10 best things to do in Glasgow, Scotland

A city often overlooked by the capital of Scotland Edinburgh. Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland offering a lot to do and explore alongside having something for everyone on offer.

With plenty of culture, parks and historic buildings, you are spoiled for choice on what you can do in here. Even though it may be the biggest city in Scotland getting around is super easy with most the sites across this city being in close walking distance.

Don’t let the British weather put you off either with plenty of indoor activities across the city as well as the ones outdoors.

Botanic Gardens

Walking through the Botanic Garden and Kibble Place you will be transported into a jungle with a range of tropical plants and trees.

While there you can also take a stroll through the surrounding outdoor garden park that Kimble place itself is found as well as a walk along the River Kelvin which is found nearby.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

If you get chance to visit Kelvingrove park then walking round to visit the art gallery and museum is one I would recommend, with plenty to see here and if needed a chance to escape that British weather.

Art Mural Trail

If you head into the main city centre you may notice a few pieces of street art on the side of some of the buildings, this is part of the cities art mural trail which goes across the city centre making for some great shots too!

Kelvingrove Park

If taking a relaxing stroll through the parks is your thing then Kelvingrove park is one you will need to do, with plenty paths and a lake in the park summer stroll should be on the list, if visiting in winter the lake can freeze over giving you change to go ice skating.


Necropolis and Cathedral

Taking a walk around this beautiful cathedral is something you don’t want to miss out on with its stunning gothic architecture.

When in the area taking a walk up to the Necropolis and walking through the grounds, w nowhile going to an old cemetery may seem like an odd thing to do when visiting the city the views from the top are something you will want to witness.

People’s Place and Glasgow Green

The People’s Place and Glasgow green are great if you want to just walk around the park or fancy a trip to the museum, you will also find the Winter Gardens if you fancy going and checking out some more tropical plants.

Clydeside Distillery

What would a trip to Scotland be without a distillery tour?

Lucky Glasgow has one right in the bank of the River Clyde in the city centre. Take a tour around this distillery and try some of the single malt whisky they have to offer.

George’s Square

Head down to Georges square, but keep an eye out for the famous Duke of Wellington statue, the people of Glasgow are known for having a sense of humour with this statute showing it.

I won’t say too much and leave this location up to you to find out about when you visit.

George’s Square

Science Centre

If you are a science lover then the science museum found along the River Cylde is something you will want to do while in Glasgow.

Hunterian Art Gallery and Museum

Found at the University this museum and art gallery holds a lot of history about the city. It is also the oldest museum in Scotland so why else wouldn’t you want to visit this place of wonder.

Comment below any of the favourite places in Glasgow and follow me on Instagram for more travel-related content.

Enjoy navigating the globe


Coping with lockdown

As large parts of the world enter a second lockdown travel and freedom to go out whenever we want things we normally take for granted to seem like they will never be possible again.

However, as the UK starts its lockdown and other nations continue with theirs we are yet again given the opportunity of time which in everyday life seems inaccessible.

Coming up with things to keep you busy during the day for a whole month, especially during the winter months where there are fewer daylight hours can seem an impossible task.

Everyone is different the coping methods and tasks I do to keep busy may not work for you but they will hopefully give you some ideas of things that can be done in the endless rabbit hole of suggests out there.


I have piles of photos, tickets and other items from my travels growing up with the plan always being to put them into a scrapbook as a way to look back on the places I have been.

So taking the box of memories and putting them in a scrapbook is one task that will keep busy for a while, however scrapbooking may not be for you and that’s okay.

You may want to do a photo album or maybe you have kept a travel journal and looking how to make it better for your next trip is something you do instead or even a scrapbook for a purpose.

Let me know how you keep your travel memories in the comments, love to hear what ideas you all have.

Getting outside

Whether you are from the city or countryside going for a walk or even a run every day, every other day or once a week is something worth doing during the lockdown.

A few reasons are walking during lockdown has become a favourite of mine.

  • Fewer people it is as simple as that, getting to see somewhere in a new light. 
  • Easier to take photos whether I am doing a landscape shot or taking a photo of myself in that location, having fewer people around makes the whole process quicker and easier. Also, have more time to play around with your camera if you are just getting into photography. 
  • Fewer people in your way, easier to move around places
Going for walks through the countryside

Learning something new

During this lockdown having more time to learn something

I found it felt as though I had more time than normal to practice learning Spanish. Taking up the guitar is something I am also getting back into.

