Travelling while studying

As the new academic year starts in the next week or 2 if you are a fresher or returner there are plenty of ways to travel while you are studying without it affecting your studies.

Of course, the degree that you are studying will play a factor to what you are able to do in terms of travel but it doesn’t mean that you can’t travel at all and still go exploring when you are away at university.

Explore the local area

Most of you will be moving away from home to go to study at university travelling and exploring the new place you are in is one way to travel.

It’s important to remember that travelling doesn’t always mean getting on a plane and jetting off around the world sometimes it’s just about going somewhere closer to home.

Travel within your course

I was lucky with the course I chose to study as it meant I was able to travel around the UK and on the odd occasion travel aboard too.

Yes while I was in these places I had work to do as part of my course but I also had the chance to look around the country, experience the culture and see a part of the world I hadn’t before.

Student Union/Uni trips

Look to see if your student’s union are putting on any trips, some unis will go on a sports tour, do extended weekend city trips aboard or even day trips to other cities in the world.

The opportunities are always out there you just have to be able to look for the options available to you and going out there to find them.

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