Taking photos as a solo traveller

Who doesn’t love a good holiday photo album and sharing your favourite photo pic with your friends and family?

When you are a solo traveller being able to grab a photo isn’t always that straightforward.

Here are my favourite ways to take a photo as a solo traveller.

Ask someone

The old classic of simply saying to local or other tourists can you take a picture for me, you will normally find someone who will take the photo for you.

Top Tip: Have the camera set up already and explain the frame to them as well, but above all check the photo after! Make sure it is something you like and if not ask them to take it again and explain what it is you are after.

Use a Tripod

There are so many options now for lightweight travel tripods that fit into a bag easily taking up hardly any space, allowing you to snap pictures to your heart’s content.

I do recommend having a Bluetooth remote option as it can be easier than using a timer.

Making friends

When travelling solo you are bound to make other friends on the road so asking them to take a photo and doing the same for them is one of the simplest ways to get travel photos and the one I probably use the most.

Makeshift tripod

Use objects around you as a tripod

If you don’t own a tripod or don’t have room for one in your bag, place your camera against a wall, on some rocks or books anything to make your makeshift tripod is another great option when wanting to take a photo with no one around, plus you aren’t always going to have your tripod on you.

Comment below for favourite solo photo top tips and follow me on Instagram for more travel-related content.

Enjoy navigating the globe

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