Taking an online course is something you could do too.

(I find myself always switching between tasks which is why I am learning Spanish and guitar again, but there is no pressure to learn anything or do more than one thing so don’t worry if this isn’t for you)

Video Calls

Having a video call with friends and family from just having a chat to watching a movie at the same time while on a call or a quiz finding a way to keep in touch with people can help make a real difference.

Don’t be afraid to speak to someone you are close to or trust about how you are feeling if you are feeling low or struggling everyone is dealing with this in their way and its okay to not be 100% and on it at the moment.

Read a book

As the nights get darker and colder sitting inside me my favourite jumper with a cup of tea reading a good book sounds more and more appealing.  

Most of us have a pile of books that we keep saying we will read and never do even if it is a chapter a day you get through you are making progress on something you have been wanting to do for a while.

Photo by fotografierende on Pexels.com

Home workout/yoga

Going on YouTube and finding a workout or yoga session is so easy nowadays with 1000’s of options out there for you even if it is for 5 mins doing something active can help.

Start your Christmas shopping online

With the UK lockdown ending right before lockdown a mad rush to the shopping to get gifts for my family doesn’t like fun or something I want to do.

Starting to get an idea of what I will get everyone and finding it online looking for the best deal on that item sounds like a plan to me.

Getting things early can help with cost as well as being to shop around more online for the best price as comparing to needing to go into numerous stores or frantically google online while in a store to see if you are getting the best deal.

Doing something you never get chance to do

It can be decorating a room, to doing the garden, baking, whatever the task is to try and do it.

As I have said everyone will deal with this lockdown in their own some of these ideas maybe use some may not and that’s okay don’t feel as though you have to follow any of these suggests just do what is best for you to help you through this lockdown.

Let me know in the comments below what you will be getting up to this lockdown?

Hope this helped navigate your way around lockdown


Top 6 cities to visit in England

England is known as being full of rolling hills and scenic views but its cities are also something to marvel at with each English city having its unique features to it. While there are many cities up and down the country each with their sites to see and wonders to discover these are probably my favourite cities in England to go visit.

1. Newcastle

This city is probably best known for its nightlife but there is plenty you can do during the day in this city, for example seeing the Angle of the North which gives Newcastle the title as the ‘gateway to the North’ there are still plenty of castles, museums and walks around the city which will keep you busy as well as bars and cafes.

2. London

What would a list of English cities be without the capital on it? Having been London a few times already I still feel like there is still so much this city can offer from museums and art galleries through to various buildings and pieces of amazing architecture. 

3. Oxford

This city is probably best known for being home to the University of Oxford however there is so much more to see and do in this beautiful city from the botanical garden to museums and parks there is something for everyone in this city.

4. Birmingham

This black country city does have more to offer than you think. With a large number of attractions in this city from Cadbury’s World, The Thinktank through to the Sea Life Centre there is always something to do when I visit as well as the Bullring known for shopping a day or even weekend in Birmingham is never boring.

5. Bath

Another must-see city is Bath which of course is best known for the Roman baths, however, the rest of the architecture across the city is something not to be missed with places to visit right across the city as well as several cafes and restaurants for a lovely bite to eat during your time here.

6. Liverpool

This seaside city is full of history and culture when in Liverpool a trip for a walk along the beach is always in order but there are so many other things you can do from Royal Albert Dock to a trip to the Cavern Club as well as several museums.

These are just a few of my favourite cities to visit up and down England with there being so many more to visit as well. If you are travelling to England or fancy exploring more of the country you live in these cities will have plenty for you to see and do. 

Bank Holiday Plans

With the last bank holiday of the year coming up, I was planning on using this extended weekend to go travelling around the UK, however thanks to COVID a lot of these plans have been put on hold like everything else just causing frustration.

With everything being booked up so rapidly thanks to the good old staycations now being everyone’s new favourites along with many attractions still not being fully open exploring somewhere new is now out of the question.

So here is my plan B, C and D for what I plan to do this Bank Holiday depending on what the weather decides to do after all this the UK. Hopefully, give you some inspiration for if you are feeling a little stuck in how to spend your Bank Holiday.

Going for a walk

Somewhere either close by or a short drive away with my family getting us out of the house but also allowing us to spend some quality time together doing something different but with the possibility of going somewhere, we haven’t already.

