How to be a sustainable traveller

With expensive eco-huts in the rainforest and sustainable travel awareness on the rise with eco options popping up everywhere, it can be difficult to know which is the most environmentally beneficial answer, but also how can you travel in an eco-sustainable way without it costing a tonne!  

Now I am not here to tell you that everything you do has to be sustainable and sustainable travel is the only way to travel because it isn’t and it can be hard to travel this way the time, I by no means am perfect and don’t get it right all the time but I do try where I can which is what I ask of all of you.  

So how do we travel more sustainably?  

Using public transport

If you can getting on a bus or train instead of a taxi, using a boat to get somewhere instead of flying can all help lower carbon emissions as well as costing less money at times too! If you are going on a road trip with friends try and cut down the number of vehicles that you all take can be another way to lower the amount of CO2 produced.  

You could also look to offset your flights but this can cost more money for a ready expensive flight, but if this is something you chose to do I would suggest looking into how the flights are offset and who is it benefiting in the long run.  

Reusable items  

Taking your water bottle with help the number of single-use plastics and the cost of buying bottled water all the time you can even buy filtering water bottles so you know that you can use the tap water wherever you are.  

Taking a cotton reusable bag for when you go shopping as well as metal straw and reusable cutlery that way you don’t need the single-use version but if you go somewhere that doesn’t offer it you have your own and no need to worry.  

Slow travel

This one isn’t always available to people as it does depend on how long you can spend in an area, but taking your time when travelling not only gives you chance to explore more of an area and the culture but will help lower the amount of carbon of your trip overall as well as helping the local economy  

Spend locally  

Going to the local restaurants and hotels compared to the chains that you see across the world makes your travels sustainable as you are supporting the local economy compared to the big chain back in the US or UK.  

This local economic growth for the people will go a long way in helping a country to develop more and be less dependent on tourism for most of the countries income, things such as COVID have brought this to life with some countries which desperately need tourism to open again.  

Travel in the low season 

This option has so many benefits, not only is travelling in the off/low season quieter and cheaper it helps out the locals!  

While there are masses of tourism in the summer months and people makes lots of money the locals and the countries economy overall struggle more in the winter months as there is less of an income so travelling in the low season gives the local area a boost.  

Plus with prices being cheaper and fewer people around you can explore the culture and local area a lot more, you quite possibly get more of a personalised experience depending on how many people are around and with lower prices travel for longer!  

Hopefully, this post has provided you with more of an idea on how you can travel a little more sustainably in the future, but remember no one is perfect and while you may not be able to do all of these things listed having a go at even one or two of them will be a great way to help support the little blue planet we live on.  

Comment below your favourite sustainable travel tip and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more travel-related content.  

Enjoy navigating the globe   


How to be a more sustainable traveller

Are you an eco-warrior or want to be more sustainable?

With travel sometimes getting a bad name for how unsustainable it can be taking our steps to travel more environmentally can’t be bad at all.

The option of sustainable clothing and to pay to offset carbon is growing however often comes with a high price tag

Here are a few more cost affected everyday suitable travel options which you can even do when not navigating your way around the globe.

Water Bottle

Getting yourself water bottle which can be reused will lower your use of plastic dramatically as well as saving money.

While you can’t drink tap water in every country you can now get filter water bottles allowing you to do just that, while they can be more expensive you will as a lot of money in the long run as well as the environment.

Go Local

Shopping local not only helps the local people and economy but also saves on the carbon footprint of the food you eat.

There is also a change if you shop at a local market there will be less plastic packages too.

This can also mean travelling local to where you live compared to jetting off across the globe, can also mean a cheaper option for if you still want to get away somewhere.

Slow Travel

If you have never of this let me explain

Slow travel is all about taking your time when in a destination not spending a week here before jetting off across the globe to spend a week somewhere else

This causes a larger carbon footprint compared to taking your time round a place as you are more likely to walk or use public transport because you have to time compared to a taxi.

You have saved to travel to this location may as well take your time there and enjoy this place along with all its beauty.

Trip a to Scottish Highlands during the summer

Bring a box

Having a box to put leftovers in or your lunch not only saves you money but can lower the amount of plastic packaging and food waste which is a growing problem

Cutlery and Straws

With paper straws on the rise, having your own has more than one benefit.

No soggy straw in your drink not everywhere may have straws to offer, having a metal draw is better than paper for the environment

Having your cutlery means well you never have to worry about not having a fork handy as well as saving on disposable plastic ones.


Having your reusable bag not only saves the use of plastic ones but also saves you money.

Also use this bag for the beach, shopping, laundry, extra bag for anything you may need

Photo by Taryn Elliott on

Hope these tips were helpful and encouraged you to be more sustainable on your travels and in everyday life.

Comment below your ways on being sustainable

In the meantime remember to follow me on Instagram and enjoy navigating the globe


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