible.

Budget and Timescale

The number one thing to think about for any trip is, what is your budget and what are the timescales? For example, if you can go on a week-long road trip and only have £200, this will affect where and what you can do as opposed if you have £2000 and say three months.

Knowing how long you have can determine where you go with cost also playing a part for any activities or the type of accommodation you want, this is the number one thing you need to establish for a trip!

Solo or group travel

You may have already of had the answer to this question when you first decided to plan a roadtrip but if not!

The next thing to look at is whether you are doing this solo or with a group of friends as this can also affect your budget. On your own you will have to pay for things completely on your own as opposed to being able to split the costs with friends, this does depend on what type of traveller you are tough and what time you have available.

Where are you roadtripping?

Deciding which country to road trip to is the next most important part!

You might decide to travel in your home country or can a plane somewhere and hire a car or van or even a road trip on the way to your final destination.

Again this depends on your budget and timescales.

Hiking in the Snowdonia National Park, UK

Planning the route

I suggest using google maps as you can pinpoint all the places you want to go along with accommodation and write notes around different places.

Once you have all the places you want to go you can work out what route to take, but remember to take your timescale into account when deciding how long to spend in one location as well as how you will be travelling, for example, public transport will possibly taking you longer to get to each point compared to driving yourself, also making sure you can reach each location in your chosen means of transport. (Side note: check what seasonal effects there are for each activity such as price change and closures)

Type of transportation

When you have narrowed down where you won’t go and the activities you want to do on this road trip is time to think about the transport this is where your budget massively comes into play if you’re doing a solo trip in your car and finding accommodation along the route just driving from A to B or maybe you are in a campervan saving in accommodation cost but will possibly have to hire out a van instead. If you are using public transport looking at any deals as well as the fastest, cheapest and easiest way to get to the locations you want to visit is important and also possibly more time consuming to plan.

Snowdonia Railway

Time to make some bookings

Now you’ve planned your route and you know when you want to go all you need to do is book your first nights’ accommodation or any tickets which you may need in advance.

If you are travelling on a tighter timescale and know exactly what and where you will be doing each day you can book everything in advance if needed but you are following a more relaxed schedule for your trip and unsure where you will be going I recommend only booking your first day/nights activity and then book places a few days or on the day depending on how your trip is going.

Comment below where you are planning a road trip and follow me on Instagram for more travel-related content.

Enjoy navigating the globe


Why you should visit the UK?

Stuck on where to travel next? Need a reason to travel to the UK? Well, this is the post you!

The UK is mainly known for its horrible weather raining 24 hours seven days a week 365 days a year, however, there is still plenty of sunshine and many sites to see, across this historic country with a range of cultures and traditions found up and down this small proud nation.

So if you are being tempted to book your flights and start planning a trip then here are a few more reasons sure to convince you on why you should choose this destination over another.

4 countries in 1

The great thing about the UK is that this nation is formed of the 4 smaller countries, England Wales Scotland and Northern Ireland giving you a 4 in 1 visit, meaning that you can do a road trip to go round the whole of the UK and tick four countries off your list in one!

Culture and traditons

From castle ruins to grand cities, small towns, beaches and the rolling countryside there is something which can be found across the UK for everyone no matter which country you are going too.

With a long history of conquests, kings and queens are an abundance of castles and ruins as well as abbeys to be seen up and down this country so if you’re into history and culture then this is the one you if you move a hiker there are many national parks up and down the UK with trails for all levels along with the Three Peaks, in Wales, England and Scotland.


As you will be visiting an island, beaches are of course in abundance, with spots to just sit and soak up the sun to the action-packed water sports of surfing and sailing there is plenty to choose from. The great thing about the size of this country is that from the centre of England you can get to a beach in just 2 hours!

The UK isn’t known for its beaches and is not the first place think of when wanting to go for a seaside holiday but there are ranges of beautiful beaches from pebble to sandy ones which will take you by surprise.

Anglesey beach in Wales

Free activities!

One of the great things is that there are so many activities which you can do free! Beacuse who doesn’t love something that is free?

If you’re someone who isn’t up for hiking or being in nature and prefer the city life the there is still plenty of free activities to check out!

London has tonnes of museums and art galleries with many of them being free to visit this being the same across the UK, so if you are travelling on a budget you can still visit and do plenty of activities while here!

Easy transport

The size of this country means that it is super easier to get around, whether using your car, bus or train it is fairly simple and easy for any traveller, it also means that you can see most of the country in a short period allowing you to make use of your time as you will be able to move from one location to another with ease.

When to visit?

Hopefully, you are starting to see some of the bright side to travel to Britain, so the next question would be when to visit? With the answer to that being any time of the year!

This is the great thing about the UK is that you can visit any time of the year and yes while some times in the year may be slightly better than others. The weather overall makes travelling any time of year a possibly allowing you to miss the super busy summer months, but this is the UK so no matter when you come having a coat with you just in case is always recommended.

Now that you have read this, check out my blog for other UK based posts for inspiration on what to do when you arrive.

Comment below your favourite places in the UK and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more travel-related content.

In the meantime enjoy navigating the globe

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