Have BBQ with the neighbours

Thanks to VE Day and the street parties which occurred up and down the country, my street has now gotten together for more than one occasion from celebrating my lockdown birthday to watching the lightning storms that happened not long ago. So fingers crossed for some good weather

Stay in and read a book

Simply staying at home sat reading, this may seem boring to some but getting through a good book is always something I up for and if this Bank Holiday is full of rain, travelling someplace different through a book sounds like a plan to me


Just relaxing and taking time for myself, while I will be working over the Bank Holiday still finding time to take a break from the world. Stepping back taking a breathe, getting the little things done, taking time for some self-care, do some baking. Just take a break in this extended weekend

Let me know what you plan to get up to this Bank Holiday?

10 free things to do in the UK

Fancy travelling around the UK?

Don’t have a massive budget or fancy spending loads on activities.

Here is a list of 10 free things which you can across the UK, whether you are on holiday or a Brit wanting to see more of your home country.

This island is full of stunning landscapes, castles, museums as well as rich in history and stories all waiting for you to discover.  

National Parks

The UK has many national parks all full of trails from family walks to full hikes across the countryside there is something for everyone!

Looking on the National Trust website and local county websites for walks in an area.

Going for a walk is one of the easiest ways to spend a day but to also go out in the great outdoors see some amazing sites and take in some fresh air, all for free!

Giant Causeway, Northern Ireland

If you are in Ireland or able to take a trip over to Northern Ireland heading to the Giant Causeway is something that should be on the list.

This geological natural wonder is a great place to go see and grab a few pics while exploring Northern Ireland.   

Beautiful Beaches

The UK is an island so, of course, full of beaches with it taking around 2 hours for most Brits to get their nearest beach, where you can still get that Instagram worthy shot.

the beach is a great place to head for a day out, with it being a classic British pass time for any day off.

So why not head to your nearest beach and treat yourself to the classic fish and chip while sat on the beach watching the sunset. 

Pembrokeshire Beach

Big Pit and National Coal Museum, Pontypool

This place of history maybe somewhere if you are British been before on a school trip, finding out more about the industrial revolution.

However, whether you have been there before or it is your first time to The Big Pit it is still a great day out and a good place to visit with the chance to go into the mines and around the museum taking in some Welsh history and part of British history. 

Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh

Scotland is known for its amazing landscapes through the countryside of this country such as Glen Coe.

The cities are also rich in culture and Edinburgh is just one example from the Castle to the Botanic Gardens which just so happen to be free for you to visit!

Fossil Hunting, Mappleton Beach

Fancy getting your hands on some fossils?

Mappleton beach is the place to head this beach is full of fossil with every rock you pick up most likely to hold a fossil. This beach is also known as a great place to walk your dog along with being able to play in the sand and paddle in the waves.  

London Museums

Simply go on the ‘visit London’ website and you will have a list of all the London museums with something to suit everyone.

From the National History Museum to the Victoria and Albert Museum, there is something for all without the museums being as boring as you may imagine and a good day out either as a solo traveller exploring London or a day out with others.  

Fossil at National History Museum

Hardin’s Wall, Newcastle upon Tyne

While only around 10% of the wall is visible today you can still walk along this Roman structure by heading to the Hardin’s Wall Path which is roughly 84mile stretch.

You don’t have to walk the whole thing simply go as far as you wish and turn around to head back. While the wall doesn’t mark the modern border between Scotland and England it is still a great day out taking in some history for those of you who enjoy walking, want to do something different, of course also being free!

Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh

The last place you expect to find an ancient volcano would be Edinburgh! However, head for a walk up Arthur’s seat and that is exactly what you will get.

This city volcano is a popular hike for walkers and a great thing to do while visiting Edinburgh without having to spend any money so why not head to the Scottish Parliament Building and start your walk up this ancient city volcano that is Arthur’s Seat and a view of the city.

Walk the 3 peaks

Finally, what would a guide to free things to do in the UK be without a few trips to the 3 separate peaks? Mount Snowdon (Wales), Ben Nevis (Scotland) and Scafell Pike (England),

While some people take part in various challenges around these 3 mountains most of us take it at more of leisured pace.

So if you find yourself near any of the UK 3 peaks why not take a walk up and admire the beautiful view that awaits at the top.  

Top of summit in the Snowdonia National Park

Hope this guide was helpful and given you a few ideas of things that you can do across the UK without having to spend anything.

Comment below your favourite free things to do in the UK, enjoy navigating the globe and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more travel pics



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